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I am having the most incredible love filled morning of my entire life – I am not exaggerating at all and you will see examples of it. Seeing is believing; which is a proverb used to say that when something unlikely is witnessed, the truth of its occurrence or existence can no longer be doubted. Used in a sentence: I didn’t think it could happen, but seeing is believing. The person that originally said it was a 17th century English clergyman, Thomas Fuller, is “Seeing is believing, but feeling is the truth.” This suggests that believing and truth are two very separate matters altogether. But the idea dates from ancient Greek times, and the expression appears in numerous proverb collections from 1639 on, in English and many other languages. Some writers disagree. Jesus told his doubting disciple, Thomas, that it was more blessed to believe without seeing (John 20:29). You are never going to believe this but if you go to YouTube there is a song called Seeing is Believing sung by none other than Elvis Presley. I do realize that this has to be seen to be believed but go ahead, put your fingers on your computer, type Seeing in Believing and then you will become a believer. Hahaha. I dare you!!

The Qur’an addresses the subject saying says: “No kind of calamity occurs except by Allah’s permission. Whoever believes in Allah, He will guide his heart. Allah has knowledge of all things.” (Qur’an, 64:11) “Believers enjoy the ease and comfort of knowing that everything befalling them is destined to do so.” That is truly so – the things that are happening to me are so unbelievable – it gives me enormous ease and comfort to believe that this is my destiny – that Allah has planned the events that have radically changed my life.

Back to my love filled morning. It began with a text from Rashid which had been written last evening but not read until this morning.
He: Have a lovely night my darlings. I’m exhausted. Greetings to Amal.
Me: I awoke to this. It was so exquisitely beautiful that you gave a greeting to our Amal, I am so at peace and feel so loved.
He: Awwwww. Love you both, I hope she enjoyed the Costa Porridge grain. Otherwise a good morning my Empress. Hopefully have a nice day.
Me: Amal loved the porridge. It was perfect baby food particularly with the bananas. You have a great and good day my Emperor.
He: MarshAllah my dear.
Me: MarshAllah my precious.
He: Love you.

Then it was sunrise and time to pray which is, of course, filled with expressions of love to Allah and thanks for the love He has given me.

Then along came a text from S.A.D.
He: Hello. Good morning madam or baby girl.
Me: How can I be both a Madam and a baby girl? Madam says good morning. Baby Girl says CooCooCoo. Baby Girl had many sleeps. Went to sleep after prayers.

He sent back a voice message saying it was a good habit to go back to sleep I sent one back saying that how could I send back a voice message as I was a baby girl and could not talk.
Me: It has been a long time since I was a baby girl. I do not know what I want to do today, if you have any brilliant suggestions let me know.

But then this is what happened. A wonderful woman who lives in Vancouver whom I correspond with sent a photo which shall be attached. It from redislandseeglass with the captionL It has been awhile since I made a LOVE pic.
Me: I love it, it is beautiful – most beautiful. Such talent so beautifully expressed.
She: Beach glass spamming you my beloved friend. 🙂 sharing the beauty and the love.

She sent more images. Then one of a beautiful necklace. New design available in my Eysystore.
Me: Where do you get the glass
She: Different countries. I follow a few accounts. It gives me so much bliss. Blessings and love my friend.
Me: I am going to write about it on my blog for sure. That way people will learn about it for sure.
She Yah.

I sent it onto Rashid with this message:
Me: I am having the most unbelievable love filled morning begun by you. This from an Instagram and Blog friend from Vancouver. Is there glass on your beach?

In the midst of researching the Qur’an use of belief I discovered a new concept. “Al-Ghaib is an Arabic expression used to convey that something is concealed (unseen). It is an important concept in Islam, encompassing not only the realm of the divine, including angels, paradise, and hell, but also future events, which only God knows.”

There was further research done to discover its use in the Islamic faith. “Al-Ghaib al-Mutlaq (الغيب المطلق) – Absolute Ghaib refers to all knowledge that is unseen or concealed and is only known to Allah. As stated in the Quran: “And with Him are the keys of the Ghayb (all that is hidden), none knows them but He…”
Examples of this form of Ghaib are illustrated in the narrations of Muhammad: It is narrated that Abdullah bin `Umar said that the Messenger of Allah said, “The Keys of the Ghaib (unseen knowledge) are five, nobody knows them but Allah. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow except Allah; nobody knows what is in the womb except Allah; nobody knows when it will rain except Allah; no soul knows at what place he will die except Allah; and nobody knows when the (Final) Hour will begin except Allah.)

  1. Al-Ghaib al-Nisbi (الغيب النسبي) – Relative Ghaib is proportionate to an individual and their situation; hence it is apparent to some while hidden from others. An example to illustrate this notion is that of a class in which the students can see the lecturer, hear the content of the lecture, and the conversations that take place in the classroom, while those outside are unaware of the occurrences in the classroom. “ All of this from Wikipedia.

So I am trying to make sense of this all. Perhaps Rashid and S.A.D. are examples of Al-Ghaib, al-Nisbi and they know something I do not know. If you are bewildered and wondering who Amal is. Here is the answer, that is the name of Rashid’s and my baby girl. He began by telling me that we would be having a baby girl. He gave her a name, this is the conversation between us. . .
Me: Wow! I looked up the Amal. It means HOPE, it is the perfect name.
He: Thank you my dear. That was your assignment btw.
Me: You did not tell me that was my assignment. I did it all on my own!
He: I wanted you to Google it and I knew you would. Well Amira ain’t bad, it means Princess
Me: I like our baby’s name better. Oh by the way I do not like the way you can read my mind and know that I would Google baby’s name.
He: I swear I should do psychology.
Me: You should do psychology, you should.
He: It would be rewarding.
Me: Yes!! You would be great because you are smart and empathetic. Those are two traits of a great therapist.
He: Wow! Thanks for discovering that!!
Me: Well Wise Man told me that I would be a great therapist because I have those traits. I do know that you have both of those qualities and I am Most grateful. I am happiest when I am talking with you. You make me happy, happy, happy.
He: I remember telling you that I want to make you the happiest person on earth and some parts of Mars.
Me: Well you have! As I used to say to the Grandkids. Good job!

I was also looking at the texts between me and the Vancouver friend whom I shall nickname G.A.L. Glass Awesome Lady. She saw the photograph of the name in the sand and beautifully responded.
She: Enjoy the Middle East to the fullest – which is clearly hitting its stride for you. Take Care Alexis. More men writing your name in the sand – next up – how about a beautiful cursive rendition? I loved the photos so much. It really was spectacular and fitting. Alexis boldly written for Alexis who is boldly living the impossible dream.
Me: Loved your message!!! Incredible unforgettable unique and heavenly experience at the Grand Mosque. All praise to Allah. I wish I would have met you in Vancouver but now too much water under the bridge, or is it over the bridge???

I loved her words, her encouragement, and; great wishes. It is interesting that they were made possible by her sending the LOVE pic, which sent me backwards in time to the old message. That is something that is so magic about LOVE. It does make the world go round – well not Putin’s world but perhaps one day something will happen and it will. If all the world would become Muslim it would – who knows, it might just happen.

G.A.L has not sent the photos via email which would ensure their entrance into this blog. Instead there are photos taken by S.A.D. and edited by me of our marvelous yesterday at the Abu Dhabi Louvre – more about that later. Her photos will appear tomorrow or the next’s blog

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