Sometimes The Only Thing You Can Do Is Laugh; A Day From Hell But Surrounded by Hilarity and Total Improbability; Then a Funny Card Expressing My Sisterly Sentiments

Yesterday was a day from hell because of banks. I have decided to keep t my money under the mattress, the only problem with that plan is that I cannot get my hands on my money. It is whirling around in cyberspace somewhere. It should come as no surprise to anyone BUT banks do not work. Well they work for the banks but not for the people who put their money in them. I have spent three weeks (3) trying to arrange a wire transfer to get my rent paid. It has not worked. I spent the entire morning and most of the afternoon speaking with Chase Bank, with RBC and god knows who. And it is not over yet. I cannot believe it! I clearly need a Personal Assistant so I can get on with writing. 
Speaking of Personal Assistants negotiations are finally proceeding with Sir Richard. All will be pleased to know that he likes his job title – that of Cabana Boy. He wants a year, rather than a month of probationary period??? He complained about the two week leave and the fact that he has an eleven hour day, seven days a week. So I gave him a month’s leave and said he only had to work a four day week. 
He: Now you are talking, negotiation is on. 
Me; You are a creep, who would negotiate with you I am laughing so hard I will die. And you are still not in the will. I am tougher than you and older. 
Me: My day has been living hell and did I bother you????? No you have the day off. 
But here is the strangest part. I was taking time off the banking hell, having lunch and a glass of wine to calm down. Two young lads were sitting at an adjacent table – both of them graduates from Simon Fraser University and working for, of all things. a bank. I asked for their names. 
No.1: Chris 
No. 2. Jackson 
Well guys, my computer guru, the wonderful man who posts this blog every day has a name. It is Chris Jackson. Of course I had to tell him..
Me: Damn my sweet, an unbelievable story which is true. I am at lunch and talking to two young Chinese men, 23 and 24 at an adjacent table.  I ask them their names. Chris says one, Jackson says the other. I faint dead away. Honest to God. I tell them the significance of their names. I still CANNOT get over it. Alexis 
He: God Damn that’s weird! Maybe I should buy a lucky tiger penis or something. 
I had sent him an email earlier in the day 
Me: I am having such a terrible day dealing with banks. But in the middle of the hour I opened my blog and it was there, my blog of the day, It brought my such relief. You are my hero!!!!!
He:  Super chris saves the day!? Xx glad to be of service my dear
But there are other bright lights. My financial advisor Nicholas was wonderful and infused money into an account. The staff at RBC on Homer and Richards are truly magnificent. 
So I come home to my apartment and lay down and have a nap to be awoken to some Comcast voice booming over a loud speaker system in my apartment. Then there is a knock at the door and the manager, who is the rudest person on the face of the earth is there with a young man. She says this is MANDATORY, this checking of the system. Well it is not mandatory, access to apartments is strictly limited and must be granted according to bylaws and only for reasons related to health and safety I allow him access and close the door on the woman who has been constantly and consistently rude to me and everyone. I discovered earlier in the day that she makes $80,000 a year and she gets a place to live in the building. Well, if they are paying her to be rude they are getting aa bargain. Everyone puts up with her. Canadians are, by and large, passive aggressive sheep., it seems to me. There are wonderful ones as well and they populate my firmament but the vast majority are not. So, as you see, my bad mood continues. 
But it will be a great day for me. I see Sir Richard at 11, lunch with wonderful Tracey, go to VPL for a course and then meet Shelley for a drink. 
The photo attached is a picture of a card I bought in London.  It is so funny. Unfortunately there was no eBay when my brothers were little. Goodness knows I would have gotten rid of them. These days they would not fetch much and would be a total liability. 

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