Proof that Alexis McBride Anti-Ages, Such a Talent; Canadian Passport Photo Reveals Another Truth; Facts Surrounding Canadian Passport Revealed: Life Free of Parasitic Dysfunctional People; Alexis Learned Her Lesson; Song of Ruth a Hallmark; Bye Bye Astronaut; Fall From Grace Defined; Photo of Dryburgh Abbey and a Younger Me

Gentle readers, please look to the previous blog, the August 31, 2021 entry. There are official photographs of me, the passport picture taken in 2018, the driver’s license picture taken about five weeks ago and my Jewish Community Center Membership card taken last week. As I sent the photos off to Computer Guru Chris, I remarked.
Me: Look at those pictures! I am anti-aging. What a talent! I should bottle it!
He: (No response but he did post the blog and the photos, so who cares?)

I have more proof. My Canadian passport picture taken in 2016. I. Why a Canadian passport as later as 2016? That is because I became an American citizen in about 1987 and at that time one effectively relinquished one’s Canadian citizenship when you became a citizen of these (not actually) United States. Subsequently Canada changed its tune, one could prove you were born in Canada – citizenship could become yours again. So I gathered everything together and did it. The final step, to obtain a Canadian passport all one had to find a person with a Canadian passport who had known you for at least four years to sign some papers. Well, lo and behold, my first husband Garth McBride was visiting London at the time. We met for coffee, met the Replacement Wife (for the first time), the papers were signed and I was a Canadian again. My Replacement gulped once
He: How many years have I known you?
Me: I do not know, being poor at math. But I was 19 at the time, and I guess you were 20.
He: My goodness. That is a long time isn’t it?
Me: Yes indeed. But fortunately for the both of us, we lived separately for most of those years. I guess about 45 of those years.

He is actually still rather fond of me, which goes to prove that absence makes the heart grow fonder. His wife and his daughter follow me on Instagram. Very strange, but very true.

Why do I look younger than before? It is my energy and because I am happy. At this moment my life is totally devoid of dysfunctional parasitic people. My whole life has been crowded with them. For example, I left Marin for London in 2014. My calendar of the time reveals that the month before leaving I I lunched, partied , supped with at least sixty people from Marin. Yes indeed! Returning to Marin , see not one of those sixty, not one. on December 1, 2021 and see none of them – not one. I am blocks away from former family members, former friends of forty years but because of necessity and the Islamic faith – never see them. The Qur’an advices one not to have family that are not of the faith. It is an ultimate wisdom, as I have recently discovered. For a brief prior considered the Pham family was my family as they told me I was. Always wondered why Allah would give me a Vietnamese family instead of a Muslim one. Well, now I know why, it was to teach me a lesson.
Me: Thank you Allah. I learned my lesson. They were parasites but now they are gone, I will not do that again, Believe me!

So the only way I can have a family is to marry a Muslim man and then his family will be my family. If I do wed, the Song of Ruth shall be played at the Christian ceremony at Dryburgh Abbey. There will not be a dry eye in the place. It is from the Old Testament. To find the most eloquent of the many versions of the song Google it and chose this version. “Wherever You Go” by the Monks of Weston Priory is a song based on The Book of RUTH..The Old Testament, the words Ruth spoke to her mother-in-law Naomi. It is the most romantic of songs, often played at weddings, but this profound and meaningful concept was of a devoted woman to her mother-in-law.

To be very honest, this wedding has been in the planning stages for years. Only the groom changes (to protect the innocent I guess).. The locale never changes. The first version was a spoof – Alexis McTwit was the bride, cannot remember the groom’s fake name but he was Joo Kim Tiah (in real life. I wrote it to recover – it worked. However, received word that I had been hacked, decided it would be best to move on. I was not totally hacked as Computer Guru protected me. Those Tiahs never do get anything totally right which is why bankruptcy has struck. I laughed yesterday while at the Jewish Community Center in the women’s locker room.
Me: I am glad I dumped him. If not he would be living on my retirement income – which is ample for one but not two (particularly with his opulent tastes.)
They: You lead an interesting life!!!
Me: I do indeed. And perhaps you have not seen anything yet. But I love it here and am most happy, jumping up and down to tunes in the warm pool.

But there are other loose ends to be tied up. The astronaut mentioned in the August 5, 2021 blog was revealed, quite quickly, to be a fake, a cat fish. If a guy on Instagram immediately asks you to go on another App – he is fake. Do not know their motivation, and quite frankly in the words of Rhett Butler: “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a whoop.” Who knows why they are evil and empty and frankly who cares?

He was excised immediately, gets blocked and any person with the same specifications are blocked as well. So I did him in. The August 5 blog is rather interesting to read, with many changes. When rereading had the following conversation.
Me: Alexis, you sure can write.
Alter Ego Thanks

I sure can write. If Allah gives you a gift – you are supposed to use it. So I do and get better. Writing schools are ridiculous – just ask me – I have two Master’s degrees (almost) and one certificate in biography from a very prestigious UK school. I only learned by doing – first the book on the Tate and then, after being restored and my creative juices flowing again, began this blog. I have written more than a million words, it is read by people all over the world .

Another loose end, a change from the August 5, 2021 blog is that G.E.M. has fallen from grace. But he did one thing for which great gratitude is afforded. A system was restored and now residents magically receive ordered parcels. I was probably the first to use it – received four head coverings. Two abayas are on the way, such a relief to know that they shall arrive.

What does fall from grace mean? “Experience reduced status or prestige, cease to be held in favor. Used in a sentence: The whole department has fallen from grace and may well be dissolved entirely. This expression originally alluded to losing the favor of God.” Google further explains that fall from grace is a metaphor. “Fall from grace is an idiom that has been in use for hundreds of years. An idiom is a metaphorical figure of speech, and it is understood that it is not a use of literal language.” The August 5,2021 spoke of my feeling of being protected, as being a part of a community. But I emailed G.E.M.
Me: You were not protecting me at all. You were merely disarming me. I am thoroughly capable of protecting myself and it makes me feel good about myself. Besides that, I am a Muslim and Allah protects me. He has done so on several occasions.

But Google has words to G.E.M. It helpfully suggests three methods to deal with the fall from Grace. 1. Confront the facts early on. 2. Make no bones about the truth. 3. Turn the page and pledge to make good on it.(A page means Accountability)

Enough for today, for right now anyway.

My Canadian passport picture and a photo of Dryburgh Abbey will be attached to this blog.

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