Opposites Attract; It Is Scientific and True in This Instance; But Some Similarities as Well; One Who Cares Versus Defender of Men; Video of Nose Banging and Wearing a Head Scarf

It is a scientific fact, not a rumour, that opposites attract.- in the state and manner of romantic love. Now – as I ponder – the Sultan (aka SSS, aka Fazza, aka The Crown Prince of Dubai) and Alexis McBride are opposites, almost polar opposites. First, do let us look at the word opposite. As a noun it doth mean: person or thing that is totally different from or the reverse of someone or something else.: conflicting, contrasting, incompatible, irreconcilable, inconsistent, antithetical, converse, contradictory, clashing, contrary, at variance, at odds, different, differing, divergent, dissimilar, unlike, unalike, disagreeing, opposed, opposing, poles apart, polar, obverse; rare oppugnant. ANTONYMS same, identical, like.

So most obverse and contrary we are to one another, in so many, many, many ways, Poles apart and at odds. For example, I hate sports. Sky diving has no appeal. I did not have children (on purpose) – he is surrounded by them and more that meet the casual eye. He has dark hair and brown eyes, I have white hair and blue eyes. My public face and my private face are the same. Apparently, this is not true of him. He has chosen to associate with a sports figure (rather than with me) who said: “Djokovic also posted a photo with Sheikh Hamdan saying: “I have always had a strong passion, commitment and love for sports and wellbeing. I turned it into a professional career and use it to challenge myself to grow and improve on every level of being daily, but also to inspire people around me to use sport as a platform for good – for discipline, competitiveness, fair play, unity, team work.” None of that makes any sense at all to me.

But I do admit we have one or two things in common. He dined recently at a Greek restaurant and I do love Greek food. I shall certainly visit the restaurant when I am in Dubai. This from the Internet: “Nammos’ original restaurant, located in the picture-perfect Greek island of Myknonos, boasts a huge A-List fanbase including Lewis Hamilton, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, so it’s no wonder this one received a visit from the Crown Prince.”

But one cannot base a relationship on an affinity for Greek food. Affinity:

rapport, sympathy, accord, harmony, like-mindedness; closeness to, fellow feeling for, understanding of; liking for, fondness for, inclination towards, partiality for, penchant for, predilection towards, attraction towards; informal chemistry.

His life revolves around a HUGE family – many of whom I met. I did not have children on purpose, am totally alienated (by choice) from anyone remotely resembling family. Supposedly that would be helpful – as there would be room in my life for the hordes of relatives he has but how could I survive without a sense of privacy and alone time. They definitely appear to want a mother and do rather relate to me in that fashion. But, at the most, it would be possible to endure same in only short spurts. I suppose that might be doable. Oops, I am making compromises.

We both have self esteem – that we have in common. In both of our cases it is earned as we are driven people who achieve what they set out to achieve. Hence self esteem which is a noun confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect> Used in a sentence: assertiveness training for those with low self-esteem. Its synonyms: self respect, self-regard, pride in oneself/one’s abilities, faith in oneself, pride, dignity, morale, self-confidence, confidence, self-assurance, assurance; ANTONYMS lack of self-confidence, self-deprecation.

Neither of us are self-deprecatory

We both write – he poetry and me prose – but they are, and do serve similar functions. His poetry encompasses several subjects according to the podcast on Air Emeritus – not just romantic, longing stuff. My blog touches upon many different subjects – although recently rather obsessed with him. I am thinking that this is a temporary phase and broader subjects and topics will appear.

It occurs that I have been used by him, in much the same way that Joo Kim Tiah used me. Those multibillionaires, one can never quite trust them. They are rather mercenary. My goodness, such a lovely word – mercenary: “primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics: Used in a sentence: she’s nothing but a mercenary little gold-digger.” Synonyms: , hired soldier, hireling; private army; informal merc, hired gun; historical freelance, condottiere; archaic adventurer, lance-knight. ANTONYMS volunteer; conscript. Joo Kim Tiah was a bit of a hireling, using my blog to boast good will for his newly opened hotel in Vancouver; Trump International Hotel and Tower. One can truly see why good will was a bit necessary – but at the time, I was treated well and it was not an effort, nor was it necessary for me to lie. I hated Drai’s the noisy night club on the premises but, although, we fought about it – in the end I won as Drai’s rather unceremoniously shut down. (about a year later).

Now Fazza is actually quite different. He promotes tourism for Dubai and this blog promotes , its charms and his contributions to the general welfare of his country. But in a sense I am a volunteer – he never asked me to undertake this task.

But here is a total contradictory and unusual study of our differences. Fazza is an Arabic name meaning “one who cares.” Alexis is a Greek name whose meaning is “defender of men”. Is this not a role reversal? Should not he be defending men and me being the one that cares? Oh well! Noting to be done, no sense changing my name – I have had it for 76 years.

But another sense of commonality – we are both rather funny and smile and laugh a great deal. He is a hugger and nose banger. I have shown those qualities, once at the previous hotel with a handsome man. I banged his nose and laughed in sheer delight. Also hugged several family members upon request. I enjoyed it, they seemed to.

I am presently eating a wonderful breakfast and about to retire and ice my leg – the wonderful kitchen staff put ice in a sealed plastic bag. Hopefully icing will help the left knee pain. We shall see – going to try icing and stretching. Who knows – it might get better so that I can go to Dubai. I shall give it a try.

The possible video is of me nose banging the handsome young man. Nose banging is a form of respect and basically says: : I Love you. It is a rather charming tradition, I do wish I had a slightly bigger nose – then I could be a better banger. Hahahaha. The photograph shows me in a head scarf looking as Muslim as possible considering my colouring. I had expert help with the head scarf, it is rather fetching.

The December 27, 2019 blog now contains the link to the first song that came to mind. It is really most sweet!

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