A Liar Leaves; The Power of Social Media; Then to Slovakia

I recently learned that a man, a known liar, is leaving Vancouver. I hate lying at the best of times – at all times actually – but his lies about me were particularly destructive. They resulted in the termination of a relationship when the man involved believed the lies told by the liar over my truths. But I do see that it was not altogether the fault of the liar – if the man had not believed the lie all would be well. I did sent the liar an email quite recently. The subject line was: I Caught You In Another Lie. I have removed identifying data from the email.

Me: “The trouble with people that lie is as follows: there is a fact (the truth) but liars turn it into one or two facts and then (if they are good) have to remember three facts instead of just one and remember who they said them to. You, my dear, are not a good liar. It is so much easier to tell the truth, but you are so out of practice. dnefwmmcb. Sincerely, Wonder Woman (wbt).”

I am not conceited enough to think that this email drove him away, there are other perfectly good reasons. But strangely enough, this man, this liar saved my life. I bet he is living to regret that. I do laugh, I have a great sense of humor that does save me.

I occasionally marvel at the effects of social media. On Easter morning cousin Gail sent me an Easter email. It was so cute – before one would get a card perhaps, or an Easter egg. Now an email and it was darling. But the main reason for my wonder was the recent posting on Instagram, FaceBook and this blog of me in the wedding dress. It brought responses from far and wide on FaceBook and they were absolutely amazing to me. Glo was my ‘secretary’ (as we used to call them) for about twenty years.

Glo: I remember wedding dress #3

Me: You do realize it is a joke, do you not? Yes I loved the #3 dress. It was bright blue.

Glo: I do read the blog and await the Poo wedding pictures.

Me: You slay me Glo – and darn I did not even think about the photography. (Then some comments about the real thing.) To go or not to go, that is the question.

Then the sister in law of ‘sister’ Adele commented:

She: You never cease to surprise us! When’s the big day?

Me: It is a joke – you must read the blog or get Adele to fill you in on the fictionalized nuptials.

She: I know.

Me: I am dying laughing! I guess we should set the date. When would be convenient to you? Perhaps an Edmonton wedding as well. Seats only a hundred thousand – of course free to Meuniers and relatives, would you sing? If so what? Hahaha

She: For you anything!

Me: I am thinking – what about You Are the Wind Beneath My Feet or something like that. Or Sinatra’s My Way

A London friend commented on FaceBook

He: How much money has he got?

Me: It is my fictionalized wedding to a multibillionaire. So he has heaps of money. Hahahahahaha

E.H.B. (visiting in China) commented:

She: You are too cute.

Me: Is there any such thing as TOO CUTE?!?!?! Hahahahahahaha

So all of that attention and so many comments from Idaho, Edmonton, London and China. The power of social media. All concerning a fictionalized wedding that is taking place in New Zealand (and I guess Edmonton). I better get on social media and figure out the venue in Edmonton.

Well, I did ask those Edmonton folk and no response as yet. I think the reception at the MacDonald Hotel is very interesting as that is where Garth and I and our tiny wedding group went for drinks after Marriage #! which took place at the offices below the Syphillis Clinic on Jasper Avenue. I do not jest, it is true. I wore navy blue as my mother failed to construct my wedding dress. But I was cute. No pictures survive. I must get on the Poo pictures, my Glo. Thank you for the reminder.

I tell these things to encourage positivity. Last night at West Oak I said to a Chef:

Me: I love sitting here at the chef’s table and watching your work. I love my frequent visits here.

He: You must come here every day.

Honest to goodness. His nickname is Slov because he was born in Slovakia – I have been there. Honest Injun. Hahahahahaha

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