The World is a Mess But Andy Borowitz Keeps Us Laughing; Nicknames Proliferate; Grandson Says I am Wife of Mohammed; Abu Dhabi Great But Am Reminded of the World of Overwork; Fabulous Day with Continued Long Term Room Rate; Fame Grows With My Story on Instagram; Helpful Muslim Phrases

Well the world is a sorry mess. Canada is in a state of emergency – this to be discussed later in this blog and then there is the situation in the Ukraine. But Andy’s satire makes it all very enjoyable. Here is what he has to say about his favorite person to ridicule. “Trump has produced a letter from his podiatrist to avoid serving with the Russian forces massing on the border of Ukraine. Although Trump has not yet been drafted into the Russian Army, he has been “living in terror” of receiving a draft notice from Vladimir Putin, a source close to the former President said.

Now that HAS to be funny – getting a letter from a podiatrist – saying what? That he has flat feet? My portent was not entirely correct, but I was close, this how the article concluded: It wouldn’t be the first time Putin commanded him to do something,” the source said. According to the source, Trump has sent Putin the podiatrist’s note, which asserted that marching with the Russian Army would cause intolerable pain in his foot region.“He apologized to Putin for being unable to serve in the Russian Army, and recommended that he draft Tucker Carlson instead,” the source said.

Trump apologizes to Putin and recommends a replacement, Tucker Carlson. Now that is enough to make you LOL.

Suppose I coud talk about Canada but it is all too depressing at this moment and there is a lot going on in the home front. By the way, this is being told with the permission of the guy. As usual his real name will not be used. He has approved (laughingly) of his nickname. It is NATRAM which stands for Not Actually The Real Awesome Mohammed. Because, you see, his first name is Mohammed.

He began this relationship by giving me a nickname. Here it is. Yaa Khadijah Hmmm thought I, immediately texting Pakistani Grandson, a Muslim of great knowledge. .
Me: Grandson! Khadijah was the wife of the Prophet, right?
He: Yes.
Me: Oh my goodness!! This guy whose name is Mohammed who lives in India at this moment gave me this nickname. He says he loves me. He used to live in Qatar before the pandemic.
He. Nice
Me: Now that is too weird. (Many laughing emojis)
He: Huge laughing emojis.
Me: I was sure that it was the name of Mohammed’s wife but needed my Grandson to confirm.
He: Thanks Granny.
Me: Grandson you are great. You are so helpful even though we do not see each other very much these days. And you make me laugh!!

Romantic messages are pouring in from NATRAM (Not Actually The Real Awesome Mohammed). 😝 🤪 hahaha 🤪

Living in Abu Dhabi is absolutely weird and wonderful. Abu Dhabi is at the crossroads of civilization. Most of the time I think I am back in the USA as everyone (practically) speaks English and if you hang out at the Yas Mall all of the stores and the restaurants are ones found in USA malls (except the prices are much cheaper here). But it is also intensely Muslim – many, many in Arab garb, both men and women (seldom children by the way, they get to wear regular Western clothes). There is such a mixture of nationalities here – the most International place on earth – and all are so happy to be here in Abu Dhabi. I think I am the only Canadian/American but I take up a lot of space with my laughter and loud voice. There are certain areas where the ex pats live – Saadiyat Island for one – and one would be absolutely sure that you were in the USA – well except for the fact that it is save, clean, polite, there is absolutely no discrimination and the people are SO incredibly welcoming. So it is difficult to relate to my ‘old’ ways – but as there are many ambitious, English speaking, single women on Saadiyat Island that belong to my Athletic Club so t is possible to relate to this New Yorker article. It discussed the joys of overwork – a phenomena I previously participated in. I do remember those days.

“I’ve taken only a dozen or so yoga classes in my lifetime and, though I like the general process of stretching and flow, I feel a debilitating stress at the end of class, when I am expected to lie there for ten minutes, breathing, and thinking about nothing. I think about how many e-mails I could have sent in that time.” The article went on to speak about the underlying work. “I am still reeling from the novelist Weike Wang’s piercing, honest essay about her pride in holding down five jobs and being an unapologetic workaholic.’

Weinke Wang is most amusing – you must read the arrticle. This is what she says about writing and how lucrative it can be. “Sometimes I feel as though I have five jobs, and then I realize that this is, in fact, the case. The jobs are teaching at three colleges, working for a private test-prep company, and writing. The last job is the most rewarding but also the one with the most unknowns. “How long does it take you to write a story?” my non-writer friends will ask, and proceed to tell me that, if only I wrote faster, or had a team, like James Patterson, then I could produce up to six solid books in a year.”

Wang speaks of money from exactly the same perspective as me. The goal is to make enough now so that I don’t have to worry later on. I appreciate what Andrew Carnegie suggested: a person should spend the first third of his life getting as much education as he can, the next third making as much money as he can, and then the last third giving it all away.

Here is the link to her wisdoms:

This was to be an utterly serious blog focusing on women that have done so incredibly well. Those in the UAE and a woman from Canada who eloquently spoke to the Canadian House of Commons. But it did not turn out that way. I am giddy with my own happiness after a wondrous day and a strange gift. A My Story appeared on Instagram. It is hilariously funny. I did not compose it, had nothing at all to do with it but it is SO me. It was composed by a young Pakistani man who words at tke Rixos Resort. We continued our contact with one another after I left that resort, months ago. He is tremendously talented, making videos with clever special effects that I comment upon. This appeared. To say the very least I am delighted!
Last time I checked it had 96 views and people near and dear to me comment, liking the ‘work of art’.

I hope that it can be replicated on the blog. I sent it to Chris. My wonderful day began quietly as I now breakfast in my room. I went down to see when my long term room rate would expire.
Such a happy story! It is not going to expire – I have it as long as I wish to stay here. Yeah! Yeah! And More Yeah! Discussed this with management.
Me: It makes me so happy. I love staying here.
They: We love having you! You bring such positivity to our hotel. We can tell when you are around because everyone is laughing and happy.
Me: Well I am because this is such a welcoming, stress free place. The staff is great, so courteous and caring. So I am happy, they are happy, It is a win/win situation. And I do not have to make my bed, clean, do any housework. I am treated like Royalty and you do know that everyone calls my Sheikha Fatimah.
They: Yes, Sheikha Fatimah.

Well that is not the name on the credit card that will pay for the room – providing me with frequent flier miles should I ever wish to leave Abu Dhabi. The real question is this. Why in the world would I want to???

I am having a horrible time learning Muslim ‘everyday’ words. I did a screen shot from Instagram and shall provide it to you. Just in case you ever decide to come and visit. Hahahaha

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