Broken Hand Brings Joy; Paradigm Defined: Get Well Card Found in Mailbox; Walrus Article Discusses the Unionization of Starbucks; Instagram Reel of MBS; Link Provided; MUSAG and I Want o Meet Him; On a Lark Googled Surgeon; Photos of Hand Splint; Get Well Card; and Martini Cartoon 

This seems far-fetched, but this is true: the  broken hand has brought joy to my life. Examples of the delight I experienced because of this misfortune shall be shown throughout this particular blog. It seems like a sort of paradigm -at this moment I do not know what a paradigm is, but soon I shall know and so shall you (but only if you keep reading.)  

Yes indeed, I do not know how this happens, but I stumbled upon the perfect word. The synonyms are more descriptive than the definition. They are: model, pattern, example,  prototype, archetype; ideal, gauge, criterion, paragon, exemplar. Wikipedia comes to the rescue again providing this insight: “In classical (Greek-based) rhetoric, a paradeigma aims to provide an audience with an illustration of a similar occurrence. This illustration is not meant to take the audience to a conclusion, however it is used to help guide them to get there. One way of how a paradeigma is meant to guide an audience would be exemplified by the role of a personal accountant. It is not the job of a personal accountant to tell a client exactly what (and what not) to spend money on, but to aid in guiding a client as to how money should be spent based on the client’s financial goals.” A long discussion led to this conclusion: “A paradigm does not impose a rigid or mechanical approach, but can be taken more or less creatively and flexibility.”

A bit of creativity and flexibility is needed at this moment. One does not have to break a hand to find joy – that is not the example or model. It can be anything, any hardship or tribulation that, unfortunately,  comes your way. The tribulation forces an accommodation, good and kind people reach out to provide assistance, one’s circle of acquaintances is broadened, hysterically funny Instagram reels are accidentally filmed. 

This is the first example. A greeting card appeared in my mailbox, sent by my financial advisor and his able administrative assistant. I told them that my doctor said surgery was necessary. They sent a get well card that is So funny and thoughtful. A photo will follow. John’s message: Hey Alexis, I think you should ask the Dr. If you will be able to play the violin after your surgery. If he says yes, then say: “Great, because I couldn’t play it before!. Take care.” 

That is so funny! It brings joy to me (and perhaps you). Then the AA messaged: All the best with your surgery. Wishing you a fast and full recovery so you can be handy again.”  I am sure you are now wishing your broke your hand (and had enough money to require a financial advisor) Hahaha . Talked to the two today making an appointment for lunch on Friday after meeting at the office first. 

Began this morning in the typical fashion. Fajr prayer, coffee, then to iPhone for Instagram messages and a fast look at emails. I now get the Walrus newsletter, there was a fascinating article, written by Rob Csernyik speaking of the attempts to unionize Starbucks. I was once a proponent of Starbucks, believing their b.s. but no longer. The article was most edifying, and amusing and encouraging. John Bowman, a former union organizer said unionizing Starbucks was incredibly difficult despite their ‘image’: “They’re really a more sophisticated Walmart,” he says.  That is both amusing, and revealing of systemic oppression. There was also a discussion of wages and the cost of living. “In many Canadian cities, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment now exceeds $2,000 – a cost that would eat up nearly all of a barista’s typical monthly earnings.”  That brought exultation. Why? My rent, in this stellar apartment, is less than that. I will reveal the amount with M.A.N.’s permission – I inquired about rental costs for another potential lessee, I do not have a special rate. 

Receiving right hand stellar medical care made me so thankful, so joyous to be an Edmontonian after fifty-five years – all this an inexpensive rent too.!!! 

But now onto something very different and far afield (as they say). A fascinating Instagram reel appeared, which I immediately conveyed to MUSAG in Ghana. Here is the link for you:

This was his response: 

He: MBS (three emoji meaning love) 

Me: I know It is so bizarre funny. I got this reel as I am on a feed, from Saudi Arabia. There are often no translations so I never know what is happening. I looked at the man, the star, read a comment that said he was a leader, and then realized who it was. I immediately sent it to you (and one or two others) but you immediately responded and confirmed his identity. I had never seen him in Western clothes before. 

He: Me neither. 

Me: Just wrote something supportive to another MBS posting. 

He: That’s good to know. He is among the top top people I want to meet one day. It might sound impossible but nothing is beyond the doings of Allah. 

Me: Me too!!! I want to meet him. Go to the search engine of my blog and type King Saud. So much mention and all true. In brief, the only way I am going to get my May 31, 1943 Life magazine back is to show the photo of me and the absconder to MBS. He is certain to know his identity because the ‘magazine thief’ is Royalty. Described as a Sultan by the UN Judge Shams, who was with him at the chance encounter at the Dubai Marriott Marquess in October of 2021,  . 

He: Hopefully all this will work out. 

Me: As you said, nothing is beyond the doings of Allah. 

This another exchange between the two of us. 

Me: Just got statistics by country. 5 from Ghana. So who are the other four guys??? 

He: Lol I have no idea. I wish to know as well. 

I digress. Digression upon digression seems to be the name of this game. Now it is back to the Instagram reel. MBS converses respectfully, intensely  and intently with a woman in Western dress. He shakes her hand, the hand of another woman and a little boy. He is engaged and engaging. MBS has some mannerisms which resemble those of an awkward little boy but it adds to his magnetism. He is gracious. Viewing that reel dispels all of the lies perpetuated against His Highness by the Western press. There is no possible way he engineered the death and mutilation of a Western journalist.  Such actions are totally, absolutely, undeniably forbidden by the Islamic faith. MBS spends billions in order to assist Muslims from all over the world in coming to his country so that they may worship in peace, order and comfort. This magnanimity permits pilgrims to observe one of the five pillars of the Islamic faith. I was blessed to be one of those pilgrims, planning to travel there again, in the near future. My cheap Edmonton rent shall make it all possible. Hahahaha 

This morning saw a trip to the Alberta Legislative Building for breakfast, then to the Legislative Library, receiving expert advice, then reading non-circulating newsletters and updates. I have been ignoring the Alberta political scene for months (or so it seems). However, I shall be soon back in the saddle again,  so to speak. Stopped to visit briefly with M.A.N. – there are a few apartments available in this building. If you are looking for an inexpensive quality apartment in Edmonton, you could contact me through social media and I could make the referral. 

On a lark, I googled the plastic surgeon to happily discover that he is SO handsome – could not tell with the mask and all. I was wearing a mask as well, color coordinated, one of my 52. That is my motto – anything worth doing, is worth over doing. I did not originate this saying but forgot who I might attribute it to. 

By the way, on a lark is a US informal idiom meaning just as a way to have fun. On a lark describes something that is done on the spur of the moment, something that is done spontaneously and for fun It is derived from comparison to the cheerful-sounding birdsong of a lark. Synonyms for happy as a lark a

delighted. elated. euphoric. jubilant. thrilled. So, as a way to have fun I googled the surgeon. It would not be proper to have the following conversation. 

Me: Please drop your mask.

He: I beg your pardon.?!?!

Or, in the alternative, but still improper. 

Me: I will drop my mask, if you drop yours. 

He: Okay. Who will go first? 

Me: You 

My blogs contain errors as nobody  is perfect. The founder of the Yaqueen Institute is Dr. Omar 

Suleiman. I spelled it wrong when speaking of his narration of Meeting Muhammed, which was prepared in 2021 to ready listeners for Ramadan. It is being transmitted again this year.  

I absolutely know you have been sitting on pins and needles to see the ‘made for Alexis’ colorful splint. This is your lucky day. Next a photograph of my Get Well card. Then a cartoon which I found particularly funny. The subject is dirty martinis. I did have a penchant for them, prior to my becoming a Muslim. Bombay Gin was my intoxicant of choice. But those days are over. The cartoon is amusing, and so am I. 

If you were sitting on pins and needles you were in a state of anxiety or tense expectation. “The origin of the phrase comes from the early 19th century. . The expression began as a literal description of the sharp, uncomfortable feeling one gets when recovering from numbness.” 

More than you ever wanted to know about that, I am sure.