Dumping JRM’; The Case for Empathy; Being a Finisher; Listen to Leaving the Table

I so adore Leonard Cohen and he is constantly playing in my life at the moment. I do so love

Leaving the Table. Listen to it, it is a cold and rational letting go of a relationship. I am getting quite adept at ending things. So adept is the word of the day, this time using synonyms:

expert, proficient, accomplished, skillful, talented, masterly, masterful, consummate, virtuoso; adroit, dexterous, deft, artful; brilliant, splendid, marvelous, formidable, outstanding, first-rate, first-class, excellent, fine; informal great, top-notch, tip-top, A1, ace, mean, hotshot, crack, nifty, deadly; informal crackerjack. ANTONYMS inept.

So I used my head and not my heart, coupled with input from a NPR email posing that pointed out that separation from a loved one causes pain. Separation would characterize the relationship between JRM and yours truly as he lives in Montreal and I live in Vancouver. I have no urge to live in Montreal and his extremely important position with the federal government would preclude his living here. So, I said:

Me: Get a grip girlfriend!

Alter Ego: Are you sure?

Me: Yes, and I have decided he does not have empathy.

Alter Ego: A necessity!

Me: Yes, it is the E in CHASED. He had the others, he was Charismatic, Humorous, Available. Smart and Sexy and. I guess, Dependable.

Alter Ego: But not empathetic?

Me: No. And a guy has to have all of the characteristics.

So I do admit I am sad as I write. But I will get over it. E.H.B. is coming to dinner, she is great and I admire her grit and she is funny. i am going to make a chicken salad – we shall be jolly. At my ripe age of 75 you have got to get on with things. I am.

In case any of you need advice I merely sent JMR a text.

Me: I am sorry, your silence shows you have no empathy – good bye.

One does not have to be mean or call upon Me Too or stuff like that. Merely express your feelings. I did. This guy is going to be a huge success – I truly think the Prime Minister of Canada one day. Such accomplishments and such ambition in a young man. But I need empathy and unfortunately, powerful and rich men either do not have empathy or will lose if when they achieve power. This concept is extensively explored in my 6, 2018 blog and mentioned in my June 8, 2018 blog. But empathy remains if the man has a ‘toe holder”. Winston Churchill had his wife, she kept hi. human. She sassed him, boy can I sass. I can sass and I can shun, Fortunately I have retirement income which allows me to do both. So there! So there! So there!

Could I be wrong about JRM? Perhaps. I do not think so. The door is not slammed shut. Who knows? Sir Richard would say I am not being rational. Well, I am ( in that I did not loose my temper). But it is intuition, I admit. The treatise on empathy is totally scientific and rational by the way.

I need to get back to the book. As one man, speaking of the book, pointed out:

He: You are a finisher!

Me: Thanks luv. I think there is a sexual innuendo contained in that statement.

He: There was.

Me: So thanks yet again.

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