Here Comes the Inauguration; News from a Middle East Network Supplemented by Reliable Mainstream Television Reporting; Getting Off One’s Soapbox Defined and Illustrated; Then Such Positive News of the Inauguration Due to the Choice of Amanda Gorman; The Certainty of Good Prevailing Over Evil as Found in the Qur’an; Photographs of Daffodils

This from Al Jazeera, the network which approaches the news of the world in an intellectual fair and considered manner. Those in the know will know that Al Jazeera is owned (and funded in part) by the government of Qatar. It speaks of the horrors that may befall us on January 20, 2021. “These groups are gathering online, planning armed demonstrations in all 50 state capitals. “They’re sharing tactics and lists of targets, they say they’re ready to fight and kill in Trump’s name. And there’s every reason to take them at their word,” SPLC President Margaret Huang said at the news conference.” The January 6 ,2021 insurrection had even worse potential consequences according to Al Jazeera: “But as details emerge, it appears there were more planning and lethal goals. Federal authorities now allege the rioters planned to kidnap legislators and harm Vice President Mike Pence.” It gets even more frightening:

“Amid increased scrutiny, far-right groups are increasingly moving to encrypted messaging apps to air their views and plan, Michael Edison Hayden, an investigative reporter and spokesperson for SPLC, said in the news conference. Hayden said he has seen “ratcheted up rhetoric” in the wake of the Capitol riot.” I heard some rather scary information about QAnon, but had no real understanding. Got to admit that I am not at all happy about learning about the lethal organization – save me from such evil and banality. This from Al Jazeera: “ Adherents of QAnon believe a broad set of conspiracy theories that centres on the belief that Trump was chosen to defeat a cabal of liberal elites, including politicians, who harvest the blood of trafficked children to keep themselves young.These theories have been given credence by elected officials. Other officials touted voter fraud conspiracies, which have been subsumed by QAnon adherents and other fringe groups.” So, in other words QAnon is a large band of crazies, irrational ones with massive agendas. There is an “anti-Democratic, hard-right sector of the GOP, which is difficult to quantify.” Hayden told Al Jazeera during the news conference. “They’re in bed with white nationalists, but they may not be white nationalists. That combination is really scary.”Hayden hoped members of the Republican party would do what is necessary to stop a unifying far-right.“It’s going to require some very aggressive actions on the part of the politicians who have helped enable this, or at least the people who enabled those politicians,” Hayden concluded.”

My ‘news’ is also obtained from television – believe you me, NOT Fox News but rather NPR News and Christine Amanpour. Both of the programs call in experts, interview them in depth so one’s understanding is enhanced. A recent program discussed how the main stream media is responsible for a great deal of the mess, described in paragraph one of this blog. The truth has been undermined by the rabid coverage of Trump, an example airing his press conferences on the coronavirus. It leant credibility to his crazy and haphazard thinking. Many mainstream media networks and individuals were brainwashed and looked the other way. Two experts that spoke of this phenomena were Margaret Sullivan and Ali Soufan, individuals with solid and impressive credentials who have long been trying to rein-in mainstream media. Fox News and the Murdochs were hailed as chief offenders as well as individuals unknown to me as I have better things to do than listen to idiots. The main steam media needed, and definitely needs, to be curtailed. Who is to do that? These experts put the onus, the responsibility upon Congress. What is onus? It is something that is one’s duty or responsibility. Synonyms are burden, responsibility, liability, obligation, duty, weight, load, charge, mantle, encumbrance; cross to bear, millstone round one’s neck, albatross. So reigning in Trump and his ilk is the albatross, the cross to bear and the millstone round one’s neck was (and is) the responsibility of Congress. Do wonder if members of Congress are watching and listening to these experts. It is with certainty that I determine that the Republicans members of Congress are turning a deaf ear.

I shall now get off my soap box and become positive. In case some of you have not heard the expression, information shall be provided. This is from Wikipedia: A soapbox is a raised platform which one stands on to make an impromptu speech, often about a political subject. The term originates from the days when speakers would elevate themselves by standing on a wooden crate originally used for shipment of soap or other dry goods from a manufacturer to a retail store.The term is also used metaphorically to describe a person engaging in often flamboyant impromptu or unofficial public speaking, as in the phrase, “Get off your soapbox.” Hyde Park in London is known for its Sunday soapbox orators, who have assembled at its Speakers’ Corner since 1872 to discuss religion, politics, and other topics.”

The terrible dread of the inauguration was relieved by the PBS News Hour when they featured the poet chosen to compose and deliver the Inauguration Poem, an honour that has been previously bestowed upon the likes of Mary Lou Angelou and Robert Frost. Amanda Gorman is a mere twenty-one years old (21), black, a Harvard graduate at her young age. She was raised, and lives in Los Angeles – she was interviewed in her Los Angeles apartment. She is an amazing young woman, born with a speech impediment that she overcome. By the age of 16 she began a Youth Literacy Program. She speaks of, and exemplifies, the power of poetry. There was a preview, she shall speak of solidifying unity in this country and will (hopefully) herald a new chapter in America. She has ambitions, wants to be President of the United States herself, probably in 2036 when she will come of age. She is just what this country needs at the present time, I cannot think of a better choice. Other upbeat news is a ‘light’ show in Washington called Field of Flags, all the states of the Union are displayed in beautifully, President-Elect Biden continues to make excellent choices for those in his cabinet. It may be a new dawn in America – I pray that it is so.

I paraphrase from the Qur’an. Good and evil are not equal. Evil is no match for good and good will always prevail. It did take a long time, but it has proven to be true in my life. I weep as I write, not tears of sorrow but tears of joy.

Two photographs accompany this blog. Both of daffodils which are the symbols of spring, a hopeful time. One taken on my patio, with a stately palm tree in the background. Another of a casual flower display atop my bookcase with a photograph of a young boy, taken and hand coloured by Alexis McBride. It was a time of hope for him but it did not exactly turn out (well not yet anyway). Photograph taken approximately twenty-one years ago.

Tomorrow’s blog will contain a strange juxtaposition of news. An article from Al Jazeera with Alexis’ personal connection to the subject matter. Rather unbelievable and accidentally found.

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