The Strange and Wonderful Experience of Having One’s Face Painted as the Flag of Qatar, Illustrated and Explained; Many, Many Responses; AAA is So Talented; Memories of a Canadian Face Painting; Photographs of Both

How did this come about one might wonder. Well, it goes like this. AAA and I were chatting one day and I recalled the events of July 1, 2017 when I painted my own face to celebrate Canada Day and my return to the land of my birth. It was a stunning experience – accompanied by a photographer friend we went to Canada Place where there were huge festivities. Not honoring me, unfortunately, but the birth of Canada 150 years ago. In the span of a morning I was hugged (and often photographed) by eight-five people. This was the dialogue.
Me: I have come home to Canada after an absence of fifty years.
They: Welcome Home. Welcome Back!

Some photographs of that memorable day will be included in this blog.

Some touching moments, did a selfie and sent it to Joo Kim Tiah, the former multibillionaire who formerly owned the Trump International Hotel and Tower – I was the first long term guest there (believe that or not)
Me: I painted my face like the Canadian flag, look at me.
He: How patriotic.
He was born in Malaysia, where he now lives, I think. But I was born in Canada, coming here legally in 1967.

I reminded my cousin of this event via email and we had the following conversation.
Me: No, do not paint your face like the flag of Qatar, the response is too overwhelming
She: I am not really into face painting, you know that.
Me: Remember I did the Canadian flag on July 1, 2017 and 85 people hugged me and said welcome back.
She: Yes, that is true.
Me: But I am back here and US flag too difficult. Got three invites to Qatar all palaces, I think
She: You are right- imagine trying to paint all those stars and stripes.
Me: It would take an entire year!
Us: Many LOLs

Well, back to now, the conversation with AAA.
Me: It might be fun to paint my face like the flag of Qatar, It would not be that difficult.
She: That would be fun! I will go to Target and pick up some face paint one day.

AAA did, the very next day, all on her own. So we came home from our chores – I sat down and she figured out exactly how to do it. I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was the flag of Qatar. Walked her to her car, stopped by the leasing office which was a real mistake (as you shall learn in another blog) but then walked to my apartment, noting that the swimming pool was finally, finally open. A mother and her two children, from Australia originally, were swimming and we laughed about my face. Everyone admired it! Met two couples who were dining by the pool. Such nice people live at this complex. They were here as one of the women had leukemia and was here for treatment at USF. They laughed at my silliness and we talked about seeing one another again as they live just around the corner.

Then back to the apartment sending selfies to friends, posting on Instagram, doing a video on Instagram and having a fine time. I did get many, many responses but this was the one that was the most electrifying. It came from a woman whose last name is Al Thani (the last name of the Royal Family of Qatar).
She: Awesome
Me: Your country is awesome.
She: All the love from Qatar.
Me: I am honored to receive your love.

Of course I had to text AAA and tell her of the enormous response.
Me: A woman from Qatar send me love from Qatar and said that it was awesome. It is all your work.
Me: Oh my goshhhhh

Some comments from Kim, her aunt.
Me: Me as the flag of Qatar
She: Wow
Me: Yeah powerful.
She: My King Powerful
Me: You are making me laugh so hard.
She: Already laughing that early dear?.
Me: Yes, I am an early and often laugher. Hahahaha

This from my friend Adaya who now lives in Hawaii, she was my Personal Trainer in Vancouver. So I sent her a copy of my face.
She: Startled looking emojis.
Me: Funny, you are. The response has been so strange.
She: Clapping emoji.
Me: A woman from the Ruling Family sent all the love from Qatar. Yeah??? But most of them have not met me. Hahahaha
She: For sure!, no surprise there, of course they will love you.
Me: Thank you. I guess so. If I go there I want a parade . Hahahaha
Me: They do a great parade. You should see them. I will have to bring AAA to do the face painting. Imagine the cheers. I am sitting at home practicing my royal wave,
She: LOL

There were more and wonderful responses. Since it was so much fun I slept with my face paint on. Sent an email to a concerned friend.
Me: Having a weird day as usual as today and most days. My face is getting itchy. Did not wash it off last night.
She: oh oh maybe you got a reaction from the paint. Wash it off with soap
Me: No, it is ok I think I should have washed it off immediately I guess. I will wash it off now, thank you Mother. Hahaha
She: If it is still itching let me know and I will bring cortisone cream. It will help the itching.
Me: How sweet. I think I have some though.
She: Good.
Me: Face paint washed off with soap. My face can breathe again. Now a bath with bubbles and my rubber duckie.
She: And the clothes moths.
Me: No more clothes moths thanks to you.

Then more emails after the bath.
She: How is your face? Is it still itching?
Me: No thank goodness. It just could not breathe.

Is it not amazing, what a little face paint can do??? There was a negative response which shall be examined later. A vile email from the Manager Brian Klaben, which shall be relayed in all its glory, along with my response. He must have called the Central Marin Police Department to say that people were complaining about my painted face. No one could have been, by the way. That is what he always does – hide behind anonymous ‘people’. The police officer was so understanding, portions of our conversation in yesterday’s blog. But this is what I said:
He: So there were complaints about your painted face????
Me: How could there be? It would be different if I painted my face black or like a swastika but this is the flag of a great and honorable country who helps other nations in need and whose Emir attempts to bring peace to the Middle East and educate Qatar’s youth and does so many honorable things. I am proud to be wearing the flag on my face, I suppose that is why I did it.
He: I agree with you!!!

Oh so many positive responses and laughter and joy – and one negative response. Not bad! Would I do it again? Of course, and there is a lot of face paint left. I once briefly considered painting my face like the UAE flag (during my Dubai days) but have you ever seen that flag? Did ask for a change of flag but did not get it. Honest!!!

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