Downright Weird; No Handyman; A Funny Email Exchange;  ending with the Denouement with Video of the Knighting of Sir Richard of Hot

I awoke to the knowledge that my life is a little unusual; in fact my life is down right weird. I would not like it any different but brother, is it EVER weird. If you read this blog you definitely know what I am talking about. Sometimes. when I meet and talk with strangers I say: 
Me: You are not going to believe this but I always tell the truth and then I give them a fact, for example, that I lived in the Trump International Hotel for four months. Now that was more than a little weird. Now I live in a great apartment in Yaletown. That is believable and it is not weird but my life remains weird. One example of weirdness occurred yesterday when I knighted Sir Richard of Hot with a sword purchased from a dollar store. Although there were a number of views on FaceBook there were only two likes and one comment. Now that is weird, who could not like the pomp and circumstance of that occasion? The comment was so funny: 
He: You need a longer sword. I assume Sir Richard already has one. 
Ne: Not that I have seen. Hahahaha 
So after the ceremony Sir Richard and I trained outdoors as it was a nice day. Now that is weird because the Equinox is the nicest gym in the world and we go outside away from the machines and the testosterone and use stairs and park benches, the ordinary stuff of life. We do laugh a lot and I never stop talking, even with the promise of a star for five minutes of silence. Boss Lady asked what I will get for all of my stars but Sir Richard and I determined that the stars are the rewards in and of themselves. Muscles and stars are enough. I did not take the stars or the book with me to the Equinox yesterday – just the sword. 
The Handyman was a no show. Men?!?!?! I complained in an email to one of them. 
He: MEN!?!? cant get rid of them.
Me: Yeah! Can’t live with them, can’t live without them!!! hahahaha
He:in your case, MANY of them!
Me: Yeah I know, particularly recently. Like 16 men wanting to go to bed with me since April 2016 and then the huge passel of them that did not ask – like you for example and CCC.  DAMN what is it about me. Almost every trainer at the Equinox as well.  I suppose we throw in ??? – definitely not one of the 16. hAhahahahahaha 
Now honest, that was an email exchange that went on yesterday morning. It is funny, it is true.
But now I will switch to fiction. The fictionalized story of Kim Me Poo and Alicia McTwit is going to have a denouement. This s what a denouement is: The dénouement (pronounced UK/deɪˈnuːmɒ̃/US/deɪˈnuːmɑːn/;[17] French: [denumɑ̃]) comprises events from the end of the falling action to the actual ending scene of the drama or narrative. Conflicts are resolved, creating normality for the characters and a sense of catharsis, or release of tension and anxiety, for the reader.[18] Etymologically, the French word dénouement is derived from the word dénouer, “to untie”, from nodus, Latin for “knot.” It is the unraveling or untying of the complexities of a plot.
The comedy ends with a dénouement (a conclusion), in which the protagonist is better off than at the story’s outset. The tragedy ends with a catastrophe, in which the protagonist is worse off than at the beginning of the narrative. Exemplary of a comic dénouement is the final scene of Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It, in which couples marry, an evildoer repents, two disguised characters are revealed for all to see, and a ruler is restored to power. In Shakespeare’s tragedies, the dénouement is usually the death of one or more characters. 
So Kim Me and Alicia are wed, gone on the honeymoon and return to life in Vancouver. The following conversation takes place: 
Alicia: I cannot live like this – there is so much intrigue and game playing because of your money. You are a sweet man but you are surrounded by users and evil people who try to involve me in their shenanigans.
He: What are you proposing? Are you going to leave me? 
Alicia: No! But you have to stop being the heir and instead we both can live on my retirement salary. And when I die there is the death benefit. Then you can do what you really like doing, not running around accumulating more wealth. 
He: I will do it! 
Then there would be “normalacy for the characters and a sense of catharsis.”  Catharsis is the process of releasing and therefore causing relief from profound and repressed emotions. There would be a happy ending, in other words. 
No more blog as today is major chore day. Go to the bank, do legal stuff, arrange for storage of stuff, turn in volunteer form to symphony etc. etc. etc. Attached will be the video of the knighting of Sir Richard. 

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