The Chattiest Day Ever With a Lot of Snow but a Compliment  on My Hat from a Conductor and a Cellist; Getting a Coveted Appointment; Accompanied by a Selfie with the Hat 

Looking back on yesterday, it was weird beyond belief! It was snowing and cold and awful. But somehow that made it cheerier because I just talked to everyone. I chatted up at least ten people – perhaps more.
At first it was off to the gym where I always blab with Hottie. But then I blabbed with No Helmet who helped me put a video on Instagram – one that Hottie took when we were training last week which has had, at this point, 68 views. And just to make the record clear – only two of them are me. But then I talked to Matt about his red hair and he told me I was his favorite (honest he did) and then i chatted up a lot of other people as well. People at the gym just laugh and shake their heads at me. I can, and do, say the weirdest things. I left the gym and went to the 49th Parallel for a coffee and a donut (against permission). I stood in line and talked to Angus of England. I asked him what kind of accent he had and he said British. One would think I would be able to figure that one out as I just came back from living in the UK. Then I stopped at Sephora and chatted up two salesclerks and then to Miniso. I bought two storage containers at Miniso as I am into getting organized. Walking home I stopped at a shoe store on Granville but I cannot at the moment remember its name but the manager is Patrick. Then I changed my clothes because I was supposed to meet a woman for lunch. Her name was Rebecca – she was a no show. But I was so fine as I chatted with Peru Guy, then a young lad, a carpenter from Brighton and then two band members. I stopped at a liquor store close to home and had a great chat with a woman who is going to be a midwife. WOW! Then I stopped at a ‘used’ purse store on Seymour Street and had a great conversation with the two women who worked there. I eventually ended up at the Vietnamese Restaurant across the street. When I finished there I went home and called my cousin. Gosh, I forgot this part. I was walking to have lunch and I talked to two men crossing Seymour. They complimented me on my hat and you will never believe this BUT one of them was William, the conductor at the symphony and the other a cellist. I told them I had tickets for Tea and Trumpets and HE is the conductor and he likes my hat that only cost about two pounds in London. Then another woman at the restaurant told me she liked my hat as well. 
So in other words – it was a great day despite the fact that Rebecca was a No Show. Then I got a telephone call. It is a miracle.I am scheduled for a test – getting one is as rare as hens teeth. I am not telling what it is because iI fear back lash. 
Is it any wonder that I love living in this city? I mean two blocks from the symphony with a conductor on the corner complimenting me on my hat? The most fantastic gym in the world within walking distance. A great Japanese restaurant, A yummy Vietnamese restaurant across the street. A Miniso and Sephora on the way to the gym. A great donut place next door to the gym. And a new shoe store to die for. That is all for today. Believe it or not, the sun is shining today. I think it is off to the library for me. 
Attached is a selfie taken at the Japanese Restaurant showing the hat. 
Winter hat!

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