New Revised About Me; The Final Edition  

The About Me section of this blog has been ‘revised’ several times. It is time to do it again, as again circumstances have changed. Not only the circumstances but the Who I Am Has Changed. I am not at all sure I am ready for it – but it has happened. 

The most recent version began in the following fashion: ‘People, when identifying themselves to the world,  often use ‘labels’: for example, mother, wife, daughter, grandmother, lawyer, atheist, multi-millionaire, comedian etc etc, etc. My identity has evolved; my labels now; Muslim, Blogger, Feminist, Born Again Canadian. Those descriptive words, except for Feminist, were unheard of in the very recent past. Although I have been blogging for more than five years it was not initially at the root of my identity. I became a Muslim on October 20, 2020, but that was not integral to my existence immediately. I returned to Edmonton after an absence of fifty-five years, leasing my apartment on June 1, 2022. Each passing day it seems more like home although if anyone had said that even six months ago that I would be returning here to live, I would have told them that they were out of their mind.

The blog blogged on (and on); ending in this fashion: “This About Me is constantly being rewritten. Always massive changes, but perhaps not now as I am home. Who knows? Stay tuned.” 

Not sure when the prior About Me was written. But a preview of things to come: There have been massive changes yet again.  

I began this ‘rewrite’ on my way home from Saudi Arabia on August 2, 2023. I am quoting an earlier me  “I write this from an Air Canada jet – winging me back to Edmonton from my Saudi Sojourn, a five week adventure that forever changed my life, yet again. The contrast between the airports in Saudi Arabia and the massive confusion and chaos of this Canadian airport was like black-versus white. It was appalling. Saudi Airports are organized, friendly clam, clean, architectural wonders filled with people with impeccable manners. The Canadian Montreal Trudeau Airport  is a mad house, pure and simple. There seems no hope that any order, or a semblance of order could have be imposed. This is not just true of Canadian airports. It is unfortunately true of Canada as a whole. There is no political leadership, there are no choices to be made – it is either Two-Faced Trudeau or Pierre the Poop. I was thinking of running for the office of Prime Minister; forming an entirely new party, Party Hardy (which would appeal to young voters). However, life on this earth is only temporary, so who cares if I go down as a World Leader? Not me. Scenic scenes of Edmonton pass before my eyes , provided by the view screen of the seat in front of me. It is an attractive city, geographically well planned but going (and getting) nowhere quite quickly.  Wasting its resources in countless ways.  Provincial leadership an absolute joke – a bad and vulgar one at that.  Thought once, when I first returned to Canada that  I could make a difference. Now know – there is no way!.” 

My disillusionment with the land of my birth has intensified in the past month. I have been earnestly preparing to leave but it must be done in an orderly way so I can concentrate on making a new life for myself.  The self designed label: Born Again Canadian is not applicable any longer. Scrap that one. 

I promise to remain a Blogger, so that label remains in place.  But I am not a Feminist any longer and I am not actually not a Muslim either. This is going to require some explanation.  

As to Feminism – I certainly was one, and proud to be one. But I am of the Islamic Faith: Islam is Perfect but Muslims are Not. Muslims do not often treat women in the manner prescribed by Allah (SWT) and the Prophet (PBUH). 

When one reverts to the Islamic Faith – one gives up, obviates their past – breaks with it – all of its precedents, its people, its beliefs. Slowly I have done so, shedding layer after layer, after layer. About Me has become irrelevant, and shall be stricken soon from the Banner of this blog.

Obviate is the perfect word. It is to remove (a need or difficulty). Its origins: late 16th century: from late Latin obviat- ‘prevented’, from the verb obviare, based on Latin via ‘way’. Descriptive synonyms include: remove, get rid of, do away with, rule out, eliminate, make unnecessary, take away, foreclose, avoid, avert.

This is the extent of my abandonment. I turn the explanation over to a learned woman, who posted on Instagram. Her logic and knowledge exceeds mine, she explains it better than I ever could. 

Here is the link – it can also be found on YouTube.