It is Monday, not Sunday Stupid; Math Assistance and More From the Equinox; a Killer Day in the Long Run with a Shot on Instagram; Two Men Return; then Cheese Bread and a New Concept

I awoke yesterday morning, depressed, dispirited, even desperate. I was convinced it was Sunday and sought to fill the day, thinking a trip to the library to be a necessity as it would at least get me out of the apartment. Then at about 10 realized it was Monday, boy was I relieved!

The following text massage had occurred between yours truly and Sir Richard.

Me: Need math assistance but I guess it can wait until Monday at 10.

Then the next day:

He: Any chance your math lesson can wait until noon tomorrow?

Me: Anything for you Hahahaha. A nooner, I have not done that in a good long while.

He: Hahahahaha

So fortunately I was able to make the appointment and arrived at the Equinox with tales of the mistaken day. I have been retired for fourteen years and I have NEVER been confused about what day it is. Fantastic! A new low! I had a cheery time while training but unfortunately, all the funny lines are Sir Richard’s. I was on the stationery bicycle, pumping away and was tiring.

Me: I am tired. You are killing me with this speed.

He: Keep going!

Me: Well, it would not be good if I die because you are not included in the will as yet.

He: The speed has been immediately turned down.

Then, this one. B.T.I.C., another trainer announced:

He: I read your blog.

Me: That makes me so happy! Can I give you a hug and kiss your cheek?

He: Of course?

He: (to Sir Richard) Why don’t you read her blog?

He: Because then she’d kiss me.

So that is funnier than I was, much funnier.

Me: I have it when you are funnier than I am

He: I know!

So I was being tortured in the gym as it was super hot outside and so we trained insidet. I was laying on the floor and being forced to do something very complicated but, of course, I was talking all the time.

Me: So I am done with men. That last episode with JRM was at least over quite quickly.

He: Do you remember Sam?

Sam is a handsome young man who I had met at the gym before who was being trained along side of me.

Me: Of course I remember Sam. He is such a handsome young man.

Me: (to Sir Richard) Well that lasted a long time. I say I am done with men and two seconds later I am flirting with one.

Hottie: I noticed, that was record time!

Me: Do be quiet!

So with all that laughter I left the gym in a much better mood. I walked toward home but then, by VAG, I spied a Walking Tour man, Joshua. with an umbrella. I started to talk to him and a young woman from Italy. We did a video that I uploaded to Instagram. By then I was starving and thinking that a Margherita might be a real good idea. Joshua gave me directions to some place but I could not find it and instead found Hy’s Steak House. What a find!!! It is dark, reminds me in some ways of the Rex Whistler. The staff is absolutely charming and courteous and fantastic. Do not faint but I had the vegetable meat load – it was delicious and the chef came out of the kitchen (upon my request) and I told him how good it was. They have a marvelous happy hour menu. All is right with the world.

I went to Suki’s and Vicky gave me a great blow dry and my hair looks great. She does such a good job and we really like each other a great deal.

Then it was a walk toward home stopping at my favorite dress store where I found a really nice dress. Then to my favorite shoe store, the Aldo’s on Granville where I bought a very lovely pair of running shoes for no money at all. My purple running shoes are getting worn. I stopped at IGA to get milk and met a darling little girl by the name of Alexa, she is three and a half and was wearing a darling yellow hat. Then to Jinya Ramen for a snack. I love that place and they love me, particularly the good looking bartender who is from Singapore, which is near Malaysia. I heard from a very reliable source that Joo Kim Tiah is back in town. He is Malaysian, so the last is not a nonsequitor. (not spelled correctly).

As my day progressed favorably I texted Sir Richard.

Me: I feel so much better. Thank you for today, which is Monday.

He: I’m glad

Me: Me too. Hahahahahaha

So was treated royally and with such respect at Hy’s and at Jinya Ramen. But not, the night before, at the St. Regis and Lennox Pub. . Why the difference as I am the same person? It is because the St. Regis and the Lennox Pub are third rate places often with third rate customers and occasional third rate staff. My advice? Stay clear of both of those places. I certainly shall. The arrogance of some staff at these places – there are hundreds of restaurants and bars in this city. Who needs you???

So not to end in a negative note. FaceBook contained an announcement that friends from long ago and far away were celebrating their 52nd anniversary. I purchased a funny card in London which sagely said: You’d get less time for murder (Happy Anniversary! I did not send it to them, they were hiking somewhere. Hiking at their age – what is the world coming to?!?!

Joo Kim Tiah’s return will not make a difference in my life. But I got an email this morning from a slightly younger man whose return to my firmament means the world to me. But I am not talking, some things get to private in my world.

I love the new definition pictured. E.H.B supplied it to me when we met on what was Sunday. Hahahaha There is also a picture of the cheese bread from Hy’s. It is better than sex, if can remember. I had the cheese bread yesterday.

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