Perhaps The Best Day of My Entire Life; Back to the Forgotten Arab Concept of Tawakkul; Onto the Joys of Yesterday; The Hysterically Funny Instagram Reel Ending With She Cannot Bear Children; He is Not Married; Riddle Involving a Coffee Pot  

This is very slow going – no fingers flying off the keys of my computer. The words appear on this page slowly and most methodically. Someone asked how many words a minute I could type.

Me: I do not know. But millions (well not quite) Hahaha  I think and type at the same speed. That is why it is so easy to write. People, those who know me well, say that I write the way I talk, fast typing makes it possible. 

He: Well you could just dictate and it can be turned into words through the computer. 

Me: I know you are trying to be helpful but I do not think I could write that way. It is not the way I do things. 

He: Well you could change. Try it, 

Me: If it ain’t broke do not fix it. 

Faithful readers will know that it was broke, it being my right hand. The ‘promise’ of hand surgery had me traumatized, thinking I would not be able to use my eight fingers and two thumbs to type. To say nothing of the trauma, incapacity, hospitalization and pain that goes along with surgery. 

Just to keep the suspense alive, (you are wondering how this could turn into the best day of my entire life). That is the suspense, silly. I shall now go back in time, not far, just to the last blog. (We are not talking about time travel here). 

I had written the following. “How have I coped? One day at a time coupled with an enormous trust in Allah. There is an Arabic word to describe this – asked for help from MUSAG, this time the advice is solicited. He is in Ghana and has not responded so ‘one day at a time’ will be explored.” 

Well MUSAG did respond but not with the answer. I found it on my own. The unremembered Arab word and concept is Tawakkul. 

“In Holy Quran Allah Almighty makes clear that Tawakkul is not an option rather a requirement. Allah says in Quran in words: “… And put your trust in Allah if you are believers indeed” (Quran, 5: 23). When we talk about Tawakkul we say that we depend on Allah for everything and place reliance on Him.” 

This from Wikipedia: 

“(Arabic: تَوَكُّل) in the Arabic language, is the word for the Islamic concept of the reliance on God or “trusting in God’s plan”. It is seen as “perfect trust in God and reliance on Him alone.”[2] It can also be referred to as God-consciousness.[In fact, the Qur’an speaks of the fact that success is only achieved when trust is in God and the believer is steadfast and obeys God’s commandments……An author wrote that someone that trusts in God is like a baby seeking its mother’s breast and always finds it. He says that just like the infant, the one who trusts God is always led to God.

The truth of the believers is simply living one day at a time and not worrying what tomorrow will bring you; simply trusting in what God has planned.[The trust of the select is trusting God with no motives or desires. It is casting aside all wants. And finally the trust of the select of the select is giving yourself over to God completely so that His desires become yours. In other words, “trust in God is to be satisfied with and rely on God Most High.” It is said that because God created everything and therefore everything belongs to him, it is selfish to want anything other than what God wants or not want something God gives to you.” 

It is an important concept: the active participle form of Tawakkul is used in 38 passages in the Quran.”

It could be that I have developed the trust of the select because through all of this I did belief that Allah (SWT) had my best interests in mind and it would, in the long run, turn out for the best. I am delighted to say that it has turned out for the very best. 

 You impatiently ask: “What is the best?” Well….Let me tell you. You impatiently say: “Tell us!” 

Me: I do not have to have surgery! 

You: Really? How come? 

Me: I met with the marvelous plastic surgeon. He was fantastic. I arrived for my appointment early, was seen immediately. He walked into the room armed with his computer. After a few pleasantries he revealed the x-ray of my right hand and explained what was going on – where the break was, where it was not. 

(By the way, other words for pleasantries are: badinage; banter; inconsequential remark, friendly/good-natured remark, polite remark, casual remark; josh.) Back to our friendly banter later. 

You: And??? 

Me: You are impatient! He said that it was partially healed due to the passage of time but to make sure that it healed correctly and perfectly he would send me down to the subbasement to the hand therapy clinic and they would fashion a splint for just me alone. It would make sure that everything would stay in place. 

You: Did you do it? 

Me: Of course I did. Do you think I am stupid or something? Do not answer that question please. Hahaha 

You: What happened? 

Me: I filled out another form. Then a wonderful physical therapist by the name of Mark collected me from the waiting room. He explained everything, gave me a choice of colors for my hand brace (or splint) and a choice of colors for the straps. He molded it to my hand, heated it up to mold and put it on my hand. Then I practiced putting it on and off. 

You: What colors did you pick? 

Me: Hot pink for the splint and purple for the straps. 

You: Can I see it? 

Me: Not right now because I am alone and I cannot take a picture with my left hand. But there is a reel on Instagram. 

You: How did that happen? 

Me: After the appointment I took a taxi to the Legislative Cafeteria for the delicious fish and chips. I asked PAD (Phillipino Awesome Daughter) to take a reel of the results of the day. She is a valued cafeteria employee. She took the phone, began filming, but then the weirdest and funniest thing happened. 

You: What was that? 

Me: Well, I said I was fixed. Then said, well not like a cat. She started laughing so hard she dropped the phone but it kept recording. She did not know, I did not know. She picked it up and we kept laughing and laughing, You can barely hear what she said. 

You: What was it? 

Me: “She cannot bear children.” 

You: That is funny??? 

Me: Yes. Well I guess you had to be there but it was. You can be there if you go on Instagram to view the reel. 

Me: At this moment you must Google: You Had to Be There.

You: Why would I want to do that? 

Me: Well!!!! You Had to Be There is a Jimmy Buffett album with the best of songs, listening to them is bound to cheer you up. Try it! 

Many of you will not choose to listen to this upbeat music.  Some of you prefer misery. Misery loves company is a proverb originally  spoken by the demon Mephastophilis in the play “The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus” by Christopher Marlow in the 16th century, who said “Solamen miseris socios habuisse doloris”. What is the rationale behind this ancient proverb? 

“Their misery loves the company of others who may understand the sorrow and grief like no one else. It’s as if miserable people hold court with each other, where one’s misery is discussed like poetry and lofty ideas. There’s no supreme leader or jester, just a circle of empathy and shared unhappiness.” Who wants to be around ‘shared unhappiness’? 

Not me. There is also this wisdom: “people who are suffering seek the company of others who are also suffering.” So it is possible to get away from miserable people: Just be happy! 

It was most entertaining, during the hospital time yesterday in the presence of the excellent health professionals. I shall end with one amusing conversation. Just received the elating ‘no surgery’ news, was walking from the surgeon’s office into a conclave to staff. (In case you were wondering, surgeon was masked, no idea if he is handsome or not, and no idea of his age – well younger than I am, but who is not?)

Me: I have absolutely the most wonderful news to report! 

They: What is it? 

Me: He is single, the surgeon is single! 

They: (Much laughter!)

Me: No I am only joking! The wonderful news is no surgery for me! 

They: Oh we were wondering?

Me: Those words just slipped out of my mouth. I say the first thing that comes to mind, this  was the subject of a riddle.  

CCC: What is the difference between Ms. McBride and a coffee pot? 

Me: I don’t know. I hate riddles. Tell me!

CCC: The coffee pot has a filter. 

Me: How funny! I do not. 

Please remember I always tell the truth, even when joking, even with no filter. At the beginning of my visit the surgeon and I bantered and joshed about his education, training, my connections with the University of Alberta hospital staff etc etc. Spontaneously and having no filter, I queried. 

Me: Are you married? 

He: No I am not. 

We then went on to discuss the matter at hand – so to speak. 

A photo of the splint is impossible at this moment. I am alone, no friendly photographer in sight. Might be able to do something in the mirror but this is too confusing and this email needs to get to Lucky. He is such a busy young man – with school and his night time restaurant job. Last night sent him a text. 

Me: I do not need surgery. I am SO happy. But it takes me a long time to type. So tomorrow what time would be good for you to post. Your mother said you are working tonight. 

He: Anytime! 

He is such a darling! It brought such joy, viewing that notification upon awakening. But out of consideration I gave him time to sleep. 

Perhaps my country statistics might show up. I am not in control of everything.