Instagram News of a Drone Counter Attack; Confirmed by The National. Link to Article Provided; Visit to the Grand Mosque by Isreali President; Good News for UAE Workers; Alexis Declared a Dangerous Woman; Photos of the Versailles Exhibit

Yesterday morning awoke, opened Instagram had received news that the Yemeni folks were at it again – sent another drone, but not only was it intercepted but the UAE blew up the launching pad from whence it came. Accompanying the brief description was the explosion – confirming that indeed it had taken place. Now I do admit that is a strange way to get the news, on Instagram. I went about my day, mentioning the incident to SAD but not perseverating any longer about it. Perseverate is one of my favorite words. It means to repeat or prolong an action, thought, or utterance after the stimulus that prompted it has ceased. In simpler terms it means to fuss, to worry about something needlessly when there is to a thing you can do about it. Fuss is perhaps a better word: show unnecessary or excessive concern about something. This concept shall be discussed later, with the useful addition of synonyms.

This morning awoke, and decided to check this out. Ever reliable The National had this report.
“A ballistic missile launched at the UAE by Yemen’s Houthi militia was intercepted and destroyed in the early hours of Monday, the Ministry of Defence said.Air defences took down the projectile at 12.20am as it flew towards the Emirates.There were no casualties and the fragments of the ballistic missile fell in different unpopulated areas, Wam reported”

Then later in the article news of the strike appeared. “A subsequent strike on a target in Al Jawf province, outside Houthi-controlled Sanaa, destroyed a missile platform and the launch site, the ministry said in a tweet.” Then a calm and reassuring statement from Dr. Anwar Gargash, the Diplomatic Advisor. “The UAE defence forces and the Coalition Comman succeeded in destroying the missile launcher in Yemen after identifying locations of the sites.” The ministry reiterated its ‘full readiness to death with any threats” Adding it would “take all necessary measures to protect the UAE from any attacks”. Officials called on the public to only follow news from official sources.”

The USA went on to make a salient statement about the timing of it all. The US denounced the attempted attack on Monday.”We condemn the latest Houthi missile attack on Abu Dhabi,” said Ned Price, spokesman for the US Department of State.”While Israel’s president is visiting the UAE to build bridges and promote stability across the region, the Houthis continue to launch attacks that threaten civilians,” he said.”

Here is the link to the National article, a reliable news source.

There was also news in the National of the Isreali President’s visit to the Grand Mosque. That was also shown on Instagram and I commented upon that platform, speaking of my transformative visit to the mosque on October 20,2021 – the one year anniversary of my conversion to the Islamic faith.

So there was absolutely no need for me to fuss yesterday. The UAE knows what it is doing and I am indeed blessed, being at the right place and at the right time. By the way, here are some synonyms for fuss: agitation, uproar, to-do, stir, commotion, confusion, disturbance, tumult, hubbub, rigmarole, folderol, brouhaha, furor, much ado about nothing; upset, worry, bother, row; fluster, flurry, bustle; storm in a teacup; palaver, hoo-ha, ballyhoo, flap, tizzy, stew, song and dance, performance, pantomime; carry-on, kerfuffle; fuss and feathers. I communicate with a USA acquaintance who kerfuffles, fuss and feathers, brouhahas and makes much ado about nothing constantly.
She: Do people in Abu Dhabi feel safe with the attacks.? It is awful, were you hurt?
Me: Everyone here feels perfectly safe and no one even speaks about it. Life here has not been affected at all.

Worrying does absolutely no good at all. That is incorporated into the Islamic faith, trust in Allah is a major maxim. It is very difficult to learn in the beginning, but as I grow more in the faith it has become so much easier, it is a blessing. More about that later.

There was also other heartening news from The National. For me, most uplifting. Prior blogs spoke of the somewhat inhumane working conditions of some of the dedicated workers and staff in the UAE. Although the inhumanity came from their employers, and not the government of the UAE, they had few protections. You can imagine my delight when I read this article. Protections are being offered to workers in a meaningful way. I know a man who worked for the St. Regis Hotel – when he asked for a time off after working for three weeks, grueling hours, a highly responsible position – he was told that he was not getting one and if he insisted he could just quit. He could not, of course, as his visa would be revoked. But now there Is good news.
New laws are set to shake up the private sector work landscape in the UAE from Wednesday — and recruiters say they will give more security and stability to jobseekers in the Emirates.
“The amended labour laws, which were first outlined by the government in November 2021, provide options that were not available before and strengthen employees’ rights.
One of the major changes under the new rules is that people will be able to live in the country for up to six months after leaving a job

A recruiter spoke of other issues confronting the employee and the work environment. “In her years as a recruiter, Ms Vine said she has come across people who have “accepted jobs out of desperation”, only to have a visa, which buys them time to find their ideal job.
She said this short-term employment is financially detrimental to the employer and creates an unstable work environment. ”

Yesterday was an interesting day. I joined the St. Regis Athletic Club – fancy name for a fancy gym. More about that later when I begin my regime. Then it was off to the Louvre where I met an interesting woman, from India who has been living in Abu Dhabi for twelve years. Then my first return visit to Versailles and the World. Made a reel which was placed on Instagram. Then, of course, to lunch at the French Restaurant. N the way to the restaurant stopped to talk to two rather handsome Arab men. We laughed, told them of some of my exploits,. One of them, an older man had a sense of humor.
He: You are a dangerous woman.
Me: Well actually I am and I will tell you why. It has something to do with endorphins But are you not afraid of me.
He: I never gave you my name, I am safe.
Me: Perhaps.

Saw him later just outside of the loo. He was talking on his phone – a very heated conversation. I did not hang around waiting for him to finish his conversation, my driver was waiting for me.

Attached are some photographs from the exhibit. The reel can be viewed on Instagram.

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