Unbelievable, Yet Again; A Canadian School in Qatar; Apparently I am High-End; Alexis not Alexia; Great Lunch at Vietnamese Restaurant; A Hug Fondly Remembered; Back on Instagram as AlexisMcTwit; Men Never Too Young to Marry But Too Old; Photos of Alexis McBride, Laughing and Hugging

Texted My Prince (or perhaps spoke to him) but this was the conversation.
Me: The Emir said in a Georgetown interview that the schools were conducted in Arabic.
He: No, both. I go to a school where both are taught. I got a 95% in my English essay.
Me: I am SO proud of you!! What is the name of your school.
He: British Columbia School
Me: Really??? I was born in Canada you know.
He: Yes Granny I know.
Me: And I lived in British Columbia from 2017-2019.

Now, to me, that is most unbelievable. My Qatar Prince, met in a London Hotel goes to a Canadian school located in Qatar. I spoke to New MM today – NMM stands for New Maintenance Man by the way. Thank goodness MM has some assistance, at last.
He: Where did you meet members of the Royal Family of Qatar., in a restaurant.
Me: No in a hotel in London. It was just a regular hotel – I am not sure why they were staying there.
He: Well it had to be a high-end hotel because you are so high-end.
Me: I love you already! Thank you.

Then this was another conversation that took place at Bocca Restaurant in the Village in Corte Madera. The waiter was an incredibly handsome man – one could tell, even with the mask.
Me: Did you know that I am famous?
He: No I did not! What is your name?
Me: Alexis
He: Oh I know that. Alexia, turn on the lights, Alexia turn on the television.
Me: Oh my goodness!!! You are not only very handsome but you are also funny. What a bargain! It is too bad that I am a Muslim.
He: Why?
Me: Well I have to be married to a man before I can have a relationship with him. And he has to be a Muslim.
He: Well, I could convert.
Me: Hmmmmm

Then this highly unusual situation. AAA and I were at Town Center doing chores. I said these words to her.
Me: Let’s go have lunch. There is a fantastic Vietnamese Restaurant here at Town Center.
She: Great idea! I am rather hungry.
Me: Oh my goodness! I just realized that you are Vietnamese. Well, I knew it al along of course, but…So I will be eating at a Vietnamese Restaurant with a Vietnamese young woman.
She: Yes, Alexis

But that was not the only unusual conversation. It was only my second visit to the restaurant, the first being about three months ago. The waitress spoke to me when we were leaving.
She: You have a new hairdo – I like this one better.
Me: OMG! I cannot believe that you remembered me after all this time!!! Thank you very much!
Kim is my hair stylist – she works just up Tamal Vista Boulevard. She is fantastic and funny and takes pictures of me.

I will attach one to this blog. It is me laughing hysterically.
She: Relax Alexis
Me: How can I relax – I have so much going on in my life. So very, very much. You make me laugh.
She: I took your picture while you were laughing, you look relaxed.
Me: You are SO sneaky.

There is more. I decided to get back on Instagram and was able to do so thanks to AAA. She got me a new password – had forgotten the old one. I did a video at the restaurant and AAA helped me post it. I forgot how to do it as it had been a long time. I guess not actually off Instagram but had not visited or posted for over a year. I decided it took up too much time, or something. So after over a year – there I am with the caption – I Am Back. I texted AAA
Me: You will not believe this!!! I have 100 views and hearing from so many old friends who were so glad I was back. It is unbelievable.
She: It is!
Me: But could not have done it without you!

This was a conversation with a man who responded with a heart.
Me: You hugged me in an elevator. So precious! I needed it. Fine now.
He: Alexis, Hope all is well in your world. Congrats on the move to California. A little hug goes a long way. The recent pandemic has made a little human contact even more precious. Wishing you only the best.
Me: It is so fantastic hearing from you! I will always remember that hug. I had just blogged about an attempt on my life and was exhausted. Attempt in SF in August of 2019. I have had both vaccines so I can hug again! And you were most handsome as I recall.

The hug took place in the London hotel where I subsequently met the Crown Prince of Dubai and then later, many many members of the Royal Family of Qatar. Yes it is very true! Speak of how moving to London totally changed my life. It did. Oh, by the way – probably no chance of a hug as he lives in Manchester, as I recall.

What a strange life I led and am leading! I also Instagrammed a picture of a little boy giving me a hug. Flower Girl’s Wife (obviously a nickname) responded. Had not heard from her since I got off Instagram.
She: He is a bit young to marry but lovely to have a cuddle!
Me: No man is too young to marry but many are too old to marry. My latest proposal? Age 18. Honest!!! And if I tell you who it is – you will faint.

So that is me! Other funny conversations on Instagram. Oh (by the way) I am alexismctwit on Instagram – I cannot remember why as that is clearly not my name. Hahaha
Flower Girl’s Wife had sent me a picture of her in front of my favorite pub. She does not know of my recent conversion to the Islamic faith. She will faint when she hears that, and will be most disappointed! Well I could still go in a pub and drink ginger beer or something.
More conversations with her.
She: Nice to see you back x hope you are doing well. xx
Me: I am!!! Both jabs so healthy. Two blocks from my MD who loves me. You must come and visit. Complex has huge tree with a pool, palm trees and a jacuzzi, Honest! Please tell Flower Girl to bring his bathing suit. Nude bathing with his body is not allowed! Hahahaha My love to your entire family!!!

I met Flower Girl and Flower Girl’s Wife in Iceland and told AAA the story over lunch. It is VERY funny. Too tired to tell it now to you folks.

So needless to say I am happy, happy, happy. And I bring joy to others – it is a gift and if you have a gift you are supposed to use it.- that is the Muslim way.

So two pictures – me laughing and me being hugged.

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