TMI About My Best Day Ever; Over the Rainbow Pealed Forth; Impromptu, Flip One’s Lid Defined; Proud Mary From Speakers: Long Talk With M.A.N.; Meeting Muhammed; Not He But Huwa; Photos of Morning View; Food; and Statistics with Musings; Ban Defined; I am Taboo.    

The best day ever did not conclude with the Instagram reel filmed within the confines of the Alberta Legislative Cafeteria. More events sparkled the day, some (yet again), scarcely credible. The original plan included a visit to the Legislative Library after the fish and chip lunch, however, the sheer exhaustion stemming from being the star of an impromptu Instagram reel left me exhausted. Homeward bound I walked through the Legislative grounds. The clarion bells from the dome began to chime Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I thought I was hallucinating, hesitantly spoke to a woman passing by. 

Me: Am I imagining this? I am hearing Over the Rainbow. Do you? 

She: Yes I do. At noon they often play songs. 

Me: Thank goodness. I thought I had flipped my lid. Glad I asked you and thanks for the information. 

She: You are welcome. 

Some definitions are in order. Impromptu is done without being planned, organized, or rehearsed. Here are some planned synonyms: unprepared, unscripted, extemporized, improvisatorial, spontaneous, unpremeditated, unarranged, unplanned, on the spot, snap, ad lib; ad hoc, thrown together, cobbled together, rough and ready; off-the-cuff, spur-of-the-moment. Watch that Instagram reel, you shall find it was unpremeditated, unarranged, improvisatorial, cobbled together and spur-of-the-moment. 

Flip your lid, or flip your wig means to become crazy. “The phrases are rarely used in the plural, but the generally accepted forms are flip their lids and flip their wigs. The verb flip is used in all its conjugations. Flipping your wig is more commonly found in the United States.” This is definitely TMI: “Flipping a lid has everything to do with the brain and how messages are sent to different sections of the brain about what our bodies are experiencing. When children are able to problem solve, act kindly, and be empathic, those are immediate signs that their prefrontal cortex or “rational brain” is intact.” The TMI is for all of you who are parents of children, I am not, have never been, and it is a little late to start off now – I think. But there have been exceptions, the most notable Sara, the wife of the Prophet Abraham, who bore a child when she was 90. 

But back to my day. Kept walking through the Legislative grounds. Loud speakers were streaming Proud Mary. Melodies from the loud speakers are old rock classics,  lively classic rock music, very fun and upbeat. A couple of weeks ago I spoke to a passerby about the tunes. 

Me: I find it so interesting to hear this music, it is rather incongruous, oldies from speakers on government grounds, 

She: It is played to keep the homeless away from the grounds. 

Me: That sounds most improbable but it is working. No homeless people around here. 

YouTube will bring you Judy Garland singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I am listening as I slowly type. It is so beautiful, listen, cheer up!  Then get Credence Clearwater’s version of Proud Mary. The video shows a river that looks exactly like the North Saskatchewan River that flows through Edmonton. One would think they could rename it the Alberta River. Hahaha. I have suggested this in the past, it did not happen. Oh well, maybe when I die they will rename it Alexis River, it flows through Alberta and Saskatchewan ending up in the Hudson’s Bay. I was born in Saskatchewan, lived in Alberta but not been to Hudson’s Bay, as yet. It is on my bucket list, there is a train going there, I think. I Googled to find that there is – the train ride from Winnipeg to Churchill takes 45 hours on Via Rail. I am sure there are sleeping cars. 

I have definitely digressed. I am laughing at myself as I slowly type waiting for my grocery delivery from Save-On Foods. 

Walking through some of the underground passageways, (although it was a beautiful day) I reach my building, go to the Property Manger’s office to speak with M.A.N. We discuss many topics. He and his entire family are incredibly hard working (well except for his Nepal mother who lives with them – Home Grandma, as she is known)

Me: I am so impressed with how hard working you are, your wife is, your two sons are. It is really rather amazing. 

He: (laughing)Well, everyone but my mother. 

Me: But she deserves a break – she is 83. 

He: You are hard working and you are almost 80. 

Me: Yes but I did not have children. Your mother did have children and raised them on her own after the death of your father. 

He: Yes! And she taught us about hard work. She was an example for us. 

Me: She was. I cannot wait to meet her. She must come to the family pre Ramadan dinner. 

Up to my apartment. W.O.M.A.N. came for a brief visit, admiring my colorful splint. Next, in the privacy of my own apartment, did research for yesterday’s blog, prayed the three remaining obligatory prayers. Following the final Isha prayer went to bed, to sleep. What a beautiful day!!! 

Yesterday was, by comparison, boring. Wrote the blog, sent it to L.O.L. to post on the Internet. It was efficiently done, when it was up and running, texted him. 

Me: You are a joy!!! When I woke up to your message of Anytime it made me SO happy. I said so on the blog. Now it is posted! Yeah!!! 

He: smiling emoji 

Me: And the stats are attached to the blog but it is the second page of the smaller population countries and that makes it SO funny. I only sent you one page because of problems withChris. But it is okay. Bigger numbers with tomorrow’s blog. Hahahaha 

Onward to today

This morning woke for Fajr prayer. Sunrise brought a beautiful sight which will be pictured. I sent a photo to MUSAG in Ghana. 

Me: Look at this! It snowed during the night. It is beautiful. 

He: Mmmmmm I love this view. 

Me: Me too. I am truly blessed by Allah (SWT). It is absolutely beautiful, it is the safest place on earth AND great snow removal, as you can see. Hahahaha. I must go get dressed for grocery delivery. 

He: Alright. I will be here. 

Me: Dressed! Slippers by the door. Tip money out. I am ready. Hahaha 

He: As ready as ever. ????

In preparation for Ramadan I have subscribed to Yaqueen Institute’s series Meeting Muhammed. I am now on the thirteenth episode. It is truly a gift, one does meet Him, learning of His daily routines, His habits, His kindness, His sense of humour, His playfulness etc etc etc. The narrator is the founder of the Institute,  Dr. Omar Sulieman. He is the perfect man to do the job. 

The Yaqueen Institute also offers informative seminars and studies. One was entitled “Why is Allah Referred to as “He” in the Quran? I shall include the link but, as well for you lazy folk, a brief summary.–m_Z03vQlDH4EC2VQ-lo64fqzhvKbMuZ3-m-5wQYNrx5jGjEt3W74HJt0OwxJnEiQj9u05ifbzc9LQ1jG4_Srx6tK86Q&utm_content=new-blog-read-cta&utm_source=hs-general

This taken from the article. 

 “Is God male because masculine pronouns are used to refer to Him? This is a normal thing to wonder about, but there are several things to keep in mind. First, the Qur’an was revealed in Arabic and not in English, so Allah never self-identified using an English pronoun. There is no such thing as a perfect translation. Languages function best within their respective connotative frameworks. This is why extrapolating nuance and deeper technicalities (like legal rulings) from a translation, without being grounded in traditional Arabic and other disciplines, can result in a grave departure from the intended meanings of God’s Revelation. Let’s keep this in mind and explore the question further….

It is therefore understandable that there may be greater contention over the use of “he” in English, as opposed to huwa in the original Arabic. But we must never forget that the Arabic “he” has a wider usage than maleness. Additionally, God has afforded us sacred principles for not swerving in our conception of Him.” 

I have learned from this and shall change my practices. Instead of saying He when referring to Allah (SWT) I shall use the Arab word huwa. Problem solved. Understanding that Allah (SWT) is not a guy is essential to understanding the Islamic faith and the role of women in the faith. Huwa is both man AND woman. 

The photos attached are: 1) the view from my window this morning 2) the statistics from my big countries 3) Eggs Benedict from the Legislative Cafeteria 4) Breakfast burrito from the Legislative Cafeteria (made especially for me with no meat, absolutely delicious). I could not find the photo of the fish and chips, that should explain the substitution.  

Musing upon the statistics. They begin with an all time total of almost half a million views but I not sure what that means. It is a big number, that is for sure. Hahaha

Further musings on the statistics as a whole.  Please keep in mind, the time period under discussion is last 30 days. 

The US is in top position, by far. Every other country trails. But do remember that the US is English speaking and has a large population. Therefore, I am proud of my new/old country of Canada. A much smaller population and two official languages French and English. I am a bit miffed with the paltry United Kingdom figures for many reasons. Twenty two is nothing, like spitting in the ocean. (Or pond as they say). Saudi Arabia is catching up to that colonial power. Saudi Arabia is not English speaking, has a smaller population etc. etc. etc. Japan is right behind Saudi Arabia (as faithful readers will know I identify with Japan because of my 20 year association with Ikebana). Then Germany and Singapore. Malaysia is where Alix Residences is located (under construction at the moment, Google it, named for me actually). Then India and The Russian Federation. (Hmmmm with my comments about Putin, one would think I was banned). The ‘smaller countries’ numbers, at the end of the prior blog. 5 from Ghana (funny text conversation about that). 3 from the UAE – now THAT is fascinating. I lived there for five months recently, made many friends (and enemies I guess). At one time I had over two hundred viewers from the UAE. I employ deductive reasoning and reach the conclusion that I am banned. Of the three, the Ruler of Dubai might be reading, also his son the Crown Prince of Dubai. The CP of Dubai once read the blog, I have proof. They would be able to overcome a ban,  as they imposed it. 

But the immense gargantuan mystery is Unknown with only 2. The place called Unknown had more viewers than any other place on earth, What happened to them???? Perhaps the victims of banning. 

Ban:  to prohibit or forbid especially by legal means (as by statute or order). also : to prohibit the use, performance, or distribution of. Other words are: taboo, outlaw, proscribe. 

I love it, absolutely love it! Alexis McBride is tabooed at the age of almost eighty. To be tabooed does sound sexy (almost). Hahaha