Here is the Inauguration and I am Watching; Extremely Positive Reaction to President Biden’s Speech; Three Confessions; Spot On, Its Origins; Amanda Gorman, the Highlight; Assuming the Rule of Women’s Clothes, Shoe and Hair Do Police; Me in Face Mask

First, two confessions. This is the first inauguration I have ever watched, at all. Never been invited to one, I once knew someone who was invited and went but to an inauguration..whose? Donald Trump’s – needless to say, do not see that guy any more and will not even mention his name. But these events have been televised for years – did not appear in the statistics as a watcher and been living in this country since 1967. It was very easy to miss the Trump inauguration as I was in London. But apparently inaugurations has been/and is viewed across the world – I know someone in South Africa who said he was watching it.

I do not get around these days but I know people who do get around. So I guess one could say that patriotism has not been my strong card. But, excuse me, I can never be President, nor Vice-President so I would merely be jealous. Incidentally, the prohibition against my assuming office is NOT because of the commission of a felony but because I was not born in the United States. (Canada if you really want to know.)

Second confession

I did get a bit miffed when everyone, and I do mean everyone, went on and on about Joe Biden’s age. “The oldest President ever elected – even older than Trump and Reagan. Know how old he is? 78 – how old am I? 77. I do realize I am old and tell people this

Me: I am old.
They: No you are not!
Me: I am 77.
They: You are not!
Me: Want to see my passport?

Now I am not the oldest President ever sworn in, but then again, I cannot be.

President Joe Biden’s speech was as they say spot on. Spot on is an adjective meaning exactly correct or accurate. [British, informal] Schools were told their exam information had to be spot-on and accurate. Synonyms: accurate, exact, precise, right. Guess where it came from? “Billiards, to be precise, which came from colonial India. Unlike pool, once you’ve potted the red ball, it must be returned to its starting position, which is the spot where the black ball goes in a game of snooker. So the phrase spot on evolved, as a simple expression of extreme accuracy.” President Biden was positive, sincere, promised to put his soul into his job, it was down home and hopeful. Not a fancy speech and lasted only twenty minutes but said it all. One can become almost catatonic thinking of what would have happened if Trump would have won. He would have probably bombed China announcing that we got even for the virus and promised a wall to protect the United States against those Canadians. Too late former President Trump, I got here legally years ago.

President Biden promised to tell the truth, speaking subtly about the practice of seeing facts ignored and distorted. Wonder who did that? Susan Glasser wrote Obituary For a Failed Presidency for The NewYorker. “Back in the summer of 2018, I published an entire column when the fact-checkers at the Washington Post determined that Trump had hit the disreputable mark of more than four thousand falsehoods in his tenure. Two and a half years later, his final tally of thirty thousand-plus is essentially double where the the total stood just a year ago. The lies were the metastatic cancer of his Presidency.” She also commented; What he said in all these rallies and tweets was his authentic self foulmouthed, bullying, self-obsessed, casually racist and capable not only of breathtaking lies but of repeating them over and over until they become a strategy unto themselves.

I guess this is my third confession.

I do admit that I was negative in the early days of Biden’s campaign. Burdened by all of the requests for money by constant emails and texts. I am an immense admirer of Elizabeth Warren and was most distressed when he picked the now Vice President Kamala Harris do admit to grave disappointment which resulted in lack of involvement. Do admit that I was wrong, that he made the best choice. She is amazing and he got three for the price of one – she is a woman, her mother from India (South Asia), her father from Jamaica. Therefore, so many people are so happy – women, and those of colour. And she is the first woman vice-president – this country is actually so far behind. Look at the women’s leadership role all over the world, for years and years and years. .

But, for me, the highlight of the Inauguration was Amanda Gorman, the poet mentioned in my prior blog. Her poetry and presentation was spot on. This was her final sentence: “There is always light if we are brave enough to see it, there is always light if we are brave enough to be it! Her theme was resilience and the brace back of stepping into the past and learning of it. Another extremely eloquent democracy is not fractured or broken, she said the country is unfinished. That is a message of hope.

But now for some well deserved humour – I was not just a casual observer of the inauguration – I served as clothes, shoe and hair police observing the women participants.


Dr. Jill Biden and Kamala Biden wore high heels – extremely high heels. Now they were colour coordinated to their stylish outfits but they scarcely could walk. Dr. Biden was nearly limping, could not go up and down stairs very well either. Nor could Kamala Harris. Whereas, Laura Bush was wearing sensible flats, could walk quickly and graciously. I have long held that high heeled shoes are the functional equivalent of bound feel.

According to history rich Chinese women were forced to have their feet bound – it was a painful procedure, the net affect was that these women could barely walk. It was a status symbol – only the rich could afford to have a helpless woman so mothers often forced their daughters to have their feet bound to ensure a good marriage. They would shuffle about – rather the same stance as those who wear high heeled shoes. Women who wear high heeled shoes maim themselves, at the time and later acquire bunions. Other celebrities wore high heeled shoes as well but they did not have to stand and walk and perhaps it is important for them to look like they have good legs.


The political women were exquisitely dressed wearing dresses with matching coats the entertainers beautifully dressed, Jennifer Lopez for example. . But Lady Gaga, who sang, wore the most ridiculous dress. The skirt was long, red and so full – it was so huge it was like a tent, a circus tent. Rather unbelievable actually. The best dressed was the poet, Amanda Gorman – with a long skinny bright yellow coat.


The very best hair prize goes to Amanda, the poet. It was most complicated, braids, with jewelry woven in and a red most unique headband. But the hair of the others was not at all flattering. Long and lank – not particularly thick and everyone knows that women after a certain age should cut their hair. chin level. Both the First Lady and the Vice President are past that certain age. Judy Woodrull of PBS has the perfect hair do for a woman her age.(as do I but you cannot see it because of head scarves and hair coverings) Perhaps the two other women mentioned could think of that alternative – it would be supportive of Muslim women and they would not have to worry about their hair.

Face Masks

Almost everyone, and I do mean everyone, wore black face masks. But not two women and to them go prizes. Nancy Pelosi (most attractive, even better than any of mine) and the First Lady, a turquoise one matching her dress and painful high heels.

An aside. What has happened to Garth Brooks – he used to be a hunk, now he still is but not in an attractive way. I have been gone from the County and Western scene too long.

Photograph is of me in a face mask. This one is rather attractive and for some reason is more breathable than the others.

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