The Passing of the Ebullient Mood: Granny Alexis; the Presence of Men in My Life; More from Deep Survival; Some Nuptial News and a Coat Rack

The ebullient mood of the day before passed for no good reason. In fact two joyous things had happened the day before. The efficient research department at the Vancouver Public Library informed that they would be able to obtain the circulation figures for the Regna Leader Post during Uncle Dave’s tenure. Research in that area had proved difficult but some wonderful person cooperated and soon the figures shall be mine.  I know that I will compare them to the views on this blog and then use this as a guide in some manner. Uncle Dave (dead since 1948) does speak to me – in a rather convoluted manner but he does get through.   Perhaps the data will help solve the eternal problem: To blog or not to blog that is the question or perhaps it will be an answer to the question To write or not to write.
The other joyous thing: someone sweet called me Granny Alexis – actually someone who once legitimately called me Granny Alexis. It is rather like music to my ears and I thought the orchestra was disbanded. A heart warming PHEW. 
I face technical challenges. The light bulb above my bed burned out causing me to cry out: 
“Where is a man when you really need one?” Of course, nowhere to be found. For some strange reason, during an outdoor training session, Hottie and I counted up the number of men in my life. We came up with eleven, I have added two more and I am planning to enlarge the criteria. New readers must note that I am not promiscuous – all of these men are mostly just there for me, in one capacity or another. No husbands or lovers but people who happen to be men. They come and go but with that many the disappearance of one or two is not that critical.  Oops I forgot Uncle Dave so I have fourteen men in my life – only one is dead. 
The other technical difficulty is that, for some unknown reason, the television is stuck on KCTV therefore I am watching kids programs. It is all rather touching – with some cartoon character trying out new things with this sweet message: W”hen something is new –  holding a hand can help you!” So he holds his Dad’s hand and climbs on a horse, and he hold’s his sister’s hand when she feeds birds. All rather darling but: “Where is the hand when I really need one?” Sometimes around. Superb professionals who are able and competent assist with  various challenges. 
One of my competent professionals urged me to read the book mentioned before: Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies and Why. It is heady, heavy reading so it is taking a long time to plow through it. The author, Laurence Gonzales, goes to a survivor school with a pal of his. Different strokes for different folks, is all I have to say. But the leader, who Gonzales worships believes in something called Positive Mental Attitude. Gonzales’ friend jokes that he would rather have a chain saw and a cheeseburger. “A cell phone and a GPS would be nice, too.”  The revered leader, Kerns, cannot really definite it saying it is not what is in your pack but instead is: “What you have in here.” and taps his chest. Gonzales jokes too: “No wonder Tom Wolfe had called it The Right Stuff. You couldn’t exactly title a book Positive Mental Attitude, now could you?” It is a very important concept, one that makes so much sense. When one walks in the streets of Vancouver there is not a lot of Positive Mental Attitude visible. This could be, and probably is, the result of apathy. People have given up. Apathy is a typical reaction to any sort of disaster says Gonzales. Apathy separates one from everything they know and love in this world. “That apathy can rapidly lead to to complete psychological deterioration. Then you sit down, and hypothermia sets which produces more apathy, a more profound psychological deterioration, and ultimately, death.” (page 169). Then fatigue comes into play. “It is as much as a psychological condition as a physical one and scientists have struggled without success to understand it.” “Once fatigue sets in, though, it is almost impossible to recover from it under normal conditions. It is not just a matter of being tired. It’s more like a spiritual collapse, and recovery requires more than food and rest.” (page 169) Rest and hydration are extremely important. 
So I am drinking my water and I am excellent at sleeping. I do work on having a Positive Mental Attitude and spreading it around. I was at a nearby Korean market and expressed my joy at the selection of products (and the store in general) to the woman at the check out counter. She smiled at me and said: 
She: Hurry back! 
Me: What a sweet thing to say! I shall! I am going to buy my cousin’s birthday cake here! You have the best selection! 
My cousin is older than I am – by two months and nine days. I just might buy my own birthday cake there too. So there! So there! So there! I love teasing her and calling her the old lady. 
She: But you are catching up! 
Me: I am trying as hard as I can! 
Friends are eager to learn more about the fictional wedding. I did forget to mention a preliminary matter. Alicia McTwit has been married before, so she is somewhat worldly wise. She has insisted on a prenuptial agreement wherein she will keep all she has but, therefore,  allow Kim Mee Poo to keep all that he has. The elder Poos are very happy with this arrangement because, of course, money is very important to them. Ms. McTwit does not give a twit about it. But there are some problems arising. Ms. McTwit keeps promising out her thirty free seats – she may need more. Oh well! I guess it could be a bargaining chip as she is giving up all the Poo money. 
It is now off to the Equinox with a stop at VAG. I have decided not to clone myself as I heeded the advice of Boss Lady. 
The picture is of me, the ‘coat rack’ purchased last week and Jake who happened to be walking down Homer Street at exactly the right moment. Jake lives in Langley and was in Vancouver auditioning for a commercial. I am wearing my five dollar coat purchased at My Sister’s Closet. There is more on the coat rack purchase on Instagram where my moniker is alexismctwit. 


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