A Quote from Pinterest; Chicken Soup for the Soul: Havoc Defined; A Picture of Content with a Large Chest; Thoughts on Meltdown versus Temper Tantrum

To be thoroughly honest I have no idea how Pinterest works, although its headquarters is in San Francisco, where I live. When I get home I may have to go and visit and find out. But anyway, they have the funniest quotes. My favourite for the day:” I do not have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination. Now that is most funny. There was also another funny quote but although I ‘saved’ it – I do not know how to view my saves. I am not a technological genius, that is for sure. A new conversation thread with CPI

She:; Ah … so if you are physically well (good!), try Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Me: I think I read that book a one time. It was not meaningful.

I am lying in bed, icing and writing. The window is open and there are jets buzzing about, It seems like I am in the middle of the runway. There are some disadvantages to staying at a Heathrow Airport hotel. I was talking to a wonderful woman who works here about my recent ‘acquisition’. What is an acquisition which is a n asset or object bought or obtained, typically by a library or museum. Used in a sentence: The legacy will be used for new acquisitions.Its synonyms are: obtaining, acquiring, gaining, gain, procuring, procurement, collecting, collection, attainment, appropriation, amassing.

What I have procured, amassed, attained or collected is not an asset or an object – exactly. Anyway this wonderful woman said that she was not surprised.

Me: Really? How can you are not surprised and actually even believe me.

She: It is because of this. Everyone, all of the staff in this hotel love you.

Me: Oh my goodness, thank you! But you might not when you get to know me better.

And we just laughed, because things are so improbable bur sometimes one has to just accept and trust. It is most difficult to do, especially for me. Yesterday, I had a melt down but wisely kept it to myself – for once. I have had to apologize to this individual more than once, saying that I was mistaken. What is a melt down? It usually is used in connection with children. Google tells us that:”Frustration, anxiety, stress, upset, and depression: Together they can lead to an emotional eruption, or what some people call a “meltdown.” Sometimes you feel so emotionally overwhelmed by unpleasant feelings that you can no longer control them or hide them from others.” But I do need to hide them from others, because it hurts other people – people who may love me. So for once, I did it privately. Then I calmed down and saw the errors of my ways. I thought somebody was absent but instead I saw a constant, subtle presence in my life. Otherwise things would be utterly inexplicable

Where does the term meltdown come from? b\By 1922 as “an act or the process of melting metal;” by 1956 in reference to the accidental melting of the core of a nuclear reactor, from the verbal phrase (1630s), from melt (v.) + down (adv.). Metaphoric extension “breakdown in self-control” is attested since 1979 What is the difference between a meltdown and a tantrum?

It’s important to remember that the key difference between the two types of outbursts is that tantrums usually have a purpose. Kids are looking for a certain response. Meltdowns are a reaction to something and are usually beyond a child’s control. A child can often stop a tantrum if he gets what he wants.…

.I suddenly asked myself a question and therefore, got an answer. Here is the answer: Buying or possessing firearms without a licence or permit is prohibited by UAE law. Gun licences are issued only to Emirati nationals, who are then permitted to carry a limited amount of ammunition. The law forbids gun owners from producing a firearm in a public place, even if it is licensed. That is civilization, not like in the USA – the former land of opportunity. I did not go back to live in the USA following the expiration of my student visa.

Me: There is no gun control – you might as well go and live in a shooting gallery.

It is true – one is not safe anywhere really. The laws in Dubai also contain the following provisions: “The law also prohibits the issuing of firearms licences to any person previously convicted of committing a crime involving state security, terrorism, drugs, consuming alcohol, committing an offence against another person or a financial crime.

Furthermore, a licence holder has to be at least 25 years old, must not be suffering from any psychological illnesses, and must be certified fit by a medical authority.”

That is civilization, not the stupid laws of the United States of America who find it is a constitutional right to bear firearms. BULLSHIT! DOG DO DO! I was a lawyer, I passed the California Bar Exam which included Constitutional Law. BULLSHIT! Dog Doo Doo.

Dubai has the greatest laws, been doing some research on that recently for some strange reason. Hahaha. The media keeps so much from us – obsessed with Trashy Trump who is ruining everything and may start World War 3. But someone I know is working hard to prevent it. Thanks Trashy Trump – I would prefer him to be with me and not you. But my job is to take care of myself, he is taking care of the world. How one stupid man can bring such havoc. Well everyone, you minions let it happen. What is havoc? A noun which means: widespread destruction: the hurricane ripped through Florida causing havoc.great confusion or disorder: if they weren’t at school they’d be wreaking havoc in the streets. Its synonyms: destruction, damage, desolation, depredation, despoliation, ruination, ruin, disaster, ravagement, waste, catastrophe.hyperactive children create havoc wherever they go: disorder, chaos, disruption, mayhem, bedlam, pandemonium, turmoil, tumult, confusion, uproar; commotion, upheaval, furore, shambles; informal hullabaloo, a madhouse; North American informal a three-ring circus. ANTONYMS peace..

This world needs peace – not Trump who creates HAVOC and you let him you minions and there are many including you media. Not social media actually but regular media.

I guess I might need to put my money where my mouth is and go and live in Dubai. I just might – it is hot there but there is air conditioning and their infrastructure is fine. But first the left knee replacement. I am getting all these new parts – a good idea when a younger man is interested in you. I have two virgin knees. Hahaha

The photo is found in the art gallery of this hotel. She is called Content. I wittily said on Instagram that she does not look like me but our “chests” are rather the same. And mine (and hers) are natural – none of that silicon stuff for us.

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