An Accidental Discovery; A Hilarious Email Exchange; Me and Men and Other Matters

It is a long story, this has not been the best of mornings but somewhere along the line I accidentally ended up looking at pictures of a year ago. A mere year ago although it truly does seem like a lifetime ago. I suppose in some ways it has been a lifetime ago as we shall possibly discuss. I found the picture that will grace this blog,(with any sort of luck at all). It is obviously me, The photo was taken at the car boot sale directly across the street from dreaded Dolphin Square, London. I am imitating the ‘art’ and (if I do say so myself) doing a very good job. I am reminded that even in the midst of misery I can enjoy myself. I was not very happy a year ago because I felt that my imminent departure from London meant the end of civilization, as I knew it. Boy, was I ever wrong. I saw a guy in front of Vancouver Art Gallery who was, for money, reading palms. He motioned, trying to tempt me.

Me: No thanks! I do not want to know!

He: Yes, you do!

Me: No I do not! I do know my own mind!

I just might have lied but I do know that it is ridiculous to think that some lines on your hand is determinative of anything. However, what might happen is that you act in such a way that the prediction comes true. You end up putting your fate in his hands. Now is that not profound? The answer is yes.

So (also somewhat accidentally) I went to FaceBook and found that ‘Sister” Adele had bookmarked a video called Accidental Icon and suggested there may be some similarities between yours truly and this woman who was 64 and had a blog and was talking about it to the world. I left a comment but then emailed her.

Me: It was great – I so enjoyed it = particularly since I was superior in every way. hahahahaha I am ten years older than she is but look younger. My blog has wider appeal and is more diverse AND my message is broader and more diverse than the clothes you put on your body. My God when my fame strikes – watch out world. WOW for short. Alexis

She: I think fame is strong already!!!

Me: I fear so!!! Hahahaha

Me: (again) Can I blog the end of this exchange. I am laughing my tear end off.

She: Sure

Me: OMG it is rear end, not tear end! I cannot stop laughing!

So onto Me and Men. I am totally addicted to the Canadian TV series Murdoch Mysteries. I love William but he loves Julia. They were getting married in the episode I was watching. I suddenly said out loud and threw a pen on the floor, not causing any harm.

Me: Why didn’t; I ever get a decent man!!

I was most angry. I was alone but later calmed down I realized that I did get decent men and actually have many in my life at the present time. I have not counted but at least ten and perhaps twenty. I am not married to any of them and am not going to bed with any of them but they are in my life. They care about me and I care about them. The problem with having just one is that you are stuck with him. I tried it – married three times but got rid of them. I have also gotten rid of many others who I did not marry. But you can have many men in your life all at once if you do not sleep with any of them. One is merely popular under such circumstances. I was laughing with Hottie yesterday about the attraction I feel towards someone he knows.

Me: But I do not want to be obtrusive. I do not want to flirt with him, it would not be appropriate.

Hottie: Are you kidding! You flirt with EVERYONE!

Me: Really? So men?

He: Yes, everyone.

Me: Women?

He: Yes!

Me: But I am not gay. Dogs?

He: No, not dogs as you have dog phobia.

Me: Thank goodness for that!

I have recently decided that I have never been happier in my life. It is because I have pretty much rid myself of all people that have a toxic impact on my psyche. I have constantly burdened myself with people who seemed like they were on my side but were not. They were, as the expression goes, sawing off the limb underneath me. It does not matter how or why. The only thing one can do is say goodbye. Politely and firmly. I have done that and will continue to do it. I intend also to rid myself of everyone that lies as I cannot stand liars. That is one reason why I have nothing to do with my “nuclear” family. Life is too short and I am, after all, 74.

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