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This from yesterday’s blog. “There is so much discussion since the inauguration about the accomplishments of minorities. But I am not a minority for several reasons, none of them my fault. Read about my majority status but my ability to recover from that state by making a self-inflicted choice to become a minority. It is both poignant and funny.

The world is general has become most supportive of minorities and is understandably proud of their accomplishments, talents and abilities. Vice President Harris is the poster child but do remember that she was sworn in by a woman Supreme Court Justice of Latino descent. But how does that make those in the majority feel? In all honesty, it is rather a drag. Now, I am a woman but we are not a population minority in the world, nor in colleges and universities. Definitely still a minority in corporations, influential board of directors and, until VERY recently, the USA political stage. Now, I am an immigrant which earns minority stays BUT I am a Canadian immigrant. However, Canadians\ immigrants can easily ‘pass’ and moreover I am a legal immigrant. Yes, first a green card prior to my entry, subsequently obtaining USA citizenship. Anyone who has met me or seen a photograph knows that I am white but with the bruises and the effects of the baby aspirin I am increasing becoming purple. Purple is not a recognized minority, as yet anyway.

The ambitious message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was: We Shall Overcome. I, in my own quiet way, have overcome. On October 20, 2020 I became a Muslim. Muslims are a minority and woefully discriminated against by Donald Trump and so many, many others since 9/11. My blue eyes and white hair do not clearly mark me as a Muslim although head scarves are worn in compliance with the faith. At my age, restrictions are lessened slightly, some strands of my hair can be seen, sometimes glittery hats which is not typical but does the job. My attire is conservative and well within the restrictions.

All during my life, television was seldom viewed, for years was even television free. Recently situations have changed. A huge television graces my living room, television and stand obtained on line by Care Giver’s son, so inexpensively. These last two weeks have seen me glued to the huge screen watching news provided they PBS, the network does it so well. A recent interview featured Gloria Steinem, one of the true heroines of our time. She was called upon to reflect the recent role of woman in light of the current Vice Presidency. I have always, always, always been an ardent fan of Gloria Steinem, she was a pillar of the women’s movement, way back when. I was fortunate enough to be around then – sometimes being old can be an advantage (by the way). Gloria has not lost it – she is as alive and vital and brilliant as she was back than (and (here is a bonus almost as attractive).

She spoke of many things of cabbages and kings etc. (joke). She is also funny, talking about getting the virus out of the White House. She reminded us all that one person, one vote has been not around for women for very long. Need I remind you that the United States was one of the last of the democratic countries to buckle down and reluctantly only, barely cave in and allow women to vote. Need I remind you that the ERA has not gone very far, very fast. Gloria spoke of the audacity of Shirley Chisholm’s campaign for the Presidency. You young’uns will not remember that Shirley was a black woman. Steinem has been tireless in her fight for the rights of women, travelling all over the world, speaking and advocating for us. The universal cry of women, she relates, is this: You Are Not The Boss of Me. Is not that brilliant? We women do not want to boss around men (well, except for Donald Trump) – so do not be threatened, you insecure men. But we do not want to be bossed around. She cogently and insightfully answered the question: Why do men fear strong women?

She explained that men are raised by women – some men (weak ones probably) associate female power with their childhood and cringe at those memories. So, first of all, what is cogent? Its definition is: (of an argument or case) clear, logical, and convincing. Is synonyms are: compelling, strong, forceful, powerful, potent, valid, weighty; sound, well founded, plausible, effective, efficacious, telling; impressive, persuasive, irresistible, eloquent, credible, influential, conclusive, unanswerable, authoritative; reasoned, well reasoned, rational, reasonable, lucid, coherent, well organized, systematic, orderly, methodical, clear, articulate, consistent, relevant, vague, logical. Antonyms are: unconvincing; muddled. Gloria Steinem is all of those, but the ones I love best are efficacious, impressive, reasoned, lucid, methodical, clear articulate, consistent, relevant and logical. Oh gosh, I did forget eloquent and unanswerable.

So one might gather, from the above, that I am a feminist. I am, in the finest sense. What is the definition of feminism – this is one I adore and graces my home. “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.” It was spoken by Marie Shear, who died in 2017.

People often ask me what my blog is about.

It is about many, many topics and countries and about my life. But at its core it is a feminist blog – advancing the cause of women, telling them that they do not have to have children, marry the first guy that comes around, that if they do they can dump him and they will not be alone and lonely in their declining years. I do not name names in my blog and do tell the truth. A man, some years my junior, has reappeared in my life. It became a joke (of sorts) between me and my computer guru.

He: I think I’m getting a bit angry too but i don’t have any old boyfriends looming in the wings (I hope!)…

Me: You make me laugh. He is far away so do not fret and with the pandemic and no travel, I feel quite safe. That and the Muslim faith (he is not a Muslim) and so nothing can take place without marriage. Phew! Well, I guess he could covert but that it is not that easy and the conversion cannot be for any ulterior motive. (Such as marriage to me).

The picture accompanying the blog is of a flower arrangement that graces my patio. The kind, efficient, friendly maintenance man passed by my patio.

Me: Look at my flower arrangement. I took flower arranging for about twenty years.
He: It is beautiful
Me: Thank you! Thank you! It brightens up this complex, makes it prettier. People can admire it and perhaps think of doing something themselves to make this place more attractive.
He: You are so right. What a good idea!

I not only write this blog but every day attempt to educate myself in the Islamic faith. On YouTube found this amazing man – a Texan (of all things) who converted to the faith – well he and the whole family – father, wife, stepmother and even a Catholic priest that lived in the same small Texan town. It is an amusing story – he is such a ‘down home’ guy – not an Islamic scholar, by any means. His name is Yusaf Estes – go to the YouTube search engine and type in his name. I dare you. Hahaha:

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