Sanguine Mood That Turned Ugly; Exposing Liars; Prime Minister Alexis McBride; Not Being a Door Mat; News and a Video from the Equinox


I am in a sanguine mood, The definition of sanguine is as follows: optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation: he is sanguine about prospects for the global economy the committee takes a more sanguine view. It is very strange but words just come to me, I look them up and they are perfect. One of the sweetest things a man ever said to me was: “Every time I read an email from you I learn a new word.” The poor man does not hear from me anymore. His vocabulary must be stalled.
But the sanguine mood turned ugly, I am not sure why. It was suddenly made clear to me that a certain individual who will reman nameless lied to me, yet again. So I fired off an email to him which contained the following harsh truth. “The trouble with people that lie is as follows: there is a fact (the truth) but liars turn it into one or two facts and then (if they are good)  have to remember three facts instead of just one and remember who they said them to. You, my dear, are not a good liar. It is so much easier to tell the truth, but you are so out of practice. dnefwmmcb.” The initials that begin with a d stand for do not mess with Ms. McBride. It was known around the Trump during my occupancy but I very recently added the E (for ever). The addition of the E was brought to my attention. 
Me: I guess I did – it was unconscious. – as I sometimes am. The e stands for EVER, so in a way it is a tougher stance.  Hahahahaha Alexis 
He: Oh my! I thought you were tough before, now you’re indestructible. You should run for mayor!
Me: Stupid! Read my blog. Not Mayor but Prime Minister. Type prime minister in the search engine and you will come up with ‘the plan.” 
So if he does he will come up with the May 4, 2017 post. It is so prophetic. I now quote myself:  
“Although I am sure that the staff I spoke with do not have the authority, they promised the hotel could serve as my campaign headquarters. That would be a laugh but perhaps a conflict of interest. Trump International Hotel sponsoring the campaign of the Canadian prime minister. Well, for Trump it would not be his first conflict of interest. A prior post spoke of Trump and others found it hilarious. It was March 8, 2017. Read it!” 
So the best way to confirm this is to go to the search engine and type: Alexis McBride Prime Minister and up will pop relevant blogs. I do so love my search engine and my blog. But the other day I was concerned about the level of negativity that might be contained in what I want to be a positive experience for all. So I emailed my trusty, wonderful Chris with the question: “Am I becoming too hostile?” His response was so reassuring and funny.
He: I know you personally Alexis and I know you do not take any shit, the blog strikes a good balance between sass and the more upbeat, which I think reflects who you are my dear.. keep it up eh, no one wants to read about a doormat;)
So that is one reason why I became sanguine. I am well aware what turned my sanguinity ugly. it was revealed to me yesterday that the guy that lied did something very destructive to someone I care about. Now you can do something destructive toward me (which he did) but NEVER, and I do mean NEVER,  hurt someone I care about. 
If you read the May 4, 2017 blog you will be surprised (I think). Everything has changed and I view everything with different eyes these days. Everything! I can be too trusting but that is not a sin if you can, at some point, take a step back, arm yourself and when you are calm  AIM. That is what I am doing. Do not mess with my little girl and some of you did. Oops. 
I do love my life as it is at this moment. I am surrounded by wonderful, caring and authentic people. I laughed with Hottie yesterday.
Me: We have such a strange relationship 
He: You are right about that! 
Me: It is like you are the mother and I am the willful child.
He: You are right about that! 
Me: Do you have the same kind of relationship with the others you train?
He: No, not at all.
Me: Thank God for that!
He: Thank God for that! 
Me: If you did you would be utterly exhausted!
He: You can say that again. 
Me: If you did you would be utterly exhausted! 
The video attached contains portions of our training session. No animals were killed in the making of the production. Hahahahaha



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