Both Good and Evil are Widespread, not Just in the UAE; Evil is Also Here, Present and Accountable in Alberta; Evil’s Synonyms Explored: Graham Thomson’s Excellent Article Quoted at Length; Falsehood Will Vanish; October 2022 Blog Quoted; Email Microwave Exchange: Augment Defined; Photo of Sunrise and New Microwave

I do admit that I have been ‘picking on’ the UAE recently, sometimes almost comparing it to an Evil Empire. But there is good existing within its borders, good and evil is often intertwined everywhere in this world.  I must face the fact that there is evil here in Alberta – actually a hop, skip and a jump from my humble abode.

Defining evil would be a good beginning to this discussion.  In this instance the apt synonyms are: hurtful, injurious, detrimental, deleterious,  bad, mischievous, malignant, malign,  poisonous; corrupting, subversive; calamitous, disastrous, destructive, ruinous.

Now to define hop, skip, and a jump. A short distance, as in It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from my apartment to the Alberta Legislative Building.  ”This expression, dating from the early 1700s, originally referred to an exercise or game involving these movements, but by the mid-1800s was also being used figuratively for the short distance so covered. “

The ambitions of the new Premier of Alberta, if realized, would be injurious, disastrous, subversive and ruinous. A discussion of the situation was found on the online Star. It was an exemplary review of the political situation in this province written by Graham Tompson. The Premier spoke at a rally of ‘her people’, the UPC party held in Edmonton last Saturday.  .

“The (health care) system, my friends, is broken. Most of those managing AHS today are holdovers from the NDP years,” said Smith, once again using inaccurate information to blame the previous NDP government for every ill facing Alberta, whether it be a multi-year oil-price created recession starting in 2015 or troubles in Alberta Health Services today. “

If Premier Danielle Smith thinks this health care system is broken she should go and live in Vancouver. It is impossible to get a primary care physician if you are new to the province and they are the gate keepers to all medical care. One MUST be referred by the nonexistent practitioners to get any medical care. I admit to getting medical care while in BC  – I paid for the care, was reimbursed by my US medical plan but it was not easy as there was no privatization. My secret of success shall not be revealed as it was unique to my situation with  friends in rich places, my assertiveness and the threat of exposure on my blog. Most others, including this Premier, do not have these advantages.

Thomson continued. “Smith’s speech was aimed squarely at the 42,000 party members who elevated her to party leader three weeks ago, many of whom believe the same conspiracy theories she has championed, whether that be the federal Liberals are conspiring to destroy Alberta’s energy-based economy, senior health officials deliberately undermined the UCP government during the height of the pandemic, and those same officials set out to make unvaccinated Albertans the “most discriminated-against” group in the last 50 years.

Like her successful leadership campaign, Smith’s rhetoric continues to focus on outrage, alienation and grievance. Her Saturday speech threw so much red meat to an angry base she should have replaced the podium with a butcher’s block. She used the word “attack” five times, for example, impressively squeezing three of them into one sentence when she said Notley is happy to stand by and watch as her “good friend, Justin Trudeau, launches economic attack after attack after attack on this province.”

More about Premier Smith’s history from the Star. “She is a politician noted for constructing a world view based on anecdotal evidence, confirmation bias and bad choices. She was roasted by her opponents during the UCP’s five-month-long leadership race for promoting divisive and unconstitutional ideas. That was then, this is now. Five of her six opponents are now in cabinet, forced by convention and ambition to stifle any bitterness or complaint or point out the fact that Smith, a true-blue small-government libertarian, is being more than a tad hypocritical for cobbling together a bloated inner sanctum with 27 ministers and 11 parliamentary secretaries, an Alberta record.”

I take encouragement from the Quran amidst this dismal news. Quran 17: 80.  And say, My Lord! Grant me an honorable entrance and an honorable exit. And give me supporting authority from Yourself. 81. And declare, “The truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Indeed falsehood is bound to vanish.

May all this falsehood vanish particularly the lies that ‘support’ her promises to destroy the health care system.

The Star confers this viewpoint. “Provincially, the Navigator poll indicated the number one issue in the minds of Albertans is protecting the public health-care system (32 per cent) — and 51 per cent of Albertans trust the NDP to do that compared with just 23 per cent for the UCP.”
Notley wants to protect the health-care system while Smith wants to blow up the province’s massive $15-billion health services system and revamp it by the end of January.
Smith is taking a smash-it approach to health care and intergovernmental relations while Notley is trying to be the “grown-up in the room.”

Premier Smith is not new news to these pages. The following is copied from my October 16, 2022 blog.

“But this is where my ox is getting gored. “One of Smith’s other campaign promises was to completely reform Alberta Health Services, the main health body in the province, after she said the pandemic revealed its systemic weaknesses. Smith said Tuesday that she could even get rid of health bureaucrats to do this because the restructuring will be sweeping, and she said that within 90 days she wants to have a new governance structure in place.”
Whose ox is being gored means who is suffering or losing out in a given situation. Alexis McBride’s ox is possibly being gored.  An anti-scientific woman promises to reform Alberta Health Services whom I depend upon. She is vows she will get rid of ‘health bureaucrats’ – who are ,incidentally, highly esteemed within their profession. Who shall replace them? What self respecting knowledgeable physician honoring the Hippocratic Oath is going to serve under her whims, caprice and ignorance of medical and scientific matters?
(Taking  the Hippocratic oath, the physician pledges to prescribe only beneficial treatments, according to his abilities and judgment; to refrain from causing harm or hurt; and to live an exemplary personal and professional life.)”

By the way, if you type Hippocratic oath into the search engine of this blog two articles appear. The October 2022 one and another written in June of 2019. It describes in glowing terms the medical care received in the US – of which I am eternally grateful. It does disparage the care received in Canada – but it must be remembered that I was speaking of my Vancouver days. Now the British Columbia Health Plan is definitely broke. Perhaps, if the reformation of a health plan is Premier Smith’s goal, she should move to British Columbia.

Parenthetically, rereading the June 2019 entry I was struck by the changes in my life, both externally and internally. I barely recognize myself. Some traits remain the same – an optimism, a sense of humour, a hopefulness. But the events soon to occur suddenly reminded of a saying: “The reason why God made the earth round was so that we could not see too far ahead.”

Of course, Googled the quote and found to my utter amazement that Karen Blixen was the author. “God made the world round so we would never be able to see too far down the road.”
That woman is my hero – such a troubled life, ending badly. But her chronicled adventures taking place in her coffee plantation in Kenya are fascinating. Just yesterday had this conversation with my Yellow Cab driver.
Me: What country were you born in?
He: Kenya – have you ever been there?
Me: No, but I want to. I am a huge fan to Karen Blixen.

Isn’t that amazing??? What a coincidence.

What was on the road ahead in June, 2019? The pandemic which would change the world probably forever. It certainly changed my life. It was during the severe San Francisco lockdown that I reverted to the Islamic faith. Looking back on it now –  the severe isolation played a fundamental role. I definitely stayed safe remaining covid free and now am completely and thoroughly vaccinated. I shall remain safe, no large indoor events, shall wear a face mask again. Moreover, I shall stand up and be counted – fight the anti-vac folks.

But there is more than just the assertive fighter in me – here is a glimpse of my ‘other side’ – my post October 20,2020 personality. Cafe Ishan posted a Story on Instagram.
“The believer’s greatest argument is his face. True religion lights up the face. False religion fills it with insecurity, rage and suspicion. This is perceptible to not only Muslims but to anyone”

I responded. This was our text interaction.
Me: I love that message. A Muslim man looked at images of me taken before and after my reversion to the Islamic faith. He said that my face lit up after entering the faith. Independently, (and later) received my Muslim name which is Fatima which means light I do believe.
She: (after hearting my message) It reflects an aura.
Me: Thank you for that I see!

Of course I had to look up the definition of aura . A complicated definition:a supposed emanation surrounding the body of a living creature and regarded as an essential part of the individual. An informal synonym is vibe. Wikipedia defines it as Aura (paranormal), a field of luminous multicolored radiation around a person or object,

It is early Sunday morning. I awoke early, even before the call to Fajr prayer. Later along came the sunrise of a beautiful day. The attached photo shows the suns reflection. The sun itself is now hidden behind buildings. Face a day of writing, organizing and study. But who knows with me? Some boring tasks, I need to read the instructions that accompanied my new microwave. My cousin and I had the following email conversation. The subject line: My New Microwave.
Me. White might have looked better but I LOVE black. On sale at London Drug for cheap. I can heat leftovers. My cleaning wonderful lady bringing me Nepal food tomorrow. Life is good!!! Alexis (aka Fatima).

She: Nice. Lucky you. Guess I should get one one day.
Me: I debated it for months. But leftovers so much easier with one. I had always had one in my apartments (form what I can remember). Lots of apartments explains poor memory. Anyway it was on sale for less than $100 bucks I think. Hey and I LOVE microwave popcorn. All I need now is a television set to go with the popcorn. (I am not getting one, it was a joke).
She: I’m sure having a microwave for leftovers is great but I do just fine with the oven. I do agree that I miss the popcorn but I guess not enough to go out & buy a microwave.
Me: What has become of us??? Two old ladies discussing household appliances???? To change thus subject slightly – if you get one perhaps you will also get a handsome man to carry it up to your place? Probably that does not interest you – I cannot blame you for that. I also got a telescope. It on sale as well. Might be interesting viewing the apartments around me and there is a way to connect my smart phone and take pictures. So who needs a television??? Hahaha
She: Hahahahaha

What does this conversation prove? That it is possible to be an old Muslim woman have fun, joke and laugh. It is a perspective sorely needed to be seen. (And appreciated). The image of pathetic persecuted, head- to- toe- black-clad women needs to be augmented,
Augment: make (something) greater by adding to it. A perfect word for the occasion.
Some synonyms: build up, enlarge, expand, extend, raise, multiply, elevate,  intensify, amplify, heighten, improve, make better, boost enhance, upgrade, crank up,

The image of Muslim women needs to be cranked up, enhanced, improved, enlarged and expanded. It is possible to retain one’s modesty, continue to be gentle and loving but raise and elevate the joy and spirits of others. The Quran supports this viewpoint, more about that later.

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