Yet Another Great Day in the Land of My Birth; Emails from Guys in My LIfe; Great Advice Leading to a New and Different Course of Action Accompanied by Some Fears; a Reach Out Video

Well, the great day in the land of my birth had to be yesterday. Horrible, horrible day today with so much snow I can barely see anything out my window. I awoke to a text and email from Hottie asking me to come to the gym at 4 instead of the morning appointment originally scheduled.
Me: That is OK. See you at 4. But it is snowing again. Do something about it! 
He: (No response and it is still snowing.) 
My heart is warmed however by an email exchange with Matthew of the Rex Whistler at the Tate Britain. An email from the Tate announced that a man by the name of Hamish was the CEO. So I sent Matthew an email. Subject: Did Hamish replace you? 
He: No I am not CEO!Just the GM for Tate Britain…..But how does one replace the irreplaceable? All well on this side of the pond.
Me: You are irreplaceable!!!!!!  But then so am I. With so much affection! Did I ever meet him? I recall that I did. Lady Alexis
Me (again): You did not answer the question – did I ever meet Hamish? Do you recall? I am pretty sure I did but there were/are so many men in my life. hahahahahaha
He: Yes after lunch one day – we were doing a menu tasting you met Hamish and his predecessor jeroenYou made an impression,
Me: Negative or positive impression? I wince as I ask. 
He: Enthusiastic! 
Me:  You sneak! Enthusiastically positive or enthusiastically negative? I remember that I loved his name and a man always love to have his name appreciated, I do love the name Matthew, by the way. Alexis  
I have not heard back. Matthew is so funny. We would have this witty repartee and he would walk off saying something over his shoulder. There were countless such encounters but one of my favorites concerned the napkins that I kept dropping and he kept picking up for me. 
He: I am not giving you any more napkins At the end of dinner you can just take home the tablecloth.
Let the record reflect that I did not take home the tablecloth. I knew he was only joking. I have been gone from London for almost a year but I did go back to London and the Rex in December. A cold hearted man said of the interaction between Mathew and myself (by the way I think I paid for that lunch). It was definitely a strike against him.(see prior blog) 
He: He is just doing his job!
Me: I disagree!  
But even old friend Bruce and I are having ‘words’.  
He: Rubbish. 😉
Me: Rubbish back again to you. So there! So there! So there! 
He: Understood! 
Me: I 😆 laugh 
What were old time friend Bruce and I arguing about? I said that the service on Alaska Airlines was far superior to that of Air Canada. He said rubbish but I am convinced that he has never traveled on Alaska Airlines. So there! 
But onto cheerier matters. I can think of at least three great things that happened yesterday and all of them involved women. I went back to the purse place on Seymour. 
She: I have been reading your blog!
Me: O thank you! Can I give you a hug? 
She: I loved the part about the umbrella. I was sitting on the train all by myself laughing away. 
Then I went to the Royal Bank and met with a financial advisor – a woman who was so smart and so incredibly helpful. She pointed out a better way and gave me tools and resources. I was so immensely relieved and what she said made so much sense. Then it was off to the library where I met with a woman to request research which the library provides for a fee. She was also so helpful. I asked for research in three very separate matters. 
  1. Other than the Julia-Juliet book that was turned into a movie starring Meryl Streep have there been other books based on the success of a blog and the impact it made on people’s lives?
  2. What were the circulation figures of the Regina Leader Post during years that Uncle Dave Dryburgh was writing? 
  3. A private matter. I could do the research myself but it would be too painful. 
The librarian will get back to me next week. She did say to me. “Be careful Alexis”. I said I think I am OK, I guess we shall see. I mean we all have to go sometime and the near death experience in September 2014 was a learning experience. I continue to read and marvel at the wisdom found in Deep Survival. Gonzales analyzes the fate of two Alberta snowmobile riders. “Why would anyone want to ride a snow mobile in the first place? Go up and down a snow covered hill after burning through some expensive fossil fuel?” He suggests that snowmobiling is a completely pointless activity. I could not agree more. I had a brother who did it – I could never understand it, or him for that matter.  Gonzales does arrive at a conclusion but you shall have to read the book yourself to get the answer. But he does say that recent research has revealed that “the body controls the brain as much as the brain controls the body.” 
The video attached shows an attempt to reach out to Guersney. It was made yesterday at the Noodle Box –  post bank and pre library.  


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