Good News About the Ukraine and Russia Brought About By NATO; Russia’s Population Declines; A Solution Suggested; I do NOT Think So to the USA and Russia; Some News From Marin; Off to the Louvre Yet Again; Dragon and Phoenix Exhibit and Book; Two Photographs

Woke to good news yesterday morning from The National which is now my go to place for news ot the world. It is published in Abu Dhabi, an English on line newsletter. NATO is saying to Russia – do not do it, it will make matters far worse for you and we do not feel sorry for you Putin. To quote the National “ But Mr Stoltenberg said Russia’s problems were self-inflicted because of its 2014 annexation of Crimea and continued fears that it plans to invade Ukraine.“If Russia wants less Nato at its borders, they have actually achieved exactly the opposite,” Mr Stoltenberg told the Atlantic Council think tank. “And if they use force again against Ukraine, they will achieve even more Nato at their borders.”

So that is one less thing for me and the world to worry about. However, those worriers will keep on worrying. The good news went on. Amid a build-up of more than 100,000 Russian troops on Ukraine’s eastern flank, Mr Stoltenberg said Nato was on alert for various forms of aggression – from sabotage efforts or support for a coup to an all-out invasion .He said the build-up was continuing with heavy armour, aircraft and missiles potentially available to attack Ukraine, while Russian troops simultaneously make manoeuvres in Belarus, an ally of Moscow.” I do SO love it when bullies get out bullied, in other words NATO is saying:
They: I do NOT think so Russia. It ain’t working.

I do so love my ability to put important governmental matters in every day terms. NATO should hire me. My in my abaya and head scarf, with my hand on my hip saying:
Me: I do NOT think so Russia. Mr. Putin, your wife is missing you. Please go home!

Well, she might not be but it sounds good. He is probably not at the borders of Ukraine but instead home with her. Oh well!!
She: I never said that Vladimir I do not miss you at all. How can I miss you when you won’t go away.

But diplomatic actions are also being considered. But Nato allies “are, at the same time, pursuing the diplomatic track, because the best solution would be to prevent any intervention into Ukraine”, Mr Stoltenberg said. Moscow insists it has no plans to invade, and said on Friday that it was open to further talks with the US on Russian proposals to limit Nato expansion.

The USA is chiming in with some nonsense trying to pretend it is the leader of the Western world.
Me: I do NOT think so USA. You are not the leader of anything much less yourself.
They: How can you say that? You are an American citizen.
Me: Yes I am. But in case you haven’t noticed I do not live there now. I live in safety in Abu Dhabi with a strong and moral leader and not a Republican in sight.

Putin should be home making babies. This too from The National.” Russia’s population declined by more than one million people in 2021, the statistics agency Rosstat reported on Friday, a historic drop not seen since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Continued demographic woes have been exacerbated by the pandemic, with Rosstat figures showing more than 660,000 people had died due to coronavirus since health officials recorded the first case in the country.The new figures continue a downwards trend from the previous year when Russia’s population fell by more than half a million.

Follow the links and read the entire story yourself. You can read the pathetic USA comments by reading the entire article at The other article about the declining population may be found at:

There was good news from ‘home’ which is Marin County, California. The long and embattled plan to rebuild the Best Western Inn in Corte Madera has been approved by the Planning Commission. After a nearly four-hour hearing Tuesday, the commission voted unanimously to send the project plans to the Town Council for a final decision. The commission’s recommendation comes with a few minor requests on the design, such as more toned down colors and patterns. Reneson Hotels, which owns the site at 56 Madera Blvd., first proposed its plans in 2014.“I think the quality of the application reflects what we’ve been able to do here,” commission chair Peter Chase said of the project. “For the Reneson team here, I think it’s really quite an accomplishment.”

Why is that good news? Well, some day when the virus goes away from Marin County (not soon for reasons stated prior in this blog) I shall return – see my doctors, see my dentist and visit NEFF (who lives in Marin but I met her in Abu Dhabi). I am not immediately packing my bags – trust me. It is not going to happen soon. The Recession Hotel is located just up the street from my Primary Care Physician and the loathsome Tam Ridge Apartments. Those Apartments were purchased by yet another entity and the name has been changed. Who knows why, and quite frankly, who cares?

But enough of life in the Ukraine and life in Marin County, California. My life here is so enjoyable, so blessed, so full of kind, supportive Muslims. It was back to the Louvre the day before yesterday. I am definitely getting my money’s worth, using my free admittance countless times and it is still January. This visit was a return The Phoenix and Dragons exhibit which is closing on February 12. More photographs were taken, a reel of the Beastiary posted on Instagram and the book of the exhibit. Dragon and Phoenix: Centuries of Exchange Between China and the Islamic World was purchased. The Dragon is the shared beast between the two cultures, this quote is found in the book. “Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses, only waiting for the day when will see us handsome and brave? Perhaps everything is deep down a helpless thing that needs our help.”

Think on that, it is most liberating. “Everything is a helpless thing that needs our help.” One can address one’s fears with greater resolve and determination with that thought in mind.

One photograph is taken from the book. It is absolutely fascinating. It is a page from the Qur’an dating back to the 17th century. It is entitled Prisoner of the King of China. The other photograph was taken from the lawn of the Louvre at sunset. I was not the photographer. Grandson was – he is not my genetic grandson. He was born and raised in Pakistan but lives and works in Dubai. It is fascinating, it is he that is responsible for my living in Abu Dhabi. Most unlikely – he was hired to drive me from Dubai to Abu Dhabi on my one year anniversary of the entrance into the faith. I first viewed Abu Dhabi, fell in love with this beautiful city and am living here. He and I retain a close relationship although we are not able to see one another frequently. But believe me, there have been some ups and downs. I am a most strict grandmother, but he is most obedient. It is funny and he is SO tall and I am so short. But he does listen and we are most happy with one another.

This blog covered a lot of territory. More on the Louvre later, of course. Focusing on the significant of the two special exhibits. Much of the time last spent in that wonderful Museum was in conversation with the staff. Spoke to a man working for Security within the exhibit for hours it seemed. We both spoke of the joys of living in Abu Dhabi – neither of us were born here.

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