Getting Things in Order and Finding Old Love Notes; Command of the Arabic Language by Using My iWatch; Getting Lost in a Big House But Rescued by Then Grandson; Googles and Noodles; Mobile Kangaroo; Photograph of the Latest Unicorn

With AAA’s able help I am getting things in order. It is such a massive relief. In the course of exploring paper work etc, found a love note written in pre -pandemic and pre-Muslim days. It was originally sent as a text but dutifully copied (by me) Wise Man when hearing of its contents said I should frame I might.
Wise Man: He really captured you. You must frame it.
Me: I was so surprised to receive it! He does not know me that well, but he does somehow.

“U are good company btw. I loved our conversations that we had in your bed in-between coming w u. I like where your head is at. I love the way you do not give a f**k about anything and I love embracing your body when your childhood catches up with u in your head and all you need is a man’s chest to cry on. I think I love you.”

On the same wrinkled piece of yellow lined paper there is this: Let the stars and the moon command – I will always love you. “

A certain individual who shall remain unnamed (even if he has a nickname) is constantly asking the same question.
He: When was the last time you had sex.
Me: February of 2020 It was before the pandemic which struck in March of 2020, and of course prior to my Muslim days.
He: How old was he?
Me: 34 as I recall!
He: But you were 76.
Me; Your math skills are excellent.
He: Was he handsome?
Me; Most handsome.

What happened to this man? I do not know. He lived in Marin, at the time, but no idea where he is now and do not care. Would I recognize him with a face mask? Do not know. But it was most unusual finding this. I think he would be more comfortable with me now that I am off limits – so to speak. By off-= limits mean that sex is forbidden with anyone except my husband. Do I regret what happened? The answer is no – it did not hurt anyone and at the time, I did not have any family – no grandchildren – nothing. Well, I did have a bunch of Qatar kids that called/call me Granny but that was it. I do very much enjoy the restrictions the Islamic faith imposes, by the way. Younger men continue to be attracted to me and it is so relaxing to say to them.
Me: I am sorry but it would not be fair to get to know you as I am a Muslim and must marry within the faith. Have had two Muslim men ask me to marry them – yes, two but things are rather difficult during the pandemic as travel is restricted.

Today will be a big day. It is off to my attorney’s office, then to computer repairman and other such rather boring tasks. I have figured out what to wear, that is always the first and hardest step.

Guess what? I can speak Arabic which will come in handy if I go to Qatar. This is how it works. I talk to my iWatch and say to Siri – for example, How do you say: “How are you, in Arabic” Then Siri tells you. Magic, sheer magic. I suppose it is unnecessary as all of the people I know in Qatar speak English but it will be fun anyway. One needs to have something to look forward to and learning a new language and staying in a palace would be quite jolly,I guess. Never stayed in a palace before. One of my former relatives lived in a big house in Ross, California. It was so big that I called out to my then grandson, who was about three at the time.
Me: Come and help Granny! I am lost and cannot find my room,
He: Granny I am coming! I am coming!
At this moment, just as I wrote, remembered that experience. It was SO funny, he was absolutely delightful. We both just laughed and laughed.
He: Granny you are so silly
Me: Yes butI have no sense of direction.
I laugh now. Perhaps if I stay in a palace in Qatar I should take a compass, or perhaps just use my iWatch and Siri.
Me: Siri, please help me find my room!
She: Take the staircase to the left and then turn right.

As everyone knows I do have a vivid sense of imagination and humor.

I had begun this blog yesterday morning and shall ship it off to London and later speak about some of the events of yesterday and the effect of having AAA paint my face like a Qatar flag. Except for one unfortunate incident is was all incredibly positive and the negative response met with a kind and considerate reach-out by the Central Marin Police Department. I had met the officer before, when he rescued me from the man on the motorcycle. He reiterated these words, so important at this stage in my life.
He: We will keep you safe. I shall keep you safe.
Me: Oh thank you! I am so grateful and do believe you and do need that sense of security.

Excellent preliminary events prior to the face paintings. AAA arrived and it was off to the office of my attorney. We got there a little early so went to Big 5 where I purchased two noodles and a pair of goggles. But first this conversation.
Me: I need a pair of Googles.
AAA: Alexis, goggles not googles.
Me: You are so right!

Laughed with staff and, of course, told them about my blog. Then to the attorney to sign the necessary papers which will change the beneficiaries of my trust. He is the absolutely greatest guy and did some catch up. His eldest daughter is now in law school – I remember when she was born and took many, many black and white pictures of her. He is very busy at the moment but left him the evidence to be used in a subsequent legal action. There is time – the statute of limitations is a year. It pays to be a retired lawyer, one can remember those silly things. Then did an Instagram video. Next it was off to Macy’s to buy sheets and other things that could not be rejected. A new bathing suit and also a unicorn which shall be pictured. It is on my patio. I have loved unicorns ever since members of the Royal Family gave me one on New Year’s Eve 2019. It was HUGE, inflated but My Princess poked it and all of the air went out of it. I brought it home in my luggage but a man, whom I now regard as Evil, took it to be inflated and then lost it.
Me: Please return my unicorn to me, it is precious.
He: Oh I forgot it.
Months later he finally admitted that he had lost it. I guess that was the first sign that he was evil – took me months and months and months to realize it.

The next stop was Mobile Kangaroo – dropped off my old MacBook Air for a new battery and repair. It shall then be given to AAA’s brother whose nickname is PA – Prince Andrew. He is most happy as he needs a computer. Who does not???

Then to McGuiness Clubhouse in San Rafael for an excellent lunch. I had a vegetarian pizza, AAA pasta. Then homeward where the face was painted.

The pool has finally opened after weeks and weeks of closure. And I have my noodles. PA is going to give me swimming lessons so one day I will not need the noodle any more. PHEW!!

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