Where Has the Serious Me Gone?; Let Down by Sports Bras; My Muji; Laudatory Laduree; A Great Guy; A Funny Card

So when I meet new people and hand out my blog card people ask me what I blog about:

Me: Well you really have to read it to see. But this is it basically. It is about my life, which is weird and constantly changing. I am funny and cheerful so that is what attracts people initially but after awhile funny gets rather trite and trivial.

They: So what do you do then?

Me: Then I turn serious and discuss any manner of things – taxation, Trump, misogyny, passive-aggressive behavior, mothers that pay more attention to their phones rather than their children. Those are some examples I can recall.

They But then what happens?

Me: People groan and say: I am tired of serious, it is boring. Please bring back funny.

They: Do you?

Me: I do.

But it seems that I have not been serious in a long while and it ain’t going to happen today, or this morning anyway. I am planning to go to the library and write from there, so hopefully you shall get a little content. I cannot remember one funny thing that happened at the Equinox. I took the tranquilizer but no one saw any change in my behavior – I was not more mellow. There was quite a bit of disappointment at the Equinox around that one. Afterwards I went for a donut and ran into B.T.I.C. who told me he was getting a donut for someone’s birthday (I did not believe him). I picked up my cleaning at the dry cleaners in the Fortis building and then found myself walking toward Laduree which is on Robson Street. But I stopped at a store that was selling sports bras and gamely tried on two assisted by a handsome young man.

Me These things must be designed by a man.

He: Why do you say that?

Me: Well – one is impossible to get in and out of. Impossible!

He: And the other?

Me: It was way, way too small and I had the extra large. I was hanging out all over. So I guess it is a project for another day.

So that was that. It was next door to Muji. I love that store. There was one in London, close to where I lived and a number of purchases were made there – suitcases, umbrellas, storage stuff. Then one day I was walking down Robson and there it was – a Muji here in Vancouver and a big one. Yesterday I ended up buying a neck pillow as it was on sale and I needed one because my neck can hurt because of too much writing on the computer. The salesperson was so super helpful. I also bought some socks. Then I went into Laduree. which is heaven on earth. It is so very French and makes me feel like I am in Paris. I texted Sir Richard from there

Me: Confessions. 1. I had a donut 2. The tranquilizer works, makes me calmer inside and so happier. 3. Lunch with Julie not until 2:30 so having prelunch at Laduree. Only three other women here and they are not attractive – so no need for you to be here. Hahahahahaha

He: Some emoji

Me: I guess that means good for you, you man of few words. How could you have many words because I do not let you get in a word edgewise.

I spoke to the owner of Laduree- a wonderful woman with a vision of what she wants her store to be – utterly French. They use the finest ingredients. She hires the best staff, they are uniformly helpful and courteous. It is an oasis. They have just begun to make desserts – I plan to take dessert when I go to Tracey’s house for lunch. I already told her. It seems that young people of today do not seem to know that when you are invited for a meal – you bring something. It can be wine, it can be chocolates, it could be flowers, it could be dessert – but something. But the mellow me does not get angry or demanding. The mellow me just does not invite them back. Family members are coming back – I cannot parent everybody. My hands are full these days.

Then I went to real lunch at Dunn’s where i met Julie and we had a wonderful time together. She is a writer and so we had a great deal to talk about. She makes a living from her writing. I never did. I wrote, of course, but appeals, motions, contracts. The stuff of life and then I had to unlearn third person passive and find my own style. I did, I have.

A former friend was mean to me on FaceBook. But a wonderful man came to my assistance and stood up for me. This is the second time he made such an appearance on FaceBook. When I was disconsolate last October he wrote: “You are always in my heart!” It brought me so much comfort. So the word of the day is disconsolate, it is an adjective with the following meaning: without consolation or comfort; unhappy: he’d met the man’s disconsolate widow. In a way I feel sorry for the former friend – she probably does not have anyone in her life to bring her comfort. Much less an old boyfriend from forty-five years ago. My goodness, does time ever fly!.

The picture is a card I bought at Papyrus – when I saw it I just laughed and laughed and laughed. I found it to be hilarious and so I am passing it on. So it is off to the library and then back home for a mellow evening. Wonderful Klaus came over and helped me with my television. I am utterly stupid when it comes to technology which is probably one reason why I found the card so funny.

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