A Most Unusual Self-Imposed Day: Fasting in the Muslim Tradition from Sunrise to Sunset; Book Purchases Made From Sale Table; Altogether Different; The Adventure Continues; Call From Qatar Brings Discombobulation; Eclectic Defined; No Sex But Hugs Allowed During Ramadan; Photos of Purchased Books

This is one of the strangest days of my life – and that is saying something! Very recently found out that Muslims should fast one day a week – my instruction in the faith is a bit faulty – much has been written (and read by me), the Qur’an and many books and an enormous collection of YouTubes and other truths from the Internet. But it is the nifty-gritty details, conveyed orally that is lacking in my vocabulary. I spoke to PDIHS about this the other day, asking him questions.

Me: Your father is a little short on some details.

He: Please ask me the questions and I will try to answer them.
So that was done. Today I fasted in the Muslim fashion, will analyze in greater fashion as it sets in but it does have a rather profound psychological effect (on me anyway). Slowly as the day progressed became more peaceful. Was not hard on myself as I can be sometimes. Did not have a great deal of energy as there was no fuel (food) adding to the fire. Became more contemplative in a relaxed manner – thinking of prior evens, people in my life, and waxing rather philosophically about many matters. One becomes conscious of time as one counts the hours until sunset – when I can eat. Do not really think about food as that seems a pit self destructive but did, on an outing, purchase the Little Jewish Book of Sweets (which will be pictured). Did sort of leaf through it – fantastic recipes. It did seem a rather unusual book as the Jews and the Muslims do not exactly have a long history of getting along with each other. There have been times – Jews were treated far better, in times of old and young, in Muslim countries, bad things happen to Jews in Christian countries – look at Germany for example during WWII and the Spanish Inquisition. There are no dietary restrictions pertaining to sweets so the book, on sale at Book Passage, for a mere $7.95 shall be useful. My Muslim family enjoys sweets to the fullest and that can be my contribution to meals (when all of the effects of the lock down are removed.)

The outing was a trip to Altogether Different – honest to goodness that is the name of the place where Kim, my hair stylist works. I just noticed the name of the place and does that not just describe me? I was giving her my ‘old’ iWatch band as she liked the colour. But I did need to speak to someone ‘normal’ to explain a strange situation. A few minutes after completing the blog of yesterday my phone rang. The blog ended speaking of the Emir of Qatar – the telephone call was from Qatar – but not from him. A voice at the other end said:” I miss you, I miss you” But then got rather playful.

Voice: Nobody in Qatar loves you! No one loves you.

Me: (laughingly) They do too, lots of people love me.

Voice: You are crazy!

Me: I am not! We have discussed this matter in the past. I told you that I was not and could provide a psychiatrist statement. I said that you thought I was crazy because I was different than anyone you had ever met. Your response was sweet: “Yes, you are right!”

But it is very strange and rather discombobulating, which is a verb meaning disconcert or confuse (someone): There were no synonyms listed. I did text Wise Man about the recent events in my life.
He: The adventure continues!!!!!

Sometimes I do text him – to report in as no appointments for over a month.

The other on sale book purchased was The Odyssey by Homer, I guess it can be said that I have rather eclectic tastes. Great synonyms for eclectic: wide-ranging, wide, broad, broad-ranging, broad-based, extensive, comprehensive, encyclopedic, general, universal, varied, diverse, diversified, catholic, liberal, cross-disciplinary, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, all-embracing, non-exclusive, inclusive, indiscriminate, many-sided, multifaceted, multifarious, heterogeneous, miscellaneous, assorted. Antonym is narrow. So that is me: broad-based, diverse, interdisciplinary, multifarious and many-sided. Multifarious has to be my favourite.

Another project of the day was some flower arranging. AAA and I purchased flowers at Safeway on our shopping spree and these were crying for arrangement. So I arranged to arrange. (Hahahaha). As of this moment there are only twenty-five minutes left until sunset. Please realize that days and days of fasting shall greet me on April 11, 2021. Do wonder what that will be like. Did not watch television today – seemed a bit inappropriate and would take one’s mind off the important things. Cannot have sex during Ramadan , that should not be a problem. But there is good news.
Me: I know you can not have sex during Ramadan but can you have hugs.
PDIHS: Yes, you can have hugs.
Me: Well that is a relief!

That is all that I can do anyway and can hug as yesterday marked two weeks after the second jab. So life is good. PCP’s office informed that March 15 marks the one year anniversary of the lock down in these parts. I was at the doctor’s office because I got the date wrong, but no big problem as he is only about three blocks away.

Finally got my iWatch in the proper mode. It seems so weird, your phone rings and you talk to your watch. It makes me laugh in delight. Oh, fyi (for your information) took the Qatar call on my iPhone so know that I did not imagine it. There is a Qatar number under Recents. See I am not crazy. Only ten minutes now until food time. It does make one wonder about why the sunrise to sunset fasting orders – guess I will look it up. One day was definitely doable but weeks of this??? I do not know.

The photographs are of the two books purchased today

I did it – it is now sunset! I spoke to myself.
Me: I did it. I feel so happy! Do not know why.
Alter Ego: Who cares? Do not look a gift horse in the mouth.
Me: Great phrase, I will not, just be happy

My silly iWatch keeps sending me messages. This one said:
iWatch: One minute of breathing can reduce stress. Continue
Me: That is silly. If you did not breathe you would not have stress it is true – you would be dead.

These modern technological devices can be a bit intrusive. Peace of mind is sometimes difficult to achieve when your iWatch is beeping at you. But a good beep just came in – a text response from PDIHS.

He: How did your fast go.

Me: It went really great. Wrote about it on my blog.

We hahahaed back and forth several times. I am going to bed early as tired and tomorrow is day light saving time and as it is spring – you spring forward whereas in the fall, you fall back. All the devices will be programmed correctly. Plans for tomorrow? Housecleaner comes – she is so thorough and such a good person. This is a great life, that is for sure!

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