Don’t Go to the Dark Side; Mellow Me: Meatloaf; Four Years Ago (A Song, A Cake and Grandkids)

I lead the strangest of all lives. Three or four days ago I ‘accidentally’ went to Hy’s Steak House and ordered the vegetable meat loaf and it was delicious. I took a picture of it and emailed it to wonderful Matthew – the boss at the Rex Whistler Restaurant at the Tate Britain in London, England not Ontario. .

Me: I need to come to the Rex, what is a happening to me???!!! This is vegetable and it was delicious. Help! Spread the word I guess. Alexis the Vegetarian

He: Don’t go to the dark side! Don’t become a veggie! Haha! The meat eater in London

Me:You made me laugh SO hard with your ‘don’t go to the dark side’. I actually think it will go on the blog. It is getting bad however. The day before yesterday it was Vegetable Moussaka at a Greek restaurant. I will have to come to London, get an infusion of meat and carry on. Who knew the danger of my going to the colonies. With love, the soon to be meat eater, Alexis

So in the days of yore I was a regular at the Rex and I was known for my hatred of vegetables. Once I was served a marvelous piece of meat but there was a problem.

Me: Help! The Brussel Sprouts are touching the meat.

The Wonderful Waiter: Madame we will take them away immediately, those cursed sprouts.

And he did and that is a truth and I was sitting at the Lord and Lady’s table all by myself. I wonder if the future Lord of Wiltshire eats vegetables? I fear so.

Perhaps the new word of the day should be meatloaf. Meatloaf is a dish of ground meat mixed with other ingredients and formed into a loaf shape, then baked or smoked. The shape is created by either cooking it in a loaf pan, or forming it by hand on a flat pan.[1] Meatloaf is usually made from ground beef, although lamb, pork, veal, venison, poultry and seafood are also used.

Well that was the definition. Np where did I see vegetables but the chef at Hy’s was being innovative. When I really like the food I ask to speak to the chef so that he can hear my praise as I am sort of a foodie. I spoke to the chef at Hy’s and told him that the mushroom sauce was genius because mushrooms have a rather meaty taste.

So it has been a great morning at it is not even seven as yet. There was an invitation from new friend Tracey to come to Burnaby for lunch with she and her husband. I cannot wait – a home-cooked meal. How very jolly! I will buy two belles of wine and get on the SkyTrain and there I will be. I teasingly said that I would invite them back in September when it is bound to be raining and my indoor apartment with its fireplace will be quite cozy.

And then an email from my incredible tax person gently reminding me that i forgot to pay her. We have never actually met, she lives in New York State but she reads my blogs and I would actually even say we were friends. She is so efficient, my taxes are always filed on time with no bother – so I had best pay her. In case IF any of you were on pins and needles worrying about what happened to my wire transfer WELL – if finally came through. FINALLY. It was such a relief! Yesterday I woke up and took a tranquilizer, I was so anxious about the situation. I wandered around in a mellow mood all day – it was a little unusual. More than a little. I did not write one thing however, no blog, no book, no nothing. So perhaps I should not take a tranquilizer. I just might however, as I have an appointment with Sir Richard and he has probably never seen me mellow.

I cannot exactly explain it but I do not like FaceBook and would have nothing to do with it except it is most easy to post on it when posting on Instagram. FaceBook is sort of my former life – the people who are my ‘friends’ and the events it chronicles. I almost fainted dead away when yesterday I saw a video of four years ago – a mere four. It was a party, a good bye party for me as I was leaving for my adventure in London. . It was so touching. The grandkids were there and they had written a song of farewell which was being sung with great enthusiasm. I was there with this strange hat on – one of those British things which has a name I cannot think of at this moment. There was a cake and I blew out the candles while carefully informing all that my false teeth might come out and land on the cake if I blew too hard. (They did not, by the way). At that time, a mere four years ago, I was intending to return to California and that life. I did not. So I do not have songs and grandkids but I have invitations to Burnaby, messages from meat eaters in London telling me not to go to the dark side, memories of the Lord and Ladies table, a blog reading tax person and last, but not least, Sir Richard. Of course, I miss my former life, the hugs and affection of the young ‘uns but life does go on. Hey – I forgot this part. If I had never left California I would not have this blog – this London and Beyond. This must be Beyond.

Look at that meat loaf – it was YUM.

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