Unsolicited Advice; Hottie or Sir Richard; Mavis Gallant; T trashes T; Tapioca Pudding; ending with A Competition 

In the midst of a training session at the Equinox I received a test:
He: Hello Alexis 
Me: At the gym with Hottie 
He: Enjoy yourself. You could probably go a step forward with the relationship with Hottie. 
Now what the in the world is that supposed to mean? Men can be such strange “creatures at times. It is evident, from prior communications, that this individual is jealous of relationship – with Hottie. But why? And then tells me that I should “go a step forward”. Needless to say I am not taking this advice. The truism ”If it ain’t broke don’t fix it comes to mind.” 
Oh, by the way, it suddenly occurred to me to ask. 
Me: Thinking of you. Do you prefer to be called Hottie or Sir Richard of Hot? Sorry, I did not ask you before. 
Typical guy that he is – no response. But when verbally questioned said that he likes both and they can be interchanged. 
But onto other matters. A new book from the library Mavis Gallant’s Across the Bridge. The book jacket announced that “Mavis Gallant once told an interviewer that she could no more stop being a Canadian then she could change the color of her eyes.” However, when one reads on it says: “She continues to live in Paris” Huh? Ms. Gallant is a superb writer and os a master in the art of the short story. But if she is such a tried and true Canadian why is she living in Paris? I don’t feel that way. I don’t feel like I am a Canadian and I certainly do not feel that I am an American (left Canada for San Francisco in 1967, returned to Canada in March of 2017,) It was certainly easy to NOT be an American with the latest fiasco by the charming President Trump. He royally insults Prime Minister Trudeau and then is shown in an almost embrace with the Korean guy. Touching his arm, his back, practically opening door for the vile creature, who is, after all, considered to be the enemy of the free world.  It was sickening to watch from the bar stool at Cafe Bacchus . Now I am not an avid adherent of Trudeau – a marvelous shoe repair man and I laughed that Trumps rebuke of our prime minister was the best thing that ever happened to Trudeau. Trudeau we both opined is an ‘empty sleeve”. Canadians (as I call them0 are increasingly irritating me. When something offensive happens on the streets of this city I huffily say to the passerby’s: “You Canadians, never speak up.. Twice I was reduced to gales of laughter when one man said he was  Iranian and another from Columbia. I laughed at myself and they laughed at me and it was all rather jolly. 
I suddenly thought of the word that describes ‘those Canadians”  – it is complacency a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements. My marvelous computer guru wrote after the posting of the last blog: 
He: Today I learnt the word abeyance! Thank you!
Me: You are welcome, my darling man. 
But back to Mavis Gallant. She is an incredible writer. She describes a scene – a mother begins to sob, the daughter goes to comfort her but also begins to cry: “she wondered how tears could flow in so many directions at once.” Now that is wordsmanship. But Mavis was born in 1922, perhaps if I work long and hard I can get as good by the time I am her age. Doubtful, particularly since I have the horrible tendency to get distracted and in such strange ways. 
I asked a man of my acquaintance if he liked tapioca pudding: 
He: I’ve never had it
Me: Well I made some. I am sure you will love it. It is white and bland like you. Hahahaha! I won that round. 
He: WOW, you won’t win if you lie. I win 
Me: You are white and bland. Prove to me that you are not! I am SO laughing. And still laughing. We are weird!
He: You*
Me: No you too silly!! *back 
Goodness knows that is not great literature but it is fun. I am not sure why we are texting as I do see him quite frequently and he actually lives in Vancouver. 
If you think that is weird, this is going to be weirder. The trainers at the Equinox are an extremely competitive lot. They compete with each other – not the clients of course. One trainer, whose nickname is Beachie, devised a new competition. For reasons which may remain unknown I took a picture of him and Hottie. We had this conversation outside the presence of Hottie.
Me: Is it ok if I put your picture on my blog and talk about it? 
He: Of course, I have been waiting for years to be on your blog.
Me: (laughing) How could you? I have only been writing the blog for a little more than a year!
He: I was thinking ahead and I knew you could do it! 
Me: Thanks, why did you not let me know? 
So this is mostly Beachie’s idea. The picture is posted on the blog and people are asked to vote. Which man are you most drawn to, most attracted to and Why?. So I say: 
Me: Why not? 
The first response is from Wonder Alice.
She: ‘Jesus is that Hottie? My Lord how have you not had a heart attack? I’ll take the tattoos” Me: Actually my heart is in fine shape. Go figure!”
But here is the real truth. I do not know Beachie that well as he is not my trainer. But Hottie is the kindest, most considerate, sweetest man who has been there for me through thick and thin. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is handsome but looks are not everything. He is not at all vain, nor is Beachie. They are both industrious young men who strive to help their clients achieve their goals. And no one is paying me to say this. Perhaps I should ask. 
So if you have my email address send me your ‘ballot’ – if not perhaps Chris can collect blog responses and send them on to me.  I am not sure what prize will go to the winner. Me maybe. Hahahahaha.  
Hottie on the left, Beachie on the right.. let us know what you think, leave a comment!

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