Temporarily Touching Upon Trashy Trump; New Frontiers in Digital Dating; A Discourse with Friends About Changing Plans; Emus Instead of Turkeys.

The Atlantic Daily dealt with the supreme fiasco caused by Trump and his minions or in other words, those men who can best be described as trashy. Flunkeys, lackeys, hangers-on, followers, servants, hirelings, vassals, stooges, toady, sycophants, flatterers, fawners lickspittles, informal yes-men, bootlickers; British informal poodle, dogsbody; North American informal gofer, suck-up; Indian informal chamchas British vulgar slang arse-lickers, bum-suckers; North American vulgar slang ass-kissers. Those words accurately describe those Generals under his command: Underlings, henchmen, The definition of minion is also powerful: a follower or underling of a powerful person, especially a servile or unimportant one.

George Packer wrote: The strike was a blunder—perhaps a catastrophic one.

“Soleimani was a supremely powerful leader of a state apparatus, with his own cult of personality, but he was not a terror kingpin. His death doesn’t decapitate anything.”

Peter Nicholas, White House correspondent wrote: “Americans typically rally around wartime presidents. But Trump has a credibility problem. “Trump arrives at this perilous moment at a decided disadvantage: He can’t assume people will accept what he sats as true, because millions have concluded it never is.

A different topic was explored by Carrie Buton of The New Yorker – digital dating, There is a new frontier – bond bracelets which enables constant contact. The bracelets allow instant communication, no matter what, no matter where. She wisely notes that;”The problem has less to do with the bracelets themselves than with the trend that they advance. In lieu of facetime, we seem willing to accept even the most basic forms of emotional stimulus, no matter how paltry a substitute they present.” She provides an example of teenagers caught in an online chat with af ake chatter. Flymiamibro22 is a self-described “gym rat,” but in reality he’s one of Maya’s classmates and friends, Sam, posing online as an older guy. At the peak of her obsession, Maya begs her crush to meet her in person, and they arrange a date at a local bowling alley. FlyMiamiBro never materializes, but Sam reveals his true identity soon after, at a school dance. This admission produces a rush of fury and humiliation. But it also, finally, leads to catharsis, the growth and wisdom that flows from a confrontation with reality. That sort of confrontation seems increasingly avoidable today.” My digital dating experiences have never ripened into romance were all based on unreality.- theirs, they lied about everything. However, no money ever exchanged hands and kept them away from more vulnerable pretty – they were a dreadful waste of time. But they had a use which shall be revealed later.

Having true and wonderful friends, even digitally as they are at a distance, is different and is a blessing. . Although I am exceedingly public on this blog (and Instagram) there are times that personal messages must be given and received, so four individuals including my computer guru got the following edited missile.

Me: I have not made my plane reservations yet but am planning to come home in the next few days. Life has been most strange and I am in substantial pain and it makes no sense to stay here when my mobility is restricted. I have decided that I prefer my ordinary life. Sultan Free – hahaha I am not going Air Emeritus as the routing is ridiculous if one is not stopping in Dubai. The plan to take a direct route on an ordinary airlines making the reservations in the next couple of days. In the meantime I will stay at a hotel at Heathrow so going and coming will be easy. I feel most content with the decision. I saw a doctor yesterday as I was feeling sick and got a ton of medication. I will rattle.

Chris: ok sorry to hear you are suffering and in pain. Will post blog now, take care.

CPI: Am so sorry the trip will be cut short and you have to travel back in pain (and rattling)

Flower Girl’s Wife: Sorry to hear your in pain and not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon and your not in pain xx sometimes ordinary life’s can be fun too xx don’t rattle to much other wise they won’t let you on the plane xx

Much love xxx

Me: I promise not to rattle!!! Love to you and your family. May stay here a bit longer in this hotel. Xxxxxx Forever.

As usual you make me laugh!! I am staying at this hotel for a few days until I feel well enough to travel directly home. I think the worse is over. Oh the new hotel is the one you guys picked me up at. It seemed that it would be best as it is close to direct flights home. All in blog which is being posted later today (I think). Much love, Me – I should get a nickname.

She: Glad your getting better before that long flight home. That hotel seemed lush when we picked you up so a good choice to recover xx stay strong and rest lots. See told you men wear you out 😂 Love flower girl wife xx

Glad your getting better before that long flight home. That hotel seemed lush when we picked you up so a good choice to recover xx stay strong and rest lots. See told you men wear you out 😂

Love flower girl wife xx. Me: You are so funny! Yes those men do wear me out but in London at the Pestana it was his sisters and brothers and kids that wore me out – not he himself. How weird It is wonderful to have a normal friend like you – and your wonderful family. I am Improving not only daily but hourly. Much love

Then a reaction from Jennifer:

Good morning my dear Alexis,

So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well and that you are in pain! Not the way to spend a vacation! Hope you get to feeling a little better before your trip back! And what’s this you’re saying — that you prefer your “ordinary” life perhaps Sultan free. Well, first of all, even without the Sultan in it, your life is NOT ordinary and probably never will be, so get over that!! Secondly, the Sultan has provided you with hours and hours of vivid imaginations and possibilities that entertained you and made you happy, so that “relationship” hasn’t been in vain. And you got to meet his family so maybe they’ll invite you over for Christmas dinner next year–well, maybe Thanksgiving anyway. So cheer up, my dear. This is a new year! Yay!! And there’s so much to look forward to! What, you may ask? Who knows, but that’s the adventurous part of living and who wants to live any other way. So pack your bags, and get home so you can get on with that part, okay? Flights of hugs and fancies of love,

Me: You make me laugh! Somehow this ended up in junk mail and I just found it. Actually just at the very best moment. Hahaha I am slowly beginning to feel a bit better but am not making any plans to come home until I am completely recovered. The food poisoning and dehydration took its toll and then pain medication gave me bad dreams and constant sleeping. So slowly getting rehydrated – so not dizzy at this moment. You totally crack me up – telling me to get over my ordinary life delusion. I am sure the Sultan’s family does not celebrate Thanksgiving and probably do not even know what a turkey is. An emu perhaps but not a turkey. Hahaha You again make me laugh. I am not unpacking so that may make that part easier.

I am being ABSOLUTELY spoiled to death in this new hotel. I have basically been in bed all day – sleeping, watching videos ,writing and getting up only to go to the bathroom – as I am drinking so much water – it is frequent. TMI says friend Jennifer. Rattles of hugs and Pills of Loves Alexis

Today another email from CPI :

What is next is definitely to get well. January is cold and damp – Wimpy recommends chicken soup and not to even think of a 17 hour flight.Thinking of you. (Wimpy is her stuffed animal – she is my high school and uni friend)

The photograph is of my Arab self in a head scarf, expertly wound around my head by a Talented Royal.

This morning finds me well and perhaps, rather than go home, Dubai is beckoning.

Alexis of Arabia?
Girl in a shawl

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