Things Held in Abeyance But Now Revealed; Sir Richard to the Rescue (yet again); No More Board; The Importance of Personal Trainers; Ending with This Must be Vancouver

It has occurred to me that there are several matters being held in abeyance. For all of you unfamiliar with that word it is defined as: Abeyance (from the Old French abeyance meaning “gaping”) is a state of expectancy in respect of property, titles or office, when the right to them is not vested in any one person, but awaits the appearance or determination of the true owner.

Now that is the strict definition but, in simpler terns: a state of temporary disuse or suspension.

1 The June 13,2018 blog mentioned a new role in my life. That will be discussed later in this blog.

2 The June 12, 2018 blog mentioned that I would retrieve my summer clothes from storage Done and I was quite impressed with my organization of the wardrobe.. But I did not buy a sports bra nor did I go to VAG.

3. The June 10, 2018 blog spoke of being victimized by Shell Vacations Club. After two telephone calls the matter was resolved with the payment of a minuscule amount of money The organization was operating in an illegal fashion by harassing me with their debt collection procedures but it is not my problem because I usually, I would say always, pay my bills on time.

4. The June 10, 2018 blog also spoke of Sir Richard’s reaction to my business card. He did say that I look younger today than when the picture was taken. But Adele says that the wedding (not mine for once) occurred in April of 2014. But still I look younger and everyone agrees. They had better.

5. The June 9,2018 blog hinted that I would be offering thoughts on suicide but research on that subject as been stalled as friend Chris has not gotten back to me.

6. The June 9,2018 blog mentions that I might run for mayor of Vancouver. I am not because my zeal for reform would probably led to my death by some of the evil forces around here. So no thank you to that one. I mean I may die eventually but no use hastening the process.

7. The June 8, 2018 blog mentioned dinner with a handsome young man. It went well, the food delicious and I did look very cute wearing my Cordon Bleu apron from Paris. I took a course there one year, just a one day course but it was most enlightening and is included in a book I wrote (and had forgotten about). It is on my iPad.

Now backwards to the new role that I contemplated. I received late notice that there was a Marin County Employee Retirement Association election to fill two openings on the retirement board. It was a late notice because they did not take into account the extremely tardy Canadian postal service. If one lived in the United States the mailing would have been sufficient but not here, or anywhere international. But the administrator of the retirement fund was most helpful and wonderful friend Jean stepped up to the plate and it seemed like it might be possible to meet the deadline. It was necessary to get ten signatures on a petition to qualify

I was seriously considering it because my value system dictates active involvement in life, not just holding my hand out and waiting for my monthly check to be deposited. The meetings would be once a month and I would fly to SFO. I was eminently qualified as I had served on the Deferred Compensation Board prior to my move to London and did look forward to being back in the land of high finance. So I went to the Equinox with the plan of getting everything together and meeting the deadline. But Sir Richard, in an extremely subtle way, started me to rethink this. I have no idea what he said – if he would have said something like: “That is a stupid idea.” I would have done if FOR SURE. So I was having some qualms as I walked home in the rain and then everything seemed to go wrong and I gave it up. I gave up the dream of being a MCERA board member. I texted Sir Richard with the news and my thanks.

Me: I do listen to you. Proof? I decided NOT to do retirement board thing. You were so subtle but I got it and things kept going wrong. A message from God and Hottie.

He: That is all you need to do. Listen once. I am glad and proud.

Me: You are so sweet. What would I do without you? I laugh

He: Probably be on a plane to Dubai/Belgium/England/China

Me. Shut up! You made me laugh so hard I ALMOST wet myself.

So I figured out the Dubai, Belgium and England plane rides but not China. But then it occurred to me. There was this guy who went to China temporarily and I contemplated showing up in our mutual favorite city, Shanghai. Needless to say, I did not. Thank goodness for that.

Personal trainers have played a large role in my life of late. Going through my London papers I found a dear note written by my London personal trainer on the occasion of my return to Canada.

Dear Alexis,

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for allowing my the honor of being your Personal Trainer. It has been a joy and an experience training you. You are a very interesting and intriguing person and a great client. I wish you the very best in your future endeavours and travels and you will be missed, xoxo

I cried when he gave me that note and now I cry again. How very sweet. The poor man, he had his hands full giving me romantic advice and the crisis around my ‘deportation’ and unexplained terrible sadness. But he still said I would be missed and I have it in writing.

Where would I be without my personal trainers? On some plane. Hahahahaha

I also spoke to cousin Gail about my decision to abandon the Board position.

She: That was wise. It might have been different if you were in San Francisco.

Me: You mean I am not?

She: No Alexis. You are in Vancouver.

Me: Oh yeah! I should have been able to figure that out by the rain.

The photograph is the heather that Tracey gave me for my birthday. It is in the nook by my bed, where I am writing this blog this morning.

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