Final Piece of the Puzzle; Found and Concept Explored; Ribbons of Society Shown: Alexis the Bunny Comes Home, Meets and Marries Sassy, Alessandra Born; Waking to Three Texts From Young People Met in the UAE; One Text, An Accolade Quoted at Length; Accolade Defined: There is No Cure For Jealousy in the Islamic Faith; Link Provided: Photographs of Alexis the Bunny’s Family; SASS’s Gifting and Some Premier Inn Staff

This is most unusual but it seemed that finding a fantastic dental office here in Edmonton meant that everything was complete, everything put and placed together. Out of all the things I could ever want or need in this my  ‘new beginning’ life. A young Nepalese employee in the Abu Dhabi Airport Premier Inn Costa Coffee store labelled my return as a New Beginning and it has been. It does seem totally magical actually.

I could not think of a phrase to describe the feeling. I was aided and abetted by my Edmonton Fabulous Physiotherapist.
He: Perhaps what you are looking for is the last piece of the puzzle.
Me: That is definitely close. I will go home and Google it.

I did and it is absolutely perfect. “Putting a puzzle together is the perfect analogy for anything you are trying to achieve in life. You won’t know all the steps to your goal until you are in the middle of it. Each step comes up when it needs to and you will complete it as happens. Some of the pieces might need to be moved around but that is life.”

Yes indeed, this is true. Wikipedia tells us that jigsaw puzzles have acquired meaning as well. s.
According to the Alzheimer Society of Canada, doing jigsaw puzzles is one of many activities that can help keep the brain active and may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.[27]

An “autism awareness” ribbon, featuring red, blue, and yellow jigsaw pieces

Jigsaw puzzle pieces were first used as a symbol for autism in 1963 by the United Kingdom’s National Autistic Society.[28] The organization chose jigsaw pieces for their logo to represent the “puzzling” nature of autism and the inability to “fit in” due to social differences, and also because jigsaw pieces were recognizable and otherwise unused.[29] Puzzle pieces have since been incorporated into the logos and promotional materials of many organizations, including the Autism Society of America and Autism Speaks.
It is used as a logo in society as well we are told. “The logo of Wikipedia is a globe made out of jigsaw pieces. The incomplete sphere symbolizes the room to add new knowledge. In the logo of the Colombian Office of the Attorney General appears a jigsaw puzzle piece in the foreground. They named it “The Key Piece”: “The piece of a puzzle is the proper symbol to visually represent the Office of the Attorney General because it includes the concepts of search, solution and answers that the entity pursues through the investigative activity.

But why, for me, was the dentist ‘final achievement’? It is because the transition to my homeland came together, was complete. I had managed to replace all of the comforts, accomplishments,  pivotal people, places and things that played supportive roles in my life – those days of glory in my former Marin County heydays. I shall speak of the medical care, dental care, living accommodations and fine, happy people living here from other lands who can achieve citizenship in five years, unlike the UAE where citizenship is never possibility. I shall speak of it my treasures, the advantages found in Canada on a later blog..

But more and even better news. Alexis the Bunny has come home, found a comfortable resting spot, and a husband. Faithful readers will know that I visited Alberta Craft Council on Saturday – only four blocks away. This has been my fourth visit – there are such treasures and an active program. The staff greeted me enthusiastically.

They: Alexis, we are so glad you are back. We have a surprise for you. You will not believe it.
Me: Tell me, tell me! I love surprises particularly when they are happy surprises.
They: Jill Nuckles, one of our talented crafters usually crafts owls, very whimsical pretty delights but she as begun to craft bunnies and sent several named bunnies for sale here in our store. One is named Alexis, we are so glad you are here and she is not as yet sold.
Me: Me too. Take me to her!!

Well they did and she is darling, and of course I HAD to buy her. I did make an Instagram reel promising that I would do a follow up showing her new home.

I brought her home with the intention of finding her a husband. There were two choices waiting for her. One a bunny purchased in Vancouver by the name of Fazza the First. He came to mind but was rejected because of the bad memories associated with Vancouver and Fazza (aka the Sultan, aka C.P.D.). The other bunny was a gift – a good bye present when I left Abu Dhabi, returning to Canada. It was given to me by a wonderful man from the Philippines who was the Head of Security at the Abu Dhabi Airport Premier Inn. We formed an extremely close bond. He promised to keep me safe, I believed him and he did, aided by the whole staff. When it was time for me to leave spoke of how much we would miss one another.

He: I am going to give you a gift when you leave. Something small, as I cannot afford anything expensive.

Me: How sweet of you!

I was being pushed in a wheel chair to the Ethiad jet that would carry me to my homeland. He appeared with my present, a pink bunny. Someone took a picture, which will be attached to this blog. Faithful readers will know that important people in my life have a nickname. His was S.A.S.S. It stands for Security Awesome Sheikha Safe. I have named the bunny Sassy. Security Awesome Sheikha Safe YES.

Well Alexis the Bunny and Sassy met, fell in love and got married. You know those bunnies – they already have a baby girl. Her name is Alessandra. I suppose there will be more on the way. Fortunately stuffed animals do not have to be fed.

I admit to crying when writing about SASS – I do so miss him but we will never meet again as he is stuck in the UAE  with family obligations and the oppression of the UAE. Oh, I guess they will kick him out when he gets too old, even though he has given his life to that country. I am not General McArthur.
He: I shall return.
This history of this famous saying. General MacArthur was determined to return to his troops, continue the fight, and lead as many of his men as possible to safety. In Melbourne, he issued a statement to the press. In it he issued a promise “I shall return” to his men and to the Philippine people.”

I shall not return to the UAE – I fear that not even SASS and the entire Premier Inn staff could keep me safe.

It is now Saturday morning, the blog had been written but not sent. I awoke to three texts from young workers in the UAE. One from a young man who worked at the Premier Inn but was able to return to his Philippines where he is now employed as a welder. I had texted him on October 19, 2022.
Me: Outed the UAE on the blog. It was fun in a way. Anger gone, only the memory of you good guys remain.
He hearted it, this response came this morning.
He: We’re lucky we’re not in UAE anymore. And the memories of us will remain forever. You are indeed a good person. You are one of the angels they sent to the UAE to give love and happiness. (Two hearts)
Me: I am putting this in the blog. It is an absolute miracle it came today. It is perfect. It fills me with such joy and happiness. Thank you beyond words. The blog shall be off to the UK for posting. All praise to Allah.

But then the correspondence continued.

He: Alhamdullah You and your blog will be really popular, I as sure about that. (I know you are already popular.) You will be known by the whole world as the best blogger of all time! Real life blog. Honest blog. We can learn about life and lessons on your blog It is really helpful for everyone of us.
Me: I am fainting with joy with tears streaming down my cheeks. Thank you beyond words. It gives me the courage to go on. All praise to Allah. Your words are JUST what I needed.
There was also a text from a young Uganda woman who works at the Rixos Resort, my first stay in Abu Dhabi. We have kept in touch – she called me Grandmother but, at my request she now calls me Aunt. I hoped I would be able to help her come to Canada but it seems utterly impossible. Her working conditions are inhumane, during busy times she never gets a day off. I shall speak of our correspondence on a subsequent blog.

This man from the Philippines who sent this accolade. What is his first name? Alexis – it is. Amazing but true. Accolade has many synonyms, commendation, tribute, acclaim, applause, ovation, acclamation, approval, admiration, approbation, testimonial, praise, welcome,, kudos, adulation, homage, compliment, pat on the back, cheers, salutes, plaudits, bouquets; rave; extolment, laudation, eulogium. Its antonym is criticism. My favorites are approval, praise, kudos and pat on the back. Certainly my writing has earned criticism in the past, but these criticisms are now erased and seen as jealousy.

Jealousy is the only disease for which Allah has no cure. This Instagram link explains why:

But the ultimate of all ironies. I glance toward my kitchen. On the counter sits my new microwave. It was graciously and kindly carried to my apartment by a man met on the elevator. He was born in the UAE. He is not an Emeriti – he is not an Arab. His parents from another land. There is both good and evil in every land, in every circumstance. I take comfort in this. The Quran promises that good always prevails over evil.

It did in this instance, come to think of it. Bunny’s husband is not Fazza the First but Sassy. And I do know that Alessandra is going to make a difference in this world
Photos of Alexis the Bunny with her family, SASS presenting me with Sassy and a photo of the Premier Inn staff and me taken as they insisted. I was happy to pose with them.

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