The Joys of Take Out; A Family Celebration; My Trumpiness; The Fate of the Umbrellas; Canada’s Most Dangerous City; A Text Exchange and Future Topics Including New Wedding Plans

New readers may not be aware of this salient fact BUT I always tell the truth and the things reported actually do happen to me. It is highly unlikely, occasionally improbable, but is reality. Truth is stranger than fiction is the applicable adage.
Last weekend I was walking to Vancouver Art Gallery to go on a tour when I spied four men – two of them sporting Trump umbrellas. So I chatted them up, asking them if they were staying there and telling them of the improbable fact –  I was the first long term guest in the hotel and had stayed there for four months. They were businessmen on the way to their restaurant so we walked and talked which led to the abandonment of the VAG plans instead having lunch at the Paramount on Robson Street. The food was delicious, the waitress so charming and helpful. I, upon her suggestion, embarked upon a new course of action. I decided to do take out. A family celebration was planned for Tuesday and rather than cook, which I always do and have for half a century, I would go to the restaurant and pick up the food they prepared. It was brilliant, it was absolutely brilliant. It was, as they say, seamless. I purchased the Family Mixed Platter. Now this is just plain weird. I was training with Hottie. 
Me: So I am going to get the Family Mixed Platter at the Paramount Restaurant and all because these guys were carrying Trump umbrellas. 
He: Aaron and I ate there. The food was really good. 
Me: Really? What did you have? 
He: The Family Mixed Platter. 
So goodness gracious, I had a reliable restaurant review in advance. On the day of the event I first went and purchased the cake – it was a character cake and a picture will be attached to this blog. It was chocolate on the inside, by the way. Then I walked the two blocks to the restaurant, picked up the food,  brought it home and placed it in a warm oven. Everyone arrived and I had the time and energy to socialize. It was a screaming success – everyone (and I do mean everyone) agreed. I said in something I wrote: “ It was rather like family at its finest.” For me with my nuclear family – it is an out and out miracle. It filled me with great joy. I shan’t provide details of the celebrants as I am respecting their privacy. I have relinquished my right to privacy voluntarily but there is no reason that others must and I do respect that. Therefore I often use nick names, or only first names and ask permission. 
But the funniest thing happened. When I went to pick up the food I looked at the Paramount umbrella stand and there were the Trump umbrellas. The guys must have left them behind. I am SO responsible. I stopped by the Trump during my training session with Hottie and told CCC of their presence at the Paramount. I am such a good girl. 
I told the tale of the meeting to someone familiar with my stay at the Trump. 
Me:I was walking along Robson Street at about noon and there were four guys with Trump umbrellas. Of course I had to stop them to tell them of my Trumpiness. They were going to their restaurant – the Paramount. So I abandoned my VAG plans and went to have lunch at the restaurant. The food was very good and I am thinking of just doing take out for the family celebration.  Lazy I do admit but why do I have to do EVERYTHING???? Hahahaha 
He: what is your Trumpiness?!
Me: You of all people should know about my Trumpiness! 
He: oh where do i begin with your Trumpiness!? so many to choose from. the good and the bad AND the funny.
Me: Listen you! I was NEVER bad at the Trump but I have made up for it! 
He: lol well I can only remember the fun times, the farting, forgetting the teeth and wetting yourself 
Me: I love your memories – they are latency age guy stuff with the farts, the urine and the teeth. 
So, as you can see, the total experience was absolutely delightful. There are lots of things happening so there is much blog material. I will now speak of the library – VPL for short. It is my mecca and so many things emerge from there. Here are some examples. It is possible to borrow magazines. There was a McLean’s magazine with Trudeau on the cover and articles concerning his rule. It was factual and not very complementary. I, wishing to be informed about Canadian politics,  borrowed the magazine. I was flipping through the magazine waiting to check out when I came upon an article about the crime capital of Canada – Canada’s most dangerous city. It is North Battleford, Saskatchewan. The significance of that? I lived in North Battleford from the age of seven to the age of twelve. How weird is that? I remember it being a bucolic little town, I guess I got that wrong! I would have never found that out if it were not for VPL. “The city, located local two hours drive west from Saskatoon has placed highest in the Crime Security Index every year since the agency releasing the ranking in 2009.” Boy am I glad we gout out of there sixty-three years ago. Hahahahahaha. 
But you are going to hear more about VPL. I went to a stunning performance at the Vancouver Symphony on March 26,2018. Zuckerman played Mozart and then Strauss’ Don Quixote. The story was helpfully summarized on a screen during the performance but I was so moved and wanted to know more. So I went to the library and a wonderful librarian recommended a book I will read and report later. I do identify with the man as I have been tilting at windmills my whole life, but I do think I have finally found a measure of peace. We shall see. 
I had a funny text exchange with E.H.B. last evening. 
She: lol I go to China tomorrow. Can I get you anything? 
Me: A cute Chinese guy who is good in bed? Not possible probably so just surprise me. Hahahaha.  
So lots of material for future blogs including: 
  1. Some outrageous things that I say at the Equinox. 
  2. An update on the ongoing fictional marriage plans including Alice Wonder. 
  3. An “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” encounter in Lucky’s 
  4. The handyman appears. 
  5. The printer gets fixed 
  6. Statistics of the Regina Leader Post and its implications for the Uncle Dave book. 
  7. Plans for the blog in April 
  8. Art at the Equinox – a possibility? 

75th Cake

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