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Flashed upon The New York Times, in my morning perusal of my emails. An interesting piece written by the new Weekend editor about the joy of travel and finding new and different situations. It was to me, like preaching to the choir. In case you did not know if you say that someone is preaching to the choir, you mean that they are presenting an argument or opinion to people who already agree with it.

But this caught my eye from the mouth of a five year old on coping.
He: Even if it’s a yucky day, you can get a hug”
Me: Thank you! I shall remember that and pretend I am having a yucky day, therefore getting many hugs.

It is safe to take that course of action here in Abu Dhabi – the vaccination and PCR capital of the world. I am not sure that I would recommend it in New York actually. Or ask for a PCR test and a vaccination record before receiving a hug – even if the person is well meaning.

I am presently having breakfast at Costa Coffee. I was starving, my tuna melt toast and flat white in a china cup quelled my hunger somewhat. The place is deserted except for me and two men. I approached their table;
Me: You are deep in conversation. It must be about business. How boring.
He: No actually we are discussing the Bible.
Me: You are! I can see the Bible on the table. I know about the Bible. I was born a Christian, became an atheist at the age of nineteen – then became a Muslim at the age of 77. But I did study intellectually the Christian faith at Dominican University in San Rafael and also the Buddhist religion. But it is wonderful living here where tolerance of different faiths is encouraged and the Abraham Center is being built – honoring Christians, Jews and Muslims. They can all worship on the same ground but in their own temples of worship

I cannot hear what they are saying but it seems like an interchange of some depth.

This is now the next day. At the conclusion of their conversation the two men came to say goodbye.. One of the men tarried and we spoke of the world of work. Particularly those men who meet in coffee shops and public places scamming one another – selling each other get rich quick with no effort at all schemes. We both laughed at the folly of it all. I earned my money being a lawyer, he was employed in the cargo department of an airline. He said there was a verse in the Bible that addressed that very subject and gave me the citation. Of course I googled it. “In sending out the Twelve, Jesus said to them, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16, KJV). The NIV says, “shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”

This was explained more thoroughly. “When Jesus told the Twelve to be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves, He laid down a general principle about the technique of kingdom work. As we take the gospel to a hostile world, we must be wise (avoiding the snares set for us), and we must be innocent (serving the Lord blamelessly). Jesus was not suggesting that we stoop to deception but that we should model some of the serpent’s famous shrewdness in a positive way. Wisdom does not equal dishonesty, and innocence does not equal gullibility.”

And then there is more. “In Matthew 10:16, Jesus taught us how to optimize our gospel-spreading opportunities. Successful Christian living requires that we strike the optimal balance between the dove and the serpent. We should strive to be gentle without being pushovers, and we must be sacrificial without being taken advantage of. We are aware of the unscrupulous tactics used by the enemy, but we take the high road. Peter admonishes us, “Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us” (1 Peter 2:12).”

Is that not fascinating? Need I remind you Gentle Readers, that Jesus is one of the Prophets in the Islamic faith. The one that came before the last Prophet Mohammed. Therefore his sayings are incorporated into the Islamic faith. My life is so interesting! Go get breakfast at Costa’s in my humble hotel and increase my knowledge just because I talk to everyone.

And all you have to do is read this in the comfort of your home or on your phone when you are otherwise bored.

Good news from The National UAE reports that the number of new cases reported is the lowest since Christmas Day. This is fantastic news. The Omnivirus and the tourists arriving at Christmas caused a huge surge but it is under control over all the UAE, which includes Dubai that city state has been rather sloppy, compared to Abu Dhabi in their controls and restrictions. The new cases in Abu Dhabi must be minuscule which means tiny, minute, microscopic, nanoscopic, very small, little, micro, microscale, diminutive, miniature, baby, toy, midget, dwarf, pygmy, Lilliputian, infinitesimal; wee; teeny, teeny-weeny, teensy, teensy-weensy, weeny, itsy-bitsy, itty-bitty, eensy, eensy-weensy. So here in Abu Dhabi the numbers are teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsey, teeny, and nanoscopic. Even perhaps pygmy and Lilliputian. I am blessed to be here and in the safest place in the entire world, this hotel. Guests who arrive at the Abu Dhabi Airport are tested, guests who leave from the Abu Dhabi Airport you must be tested. The hotel is populated by individuals who perform the testing on the airline passengers.

So not only that but the hotel rates are most inexpensive. The weather here has been atrociously bad. Yesterday a warning at the St. Regis that ten foot waves would be arriving yet again. I could have been staying there – no beach access, the outdoor restaurants and pools and facilities are unlivable. Instead I am here. There is no wave action at pool and jacuzzi here because it is on the roof. I joined the St. Regis Athletic Club so I have the use of all of the facilities there but, of course, at a fraction of the cost. I had my first personal training consultation with the manager Lena. She is fantastic and we are devising a program to get me back in shape. The only worthwhile thing I left behind in California was the water aerobic classes at the Marin Jewish Community Center. My fitness program has been neglected – not any more. Another appointment with Lena on Wednesday, so looking forward to it.

But onward to today which is apparently Monday. It was off to the Apple Store for a class or two which ended up with an appointment at the Genius Bar because I was stupid and my Emeritus phone could not be made to work. Now it does due to some fantastic help, erasing everything and reloading the must recent programs. After that two hour long experience it was time for lunch. SAD and I decided upon P.F. Chang’s – so interesting as there was a branch of that restaurant in the Town Center in Corte Madera, California where I lived. The food was absolutely delicious – I ordered too much food so they wrapped up the Kung Pot Chicken and the Mongolian Beef so that we could take it with us. Such a fabulous experience. Our waiter was so very helpful, considerate , polite and attentive. The photographs are of the restaurant. A picture on the wall and also a photograph of the waiter and me in front of the picture.

Before the apple class it was coffee at the Yas Mall Caffe Nero, our favorite coffee place. The staff knew I was going to an Apple class so my flat white has its foam in the shape of an apple. As anyone can see I am the most pampered spoiled woman in the world. I am being treated like Royalty – well I am Sheikha Fatimah. Hahahaha

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