He Was Not a Crown Prince After All But In Many Ways It Was Fun; Putting a Wedding Dress to Good Use

So yesterday I did follow up with the Crown Prince of Dubai. I fired off a text through Instagram saying that if he was the Crown Prince of Dubai then I was the Queen of Sheba and did not immediately hear back. But then I looked him up on Wikipedia. Gosh, I concluded, that might just be him. There was an uncanny resemblance and the Crown Prince was an incredible man graduating from Sandhurst and London School of Economics, doing wonderful things and writing romantic poetry on the side. So what is a girl to do? Well text Sir Richard of Hot.

Me: Honest to goodness the Crown Prince of Dubai Instagramming me. I know it sounds improbable but….

He: Hahaha. Another fake?

Me: Well of course! We will block him tomorrow.

Then later after Googling the real thing.

Me: Well I did look him up and it looks just like him. Born in 1982. How old?

Sir Richard: 36 or 37

Me; Thanks, at least older than you! Hahahahaha Where is Dubai, by the way

Sir Richard: Middle East. Near Saudi Arabia

Me: Thanks dear

Then I went to VPL to perform several functions which did include borrowing some books on Dubai and while there talked to two women in Bookmarks – one of which had been in Dubai. Then to lunch at the Greek place. It was from there that I sent a text to the Prince, although I had sent one earlier that said:

Me: Oops sorry maybe you are. I am not the Queen of Sheba however (and referred him to my blog.

I began this thread:

Me: I have a poetry project. Do you want to hear about it? What does being a crown prince entail by the way??

He; Let me hear about the project

Me: It is similar to my In Contemplation and In Conversation (see blog). It concerns the Levy Collection I need a poet for my prose. I could mail the book to you but where are you?

He; Dubai . I will be if you can come to Dubai with your project.

Me: No I will not! I will mail you book but you have an airlines I am stubborn.

He: Before I can do anything with you. You need too have the royal membership card.

Me: Oh and how much money do I pay for that?

He: 1000$

Me: I am not that stupid by the way.

He: But you need it okay

Me: Shove your royal membership card up your rear end.

He: Hahaha

He I will talk to my father about you.

Me: Your father? He is more my age.

He: When you come to Dubai I promise to make you feel happy

Me: I make myself feel happy. I do not need you. I will talk about this on my blog and take back the library books on Dubai.

So I do believe I was scammed on Instagram. A woman would have to be real stupid to think that you need a membership card to visit a Crown Prince. But it must work on some otherwise he would not be doing it. I do not think I want to visit Dubai anyway, it sounds like a rather dull place, very sort of manufactured.

So honestly all of that happened to me yesterday. But I also signed up for a course on Ebooks which will be in July, was insulted by a staff member (very unusual, everyone there is super) and hired a wonderful woman to do research on any existing muffler ordinances in Vancouver. I am sick and tired of the noise. One has to start small and work big. Today mufflers, tomorrow the world.

Life Made Easy came and cleaned my apartment. What wonderful women and what a good job they did. They have cleaned my apartment before and are uniformly great. I signed up for ongoing service and because of that, and the fact I am old, I get a reduced rate. They are so efficient. My apartment is spotless and well organized. All is right with the world, even though there is no Crown Prince. Hahahaha

A busy day contemplating a whole new role in my life. More about that later. Hey, remember the five dollar wedding dress from My Sister’s Closet? I made it into ‘art’ using the ‘tree’ purchased two or three months ago. Because you do recall I am not getting married again.

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