An Instagram That Brought Me Closer Than Ever To Allah; Smashed My Finger Into Car Door Leading to Screams Heard Through Abu Dhabi; Medical Care Shall Be Sought Tomorrow; In a Bed of Nails Watching Instagram; Learning the Profound Meaning of Deen Through a Powerful Image Which You Shall See With a Link

Nobody is perfect! I slammed my finger in the car door. No one’s fault but my own. My scream could be heard the length and breadth of Abu Dhabi I am sure. So at the moment I am in bed even though it is only 13;14. I had a training session at St, Regis Athletic Club but Lena mercifully relieved me of that obligation, Called SAD and here I am.

SAD was wonderful. I did know that cooling the injury most important, at first only water but stuck the offended finger – not the third one fortunately – into water. Then he sped to a grocery store on Yas Island and found ice. Finger in ice even better. So swelling was reduced. Went to my appointment with Lena but in pain and shock. So we talked, I bounced on the gym ball, called SAD and came back home (which is the Premier Inn at Abu Dhabi Airport.). I will soon call for more ice. Tomorrow go to the hospital and have it checked out. I have been in UAE hospitals more than once – they are fantastic! Unlike those at Marin General Hospital in Greenbrae, California who have no idea of triage or anything whatsoever. Not a good experience. I had to throw a hissy fit to get treatment – I am good at those. Patience for awhile but then not so. Never have I had to throw a hissy fit at a UAE hospital – a Vancouver one – Yes and a London one – yes. But not here in the UAE. Went to Rashid Emergency Room in January 2020 with knee injury. They were fabulous. I did cheer up the waiting room, come to think of it.
Was not aware of the filming procedures in the UAE. Texted a man, who was playing hard to get at the time.
Me: In Emergency Room at Rashid Hospital. It is not fatal, just my knee
He: No response whatsoever.
Of course, I now realize he knew the WHOLE time that I was fine. It does not, endear me to him at the present time. There was no reason at all that he treated me in this manner. I was, however, not a Muslim at the time. I am now but it has nothing to do with him or any member of Middle East Royalty. It was in spite of you. Not because of you. Someone of Royalty, refusing to give me his name, in January texted that his family responsible for my conversion. I adamantly denied it.

After returning to my humble hotel and in my comfortable bed I went to Instagram in my state of moderate pain. There was an absolutely riveting reel, with the following caption: “There will come a time when holding onto your deem will be like holding onto hot coals.” There were women on their knees dressed as Muslim women but their anger and rage was so eloquent, led by one or two, they protested mightily. I responded saying: Powerful~ I love your bravery and commitment! It makes me proud to be a woman – and moreover I am a Muslim woman. All praise to Allah.

But I do admit that I do not know the meaning of deem. So, of course, in true Islamic rational fashion I did research. This is what I found:
“When the term Deen is used for Islam, it obviously means a system of life where Almighty Allah (SWT) is worshipped and obeyed, not just in the narrow religious sense, but in a manner that includes all aspects of human life.”

What this means to me, coupled with the portrayal of the discrimination of women for the wearing of Muslim garb, only able to protest as surrounded by police to protect them – it means that every aspect of human life – including the respect Allan affords to women, CAN and MUST be respected.

In one way it has nothing to do with these brave and committed Muslim women, it says that all manner or worship within the faith, and in other’s faith, must be honored. Not just the Muslim faith but all faiths. I am blessed to live in Abu Dhabi where that is the practice. A practice I rejoice in each and every day. I am so blessed! How did I get here at this time and in this place? It is obviously Allah – how else could this have happened? I was a young girl born into a Christian family – one who did and allowed others to abuse and torture me. (It has been proven scientifically). But I overcame that and with considerable drive and ambition improved my life by educating myself (my own money all of the time), not having children (as I would have abused them as I was abused), marrying the wrong men but with no children, could divorce with no ill effects, living frugally but also buying and selling property in California which enhanced my riches. Then having the bravery to escape the privileged Marin existence (so-called) to venture to London and Beyond. The story is documented on the blog as the blog began in London. Back to Canada, to Vancouver. Miserable there and then back to San Francisco and then back to Marin County. A major detour to the Islamic faith resulting in horrible discrimination as a Muslim woman – so off to the Middle East went I. And here I am! So happy, so blessed, so everything.

I do live in Deen because in Abu Dhabi there is a system of life where Allah is worshipped and obeyed, not just in the narrow religious sense, but in a manner that includes all aspects of human life.” Well not everyone, including the seeming faithful, do worship Allah in a wider sense. But I let them, usually gently, realize their folly. It is my observation that many Emerati men do not worship their wives – the wives walk behind the men at many paces, not equally. Many Emerati men are rude, ignoring the Qur’an that says that good manners get you into Jannah. .

I was blessed to be at the Yas Mall Apple store yesterday. An Emirati man, clad in white, sat imperiously and rudely on a tree nearby waiting for his appointment, ear phones in place. I was speaking to two able, inspired, capable staff members who might have to deal with his bad manners directly later
Me; I have decided for right now, not to dress as a Muslim woman, but instead act and behave like a Muslim should, unlike that man..

Then I gestured toward him. It did not hurt him, he was oblivious, a state in which he will probably remain forever. It is not my problem but it shall be his on the Day of Judgment. My anger toward individuals such as he MUST disappear. Allah says that – look up anger in the index of the Qur’an or Google it. You shall find. . The rude Emerati man is to be pitied – no one taught him how to be a Muslim. It is complicated but after the flood of oil money something happened to this society. But it is back on track solidly behind Sheikh Zayed and his son Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed.. And Sheikha Zayed’s powerful wife Sheikha Fatima, more about her in an upcoming blog. An absolutely amazing woman.

Hopefully there will be a link to the Instagram that so inspired me, the one with the strong and righteous women. All praise to Allah

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