A World Without Pain; A Suggestion for Dubai; Before This Glorious Life is Done’ Face Painted Patriotic Alexis

The New Yorker has an interesting article’”A World Without Pain” where the function of pain in the human condition is explored. It is a fascinating idea, and to quote from the article: ‘: But what if our worst feelings are just vestigial garbage? Hyper-vigilance and pricking fear were useful when survival depended on evading lions; they are not particularly productive when the predators are Alzheimer’s and cancer. Other excruciating feelings, like consuming sadness and aching regret, may never have had a function in the evolutionary sense. But religion, art, literature, and Oprah have convinced us that they are valuable—the bitter kick that enhances life’s intermittent sweetness. Pain is what makes joy, gratitude, mercy, hilarity, and empathy so precious. Unless it isn’t”

My personal popularity stems from the fact that I am, by in large, joyful and apparently bring joy to the lives of others. I do not do it on purpose, it just happens. I have no idea how I got this way – the largest component is my sense of humour, which is an inherited trait. My sense of humour improves with age – presently I am funnier than I have ever been. I laugh at my own jokes and then sometimes when I read something I wrote I say:

Me: My goodness I am funny.

Alter Ego: I agree. But I have no idea how it all works.

Me: I guess it does not matter.

But onward to a strange topic that is rather amusing. I have a suggestion for the people of Dubia, based on a personal experience. .I left Canada in 1967, returning in 2017 and somewhere in those fifty years Canada got itself a new flag. It is red and white and has a maple leaf – quite inspiring. When I returned to Canada in 2017 and celebrated Canada Day with enthusiasm I painted my face like the Canadian flag. When provided with a selfie a very rich man, Joo Kim Tiah sweetly said, : “How patriotic!. A picture will accompany this blog. Well, there is no way that can paint my face like the flag of Dubai. It would be so ugly with the stripes and all. Therefore, I have a brilliant idea. Dubians should have a competition to design a new flag. I have no idea what it should look like – flag design is not one of my talents. Perhaps something with a camel would be fetching, just an idea. At this precise moment I am laughing at the idea and my outspoken daring in suggesting this. I have not even been there yet – well at the airport but that hardly counts. I would happily volunteer to be one of the judges of the competition, to serve without compensation.

The decision to stay in London and complete my travel plans was not taken lightly. The deciding factor became an exploration of what exactly my mission in life is, at this particular time. To write. Conditions here seem ideal for wiring – better than at home. Now, in my new hotel, there is tranquility with supportive and friendly people all around. No need to cook or clean and much time for reflection. I do admit to a certain amount of distraction but that can be put aside. It is beginning to feel that whatever is going to happen in my life is destiny, the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future. Used in a sentence: she was unable to control her own destiny. Its synonyms are: fate, providence; predestination; divine decree, God’s will, kismet, the stars; luck, fortune, chance; Hinduism Buddhism karma.

CPI shared this quote: Before this glorious life is done, I shall kiss the moon and kiss the sun

Me: Where does that come from?

I did an Internet search but cannot find it. So on that strange note I shall close, including the picture of my painted face.

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