Beginning Again With Andy: Oh What a Beautiful Morning With An Inspiring Article From the New Yorker; Read It if You Dare: A Premiere of a Blog to Come; Incisive Defined; Photo of a Head-Saving Screen

During this hibernation period I sleep like a bear. Hours and hours and hours. It works wonders for the immune system, hence one of the best things a person can do for themselves. Type immune system into the search engine of this blog and you shall find about 25 articles, almost all scientifically researched. The plan was to rescue a friend, actually in South Africa, sending him tips on how to keep safe. But the task is simplified upon the discovery of the accessibility of already written wisdoms.

Again, I praise (to the stars) my computer guru as without his assistance and support I am sure that I would have given this up years ago. Instead I am daily inspired and statistics show that many of you are as well. Welcome aboard. This blog began last night, (Thursday evening), while watching television. I usually cannot multitask but have very recently developed the skill – it can come in handy. I begin with last night’s stuff.

This from Andy Borowitz of the New Yorker, my hero. Oh my goodness, this man can do it, his humour is pitch perfect. He can be so funny and he does not need a Buffon to satire. He was able to move away from that sort of sarcastic satire and bring on a whole new very upbeat version.

Here is his first (I think) after Trump submission, NOW BIDEN days. Here we go!! In his first official act as President of the United States, “Joseph R. Biden signed an executive order restoring Obama-era spelling rules.The order, which had been widely expected, brings the United States back into the community of spelling-observant nations after four years as a pariah state.According to one provision of the order, the letter “I” will, in most cases, return to its traditional position before the letter “E,” except in those instances when both letters are situated after the letter “C.” This jewel goes on: “Biden critics at Fox News wasted no time in denouncing his “blatant pro-spelling agenda,” calling the mandate “overreaching” and “divisive.”

“Joe Biden is telling the rest of us that there’s only one way to spell—his way,” Tucker Carlson said. “My friends, it’s going to be a long four years.” Carlson’s attack appeared to have little effect on Biden, who later signed an executive order banning the random capitalization of nouns.”How does Mr. Borowitz do it? It seems akin to pulling a rabbit out of a hat, that magic trick of olde. But onto my own stuff.

I do read my blogs.

Really you say? Why? Do you not write them in the first place? Well, yes but reading it on line, on the Internet is different. I wrote to a man about the experience, a few days ago. Subject line was, I am posted, I am posted.

Me: It gives me such joy when I seen my blog on the Internet. An adrenaline rush like no other. Well except for sex perhaps. Remember sex? Forbidden for those of us who self Isolate on our own, both men and women in these lock down times.

He: Well, blogging that is something that you would love to do? For the rest of your life? (He immediately responded, by the way?)

Me: Who knows? Just do know that I love it now and that is what is important.

Anyway, when I read my blog, there are the occasional mistakes, which does cause me some pain. For example, the prior blog speaks of Judy Woodrull. Well, it is Judy Woodruff. Contextually speaking she was mentioned because her hair is perfect – chin level not long and floppy. Then today, as usual, watched Christine Amanpour discovering that she has chin level hair as well, perfect for her age, unlike others mentioned in the blog.

By the way, men seem, to like women with long hair and complain bitterly when their loved one, for stylish reasons, chops it off. I have always wondered why. I did have long hair, as my glamour photos taken when I was 44 can attest. But at some point it went to the chopping block. Photos taken at the third disastrous wedding reveals a shortened version – now super short. There is no guy around to please, not that I would let it affect me.

It is now morning, paradoxically, it was a short sleep after beginning by bragging about my hibernating bear abilities. It was immediately onto the Internet finding another article written for the New Yorker. This time a serious, but extremely uplifting article by Susan Glasser with a dateline of January 20, 2021. It is entitled Joe Biden’s Love Letter to the Truth. Here is how it began: Words matter. Just two weeks ago, Donald Trump’s words—his lies—were powerful enough to send a crazed mob into the Capitol, seeking to overturn the democratic will of the American electorate. Shortly before noon on Wednesday, when Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., was sworn in as the forty-sixth President of the United States, he offered a very different vision of the power of language to remake political reality. His bet was that, if words can divide us, they can bring us together, too.

Biden spoke of unity, of national reconciliation, and also—and perhaps most important of all—of the need for leaders “to defend the truth and defeat the lies.”Only after four years of the Trump Presidency would the mention of “truth” in an Inaugural Address become an applause line. But we are where we are. The country has had so much lying. Much will be made of Biden’s plea to “end this uncivil war,” and of his stirring language about democracy prevailing. But it was his love letter to the role of truth in a free society that rang loudest to me during his twenty-minute speech, which took place under a sunny Washington sky, amid a crisis like no other in our modern history.”

The inspiration and intellectualism continues: “Trump’s early-morning departure ceremony, at Joint Base Andrews, was in as much poor taste as the rest of his Administration: “YMCA” blaring on the loudspeakers, an excess of American flags and Trump family members.

As Air Force One took off, soon before 9 a.m., bearing Trump for the last time—because he could not bring himself to attend Biden’s swearing-in, as all previous Presidents for the past hundred and fifty-two years have done—“My Way,” from Frank Sinatra, played to the crowd. The historian Michael Beschloss quickly noted that Sinatra was on the record as having hated Trump. At that very moment, the split screen on the television showed Biden at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle, the historic church in downtown Washington where the funeral mass for John F. Kennedy—the only Catholic President other than Biden, all these decades later—was held. Biden was there at a mass with congressional leaders of both parties. Had the new President choreographed it, he could not have hit on a better image of what America is leaving behind, and what it is getting.”

The incisive article ends in this manner: “This is not a moment of division—this is a moment of unification,” Senator Roy Blunt, the Republican head of the inaugural committee said. It was, Blunt added, “a new beginning.” Never have the old patriotic clichés about America sounded so good.May their words matter and their aspirations turn into reality. Is this what optimism feels like?” Read the entire article, I dare you!

It can be found at


By the way, incisive means: (of a person or mental process) intelligently analytical and clear-thinking. Its synonyms are most incisive: penetrating, acute, sharp, sharp-witted, razor-sharp, keen, rapier-like, astute, shrewd, trenchant, piercing, perceptive, insightful, percipient, perspicacious, discerning, analytical, intelligent, canny, clever, smart, quick; concise, succinct, pithy, to the point, crisp, clear; punchy, on the ball; heads-up. Antonyms: rambling, vague . On a related manner, there is so much discussion since the inauguration about the accomplishments of minorities. But I am not a minority for several reasons, none of them my fault. Read about my majority status but my ability to recover from that state by making a self-inflicted choice to become a minority. It is both poignant and funny.

The photograph is the screen that graces my living room. It saved me – when I fell my head hit the screen and not the floor. Otherwise I would have sustained more severe injuries – perhaps a broken nose and massive head injuries. The truth was revealed in a conversation with Care Giver, a truth speaker.

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