More Kind Words from Alexis; Indefatigable Defined; Some Much Needed Humour From Several Sources; Andy Borowitz the Very Best Purveyor of Satire and Humour Taking Aim at Mr. Musk, Mr. Johnson, and Trump, Another Malignant Narcissist Photographed But Not Named

Believe it or not I am not the only Alexis in this world. There is Alexis the Bunny and Alexis who now lives in the Philipines and hundreds, if not thousands, of others as it is (or was) the fifth most popular baby girl’s name in the USA.  Once I was the only Alexis but along came Dynasty (the television series, the old one, not the new one on Netflix). Then everything changed, and not for the better. I had the habit of turning around and responding whenever I heard someone say Alexis. Nowadays, it is this little kid. Oh well! If anyone Googles Alexis McBride, I am the first one that pops up.  That provides a great deal of satisfaction, I guess.

Philippines Alexis had texted wonderful words to me which were placed on the blog of October 29, 2022, I informed him of this.
Me: Blog is up! All praise to you.
He: All praise to Allah. All praise to you.❤️ Just keep spreading the love and good will. Your words can change the world. ❤️ ❤️
Me: My goodness. I love you for saying that. I do laughingly say that it is dirty work but somebody has got to do it. This world is such a mess but who knows? I am indefatigable. What a word my dear Alexis.

Well, it is a great word. It means (of a person or their efforts) persisting tirelessly: Its synonyms go on tirelessly: never-tiring, unwearying, unflagging; energetic, dynamic, enthusiastic; unrelenting, relentless,, unswerving, unfaltering, unshakeable, indomitable; persistent, tenacious, determined, dogged, single-minded, assiduous, industrious.. The antonyms are idle and feeble,. I have no desire at all to be idle and feeble, there are enough of those people around, goodness knows.

I do admit  to getting tired sometimes dealing with frustrations, incompetent and unfeeling people and institutions but I just go to bed, have a great sleep and wake up – loaded for bear. Loaded for bear means fully prepared and eager to initiate or deal with a fight, confrontation, or trouble. The idiom loaded for bear originated in North America in the 1800s. The phrase was originally used literally, to mean to load one’s firearm with enough power to kill a bear.

But it is time for some humour in this blog – it has been entirely too serious. Faithful readers will immediately guess who we shall be relying on – Andy Borowitz of the New Yorker. Andy has been so hilariously funny these days, picking on the big guys like that Musk.
SAN FRANCISCO (The Borowitz Report)—Elon Musk is pleading with bots not to quit Twitter, after millions of them fled the site over the weekend.The bot exodus began shortly after the billionaire closed his deal to acquire the platform, as many bots complained about an alarming surge in pro-Nazi and misogynist content in their feeds. Musk’s decision to tweet an unhinged conspiracy theory on Sunday morning sent even more bots rushing for the exits, observers said. After deleting that tweet, Twitter’s new owner addressed the bot community directly in a desperate attempt at damage control.”

Well, so far that is not particularly funny, I do have to admit. But I do have great faith in Andy. This is the ending: I am asking every bot that has left Twitter to please come back,” he tweeted. “Without you, Twitter is nothing.” Musk promised that he would establish a new moderation structure to make Twitter a safe space for bots, but that offer did little to stop the bleeding.“Twitter sucks,” tweeted @Jeremy38954HarryPotterFanOfficial before deleting its account.”

Do you realize what has gone on here? Andy, through the vehicle of satire, has taken on one of the most powerful men in the world. And made him look rather human, rather ordinary. Very ordinary actually. It is absolutely masterful. We (or at least me)  secretly feel that Mr. Musk is rather arrogant. Andy has taken Mr. Musk down a peg (or two).
That means to to make someone who is behaving in an arrogant and unpleasant way realize that they are not as important or talented as they think.

But here is the possible problem. Mr. Musk may not be reading The New Yorker humour section, there is absolutely no inclination that he does. Oh well, many of us are therefore laughing behind Mr. Musk’s back. I do so love the sign that says: The Universe is Laughing at You Behind Your Back.

In another brilliant piece of satire Andy took aim at another ‘malignant narcissist’ – his words, not mine. This from October 24, 2022. UNITED STATES (The Borowitz Report)—Americans were seething with envy after the U.K.’s most prominent malignant narcissist decided not to run for that nation’s highest office again, interviews with U.S. citizens have revealed.
From coast to coast, Americans expressed bitter jealousy of the British for having an incompetent former leader who, though maniacally self-absorbed and attention-craving, nevertheless possessed enough realism to depart the public stage after only twenty-four hours of hogging headlines”

I am sure all of you can recognize who the prominent malignant narcissist is – Donald Trump of course. The British version is Boris Johnson. The humour continues in absolutely fine fashion.
Carol Foyler, who lives in Akron, Ohio, was openly covetous of the U.K.’s malignant narcissist. “People in Britain are suffering right now because the government just wrecked their economy,” she said. “But at least they have a malignant narcissist who knows when it’s time to go away.”
“When I read that the U.K’s malignant narcissist decided not to run again, I got really mad,” Harland Dorrinson, a resident of San Jose, California, said. “Why do they get a malignant narcissist like that?”
“People say that the only reason he decided not to run again was because he knew he was going to lose,” Tracy Klugian, who lives in Milwaukee, said. “But he’s not going around the country claiming he’s been persecuted. He’ll probably fly back to the Dominican Republic, lie on the beach, and get wasted. If you have to have a malignant narcissist, that’s the kind you want.”

Would not it be wonderful if Donald Trump went to the Dominican Republic, lay himself on the beach and get wasted?  I fear that the (Dis) United States of America is not going to be that lucky. Hahaha?

 I do admit that I had other topics in mind when I began this blog. The plan was to speak of Hallowe’en, as it is Hallowe’en at this moment. It was going to start out with humour but end in something dreadfully serious. But this just flowed and everyone does need a day away from serious talk, particularly on Hallowe’en. I am a Muslim. Therefore, of course, I do not ‘celebrate” Hallowe’en – but more of that later.

Had an interesting experience this morning. I was going through my photographs for a delightful reason. Instagram advertises a great product – one gets tiles, photographs that can be placed on the wall easily, centering around a word or phrase. I had a project in mind which was to use the word GRATEFUL and surround it with pictures, taken or copied. In all earnestness began the project of downloading but it did not work, for some reason. I gave it up in frustration, at least for the time bering. But as I scrolled through my photos I came upon an unbelievable one, must be from Instagram because I do remember my response to the man involved, did say (more or less as it was almost two years ago).
Me: Why are you praying to Allah. You own the airlines. Just hire a competent mechanic.

Never would have found the ‘photo’ if not scrolling through and looking for photos that illustrated gratitude. Well I am grateful, goodness knows, grateful that individual is not, in any way, in my life at the moment. You see he was, and is, a malignant narcissist. He sent that message to hundreds of women probably – they all thought it was for them. I was just, unfortunately, flying that day on Air Emeritus, so thought it was destined for me. But I am still around, do not know it was the competent mechanic or Allah. Probably both.

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