All Bets Are Off; From Zenith to Nadir; Many Definitions; Aplomb, Amateur, Zenith, One Day at a Time; Instagram Hair By Rickey Wins Many Likes and Comments; Children’s Islamic YouTubes Bring Great Joy; Photos of Hair By Ricky; Khrome Salon Loo Selfie

The subject line of my email to Computer Guru Chris are echoing in my mind, having particular poignancy in the days ahead. All bets are off is an ‘informal’ expression meaning the outcome of a situation is unpredictable.  The ‘situation’ is my broken right hand.

Miracles have already made an appearance. The appointment with the plastic surgeon in place. I have examined his qualifications – he is. Immensely qualified that is, impressively so. Graduated from a Canadian medical school, then extensive speciality training at a number of renowned medical centers including the University of Alberta Hospital. I feel most confident in his abilities.

I am coping with the uncertainty with great aplomb (thank you very much). It is (yet again) a perfect word (thank you very much). The definition:  self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation. So you get a better idea of its meaning, listen to these synonyms: poise, self-assurance, assurance, self-possession, self-confidence, calmness, composure, collectedness, presence of mind, level-headedness, sangfroid, equilibrium, equanimity, nerve, nonchalance; savoir faire,  unflappability. Here I am, in this rather untenable situation operating with unflappability, savor faire, presence of mind and sangfroid. I presently have access to my emoji so I can give myself a hand (or two or three or four). ???????????????????????????????????? As you can readily see my sense of humor as risen to the occasion, laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. 

Some (insensitive souls) might not appreciate the conundrum I am facing, perhaps an explanation might help.  At one certain moment in time I was at the zenith of my ‘late in life’ non professional writing ‘career’. (I receive no monetary rewards from this blog – but I hate to use the word amateur because it has so many different connotations.)  For example, some that appear in its synonyms: dilettante, dabbler, putterer, trifler; buff, ham. But even worse:inept, useless, inexpert, clumsy, maladroit, gauche, blundering, bungling, bumbling,  botched. No thanks, I shall be non professional. thank you to all of these!

Other words for zenith are apex, apogee, crowning point, culmination and high noon.

The zenith reached was the knowledge combined with a study of my ‘numbers’, my statistics. The number of readers coupled with the extent of their readership. Computer Guru Chris supplied this scientific knowledge, these were conveyed to my faithful readers. At that exact (almost) moment in time I discover that my right hand is broken. I need eight fingers and two thumbs  in order to navigate the computer and I am extremely right hand dominant.  In other words, my left hand is useless except for the third finger which is used for the wearing of rings. 

How have I coped? One day at a time coupled with an enormous trust in Allah. There is an Arabic word to describe this – asked for help from MUSAG, this time the advice is solicited. He is in Ghana and has not responded so ‘one day at a time’ will be explored.

According to Merriam-Webster, taking it one day at a time means, “to deal with each day’s problems as they come instead of worrying about the future. The phrase is commonly used as advice when someone is thinking too far ahead or expecting issues or change overnight.

This idiom important because if you take things one day at a time “you don’t feel too overwhelmed.”

Therefore, I did not vary my daily routines and kept appointments. This led to such positivity which was ‘recorded’ on an Instagram post with the following caption.

Me: My hair by Mickey Dufresne of Ricci Hair Company. Swipe and decide which shot you like best. What am I sipping? Clear liquid of course. If you ????call say Alexis sent you. My hair color is natural by the way. Getting old has some rewards.” The four photos will be shown at the end of the post. I have had 45 Likes to this post. The Manager of my Mecca ????hotel was one and I do plan to return to Mecca (at some time, probably after the unscheduled surgery).

Whereas, the photo of my broken hand got only 21 Likes. It is another example of laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone. ????

Yesterday I went to Khrome Nail Salon. Diana, from the Ukraine, did the best work. The name of the polish is Unicorn. Formerly had a fetish for unicorns, but do not at the present time. ????

That is a sad story but I am not going there. Khrome relocated to the South Side, the interior decoration is superb. A selfie taken in the loo is included.

Another WhatsApp message cheered immensely. I met an incredible Mecca tour guide, have a photo of the two women and myself, you cannot see her face as she is clad in the Saudi manner. We have continued to communicate, she helpfully sends children’s YouTubes to guide my religious practices.

Me: Hello. I will be here for Ramadan. Do you have any YouTubes for kids at Ramadan? I do love the kid instructions. I am only a child in the faith. I am 2. Hahaha???? I broke my hand in a fall and must have surgery. I do not know when I can return to ????

She: Of course, I have and I am happy to share it. Hahaha???? How sad about your hand. I hope you get well and come to Makkah soon.

Me: I will and I know that is what Allah (SWT) wants. I am sure.

She: ????

Me: I watched the first YouTube. I so ????it. I got all the test questions right! It is perfect for me. ????????

Me: I watched all three of them. I just loved them. I loved ❤️singing along with the children’s songs. 

She: I am glad it helped you. If you have other things you want to know more about, I hope you will tell me and I will have an answer for it.

So last night there I was in bed was singing away, most happily, The Apple Tree Song and Beautiful 99 Names of Allah.

This morning woke for Fajr prayers. I had a dentist appointment to have my teeth cleaned. I always  keep my obligations and commitments but the pain of having my gums and teeth prodded combined with the existing hand pain seemed too much. The dental office was most understanding. Ate breakfast and went back to bed and began writing this blog, listening to the 99 Names of Allah. One of His Names is Healer.