Famous or Infamous: That is the Question: Not Being Charles Manson; Not Being Hitler; Not Being a Creative Writing Teacher; Wedding Planning; My Stars

Mike cheekily said of my fame: 
He: I don’t think you are  famous, I think you are infamous 
Me: I will have to look that up – you may be right. 
So now I have yet another job. Will this ever end? Well I guess with my death everything will end – cheery thought that. 
INFAMOUS:   well known for some bad quality or deed: an infamous war criminal.
• wicked; abominable: the medical council disqualified him for infamous misconduct.
Synonyms: notorious, disreputable; legendary, fabled, famed 
FAMOUS: known about by many people 
Synonyms: well known, prominent, famed, popular; renowned, noted, eminent, distinguished, esteemed, celebrated, respected; of distinction, of repute; illustrious, acclaimed, great, legendary, lionized; having one’s name in lights
There is a great quote attributed to Henry Kissinger, who I didn’t even think was funny:
The main advantage of being famous is that when you bore people at dinner parties they think it’s their fault.
From past experience I do know that looking up definitions on Urban Dictionary is the very best of all. This is the one definition of infamous that won the prize. 
being famous for something not good
Charles Manson is infamous for killing a ton of people and starting a cult.
Well, I do not particularly want to be Charles Manson, for one thing he is dead. But there is hope within the other definitions offered by people. Here is one: Being well-known for having a negative impact on society, a community, and/or the world. Someone who is infamous is well known but not respected/liked by anyone. 
Hitler is an infamous leader.
Well I do not particularly want to be Hitler either, he not only is dead but there are a lot of other things wrong with him as well. But still after taking this under consideration I have decided that I would rather be infamous. It is way more fun and: 
  1. I absolutely do know that other people (not me) are the boring ones.
  2. I am not as bad as Charles Manson 
  3. I am not as bad as Hitler 
  4. That makes me a good apple amongst bad apples. 
So with some degree of objectivity I look at the process that brought me to the conclusion that I wish to be infamous. It is pretty creative, one has to admit. But trust me – I did not learn it from taking courses or listening to those who reportedly teach creative writing. I have no desire to be a creative writing instructor and do think they should be banned from the face of the earth based on my own experiences. I realize that this is not going to make me popular but I do not care as I do not have to earn my living from my writing. So there! So there! So there! 
I include email comments from a friend who also does not have to make a living from her writing. We are having a conversation about defenestration (of all things). She did misunderstand a comment I made about a woman who survived such an attempt on her life. She: Did you ever meet the woman who fell 32 stories to hear the full story?  I couldn’t find any report of the fall – there was one about a woman who fell 23 stories and lived.  However, in the search I learned (from Popular Mechanics no less) how to survive a fall from a plane at about 25,000 feet – it helps if you are sandwiched between pieces of debris!
Me: She did not fall – she fought off her assailant – but the answer is no I did not meet her. I do at times get very self protective and know intuitively that the woman and her woe would be bad for me because I am too empathetic and empathetic pain has been recently identified as an emotion. It is in my blog somewhere. So thanks for the report from Popular Mechanics – I am going to SF in a couple of weeks. I will be sure to sit next to garbage. Hahahahaha. No first class from me. Hahahaha. 
We touched on other matters. 
She: How goes the wedding planning. 
Me: As to the wedding – some things pop into mind – like music to be played or seeing the ‘ring bearer’ with his father and being called Auntie Alexis again – but its gone about as far as it can go. It does endlessly amuse folks – people that know JKT and people that don’t. It keeps him at bay – whatever that expression might mean.
So I guess I have something new to look up – the whole concept of keeping people/things at bay. I do lead an interesting life, but what is interesting is that I led a dull life until about four years ago. My life was dull beyond belief. But then I went to London. Do not follow in my footsteps as it is not for the faint of heart. 
I must stop this blogging. I have places to go and people to see. My leg hurts and I have an appointment at the Equinox. I guess I will swallow some pain killers and keep my appointment with Hottie. I have two things to do this evening. There is the symphony and a talk by Tom Rachman at VPL. I may have to clone myself. Hahahahaha
The picture is the stars earned at  Equinox, in case you doubted my word. 

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