You Were There; A Most Exceptional Day: The Wonders and Joy of Having an AAA; Purchases at the Apple Store; Saying Something Silly (Again); The Emir of Qatar’s Wisdom Contrasted to the Daring Exploits of the Crown Prince of Dubai; Comedy from the New Yorker, A Catoon and Andy

I do remember this very old television program, the name of which escapes me at the moment. It began with this announcement: “This was a day like all days, filled with the events that alter and illuminate our times, and you were there.” Then, I guess they showed events of the day. Will try to Google. It worked!! It worked!! Here it is: Every show would end with the same, soon-to-be-familiar refrain from Cronkite: “What kind of a day was it? A day like all days, filled with those events that alter and illuminate our times. And you were there.” There is even more on Wikipedia: “You Are There is a 1947-1957 American historical educational television and radio series broadcast over the CBS Radio and CBS Television networks. Wikipedia provided more details. “The radio program made a transition to television in 1953, with Walter Cronkite as the regular host. Reporters included veteran radio announcers Dick Joy and Harlow Wilcox. The first telecast took place on February 1, 1953, and featured a re-enactment of the Hindenburg disaster. The final telecast took place on October 13, 1957. Then even more treasures: My first reaction was utter amazement – how colud that pop into my head now, (when I am almost 78) when I must have watched the program when I was younger than ten. But more reading revealed this.” From 2000 to 2005, Cronkite presented a series of essays for National Public Radio, reflecting on various key events of his life, including his involvement in You Are There in the 1950s.
Notable guest stars

John Cassavetes as Plato in “The Death of Socrates”
James Dean as Robert Ford in “The Capture of Jesse James”
Vivi Janiss as Mrs. Gilchrist in “Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941)”
Paul Newman as Marcus Brutus in “The Assassination of Julius Caesar” and as Nathan Hale in “The Fate of Nathan Hale”
Jeanette Nolan as Sarah Bernhardt in “The Final Performance of Sarah Bernhardt”
Kim Stanley as Cleopatra in “The Death of Cleopatra”
Rod Steiger as Richard Burbage in “The First Command Performance of Romeo and Juliet”
Beatrice Straight as Anne Boleyn in “The Crisis of Anne Boleyn”
Joanne Woodward in “The Oklahoma Land Rush”

Perhaps this was the situs of my memory, as late as 2000-2005? But it does not seem so somehow. What a great age I live in – the absolute magic of achievable information and a positive personality that allows me to see the best in things and the absolute gift of curiosity.

The reason why this was a day that altered and illuminates our (on in this case my time )is that it was my first day with AAA. AAA is, of course, a nickname and stands for Awesome Administrative Assistant and that is what she is. I have been in dire need of an administrative assistantΩwho had computer skills and was fun to be around. I can get SO frustrated with the intrinsities of this rather new fangled machine upon which I am totally reliant. This lack of knowledge interferes with my concentration and search for the truth. Well, not only is my 17 year old AAA knowledgable about computers but she also has a car and can drive, is adept at make up application (should we ever get out of face masks). So we had a couple of hours together and accomplished SO much. Mundane tasks like picking up and taking in clothes to the Corte Madera Dry Cleaners, getting forms printed at UPS and a short stop and Safeway but, and this is the best part – going to the Apple Store in the Village and purchasing a new computer. Yes indeed, it is true. Did not think I could manage that one but did so. It is gold, goodness knows colour is the most important factor to consider. The newbie is not in use at the present time as the Apple Store does not provide the transfer from the old device – one must call and get a far away person to talk you down – but it will happen at some point – with the assistance of AAA. She is a full time student so she will be far from full time but so needed. There was a long list of things to be accomplished and we accomplished each and every one. Did not think the purchase of a computer possible but it was and it now sits in my living room.
While at the Apple store purchased a new watch band for my iWatch – needed to pick out a size and the really great staff person was being helpful but did not seem to understand that his suggestion was to tight. Honest to goodness, I said this.
Me: I want my men and my watch bands to be loose.
He: I cannot believe you said that.
Me: I cannot either! I have no filter, just say what pops into my mind.
So the helpful employee laughed, AAA laughed, I laughed and another Apple employee, walking by at the time laughed. Now actually that is not the truth, not these days anyway as I am a Muslim woman and have no desire whatsoever for a loose man – but it was funny.

So with someone reliable and knowledgeable to help me I am most content. What is content? It is a state of peaceful happiness. The synonyms for contentment are: contentedness, satisfaction, fulfilment; happiness, pleasure, cheerfulness, gladness, gratification; ease, comfort, restfulness, well-being, peace, equanimity, serenity, tranquillity, placidity, placidness, repletion, complacency. I have a sense of well-being, peace and equanimity for many, many reasons. AAA and I conversed as we drove about.
Me: I have such a great life, especially with you around to help me.
She: You do! You do not have to worry about money, you are well-liked and you have a blog.
Me: Yes, who could ask for anything more?.

But onto more mundane matters from the witty Andy Borowtz. Issuing a bold new prediction, QAnon followers declared that Donald J. Trump would return on April 4th as the Easter Bunny.According to the theory, which has been spreading like wildfire on the Internet, on Easter Sunday, Trump will hop over the White House fence and begin hiding brightly colored eggs on the South Lawn. And yet again, I just love how this ends up. At the Capitol, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene confirmed that Trump’s reappearance as the Easter Bunny was “a real thing.”“Donald Trump is the Easter Bunny,” she said. “Joe Biden is not the Easter Bunny.”When asked what would happen if Trump did not return on Easter as scheduled, Greene revealed that QAnon followers would shift their focus to Arbor Day, when many believe that Trump will return as a Norway spruce.”

Now onto another matter, I was sitting home alone with my computer and somehow he Emir of Qatar was ‘there’ Well, on YouTube, speaking at the United Nations and again at Georgetown University., three or four years ago. His UN address spoke of the need for peace in all regions of the world, including Syria. His Georgetown presentation spoke of terrorism, speaking of examining the root cause which in his learned opinion was a feeling of hopelessness felt by the youth, focusing particularly in Syria. Then, uncannily the BBC featured a report on Syria at almost the same time. The report er spoke of current conditions – that illiteracy now abounds even though, before the war, it was a well-educated country. The expert spoke of the drift toward terrorist groups as lacking education and a future the youth gravitate to terrorism. The Emir’s words were prophetically true – education is is a value esteemed and encouraged during his rule. Statistics illustrate that Qatar women are better educated than Qatar men (two more years of post graduate studies). One of his daughters attends The University of Qatar – I know that from private texts with her. I met her in London over a year ago. The Emir has many children, probably more than one of his offspring attend Uni. Classes are taught in Arabic, according to the Emir – to promote the language.

The other ‘occurrence’ very strange, in an opposite way. . Went to get my mail and found my New Yorker – opening it to the cartoon that is pictured. Extremely faithful readers will know that I was once quite enamoured with the Sultan (aka the Crown Prince of Dubai). It seems light years away, the feelings were not based on reality although I did meet him, actually at the same hotel where I later met the children (and a wife) of the Emir. The Crown Prince is known for constant, daring, and rather wreckless exploits – jumping from planes, zip cord riding, deep sea diving. The cartoon made me laugh, as it will you (I think). The Emir (whom I have not met) and the Sultan are practically the same age. Cannot think of two people more different – only thing they have in common is their Royalty they are Muslim and both sort of know me. Hahahaha. To be clear I have not met the Emir (well, not yet anyway). Hahahaha

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