The Schizophrenia of Vancouver; A Paradox; Good Bye to Many; a Conversation with my Cousin and Even More

This is, as far as I am concerned, an example of the schizophrenia of Vancouver. The other day I was leaving the Equinox and was attracted by a rally with signs and a loudspeaker. This demonstration was taking place on the corner of West Georgia and Thurlow. So I listened and accepted a (not very helpful or informative) handout that was entitled: Beedie, You’ve Been Beat! Do the Right Thing. Apparently it has to do with a proposed development at 105 Keefer, in Chinatown. Apparently the Chinatown Action Committee got an appeal rejected, or something.The hand out was very poorly written.
But here is what is so schizophrenic about it all. This demonstration is on the corner of property owned by Joo Kim Tiah – a multibillionaire who really has done nothing for social housing. Look at Little Mountain for example and there are other examples I am sure. Now that is weird! Think about it for a moment. Should there not be a consolidated approach to the total lack of social housing instead of all of these separate and fragmented movements? But not in Vancouver and excuse me, I am not running for mayor of Vancouver as it is not my problem. I did not get this city in the mess it is in and I am 74 years old and I hate meetings and politicians. So there! So there! So there! 
I am thinking about my next moves. VPL did some great research for me about books that were written about blogs. But here is the  paradox which is defined as a statement or proposition that, despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory. If I write a book about blogging I would have to give up blogging. It would be impossible to do both at the same time because it would be too time consuming and it would become overwhelming. So I guess I have got to think about this all – to sort as they would say in the UK. 
Cousin Gail and I had this conversation. Now emailing is one thing but sometimes you HAVE to have someone to talk to. One can not live by email alone and (statistically speaking) most relationships that are limited to emails fade and die. It has been the fate of many of my relationships with people recently. Mainly, Californians because it is now absolutely clear that I am not returning to live there and most have not taken the time or effort to visit me in either London or in Vancouver, i am sorry but I have a life here in Canada that is far better in every way than was my life in California (or London for that matter.) I will miss some of them but one only has so much space and it is better for me to have people here for me that I can see, be with and share good times together. But this is the conversation I had with my cousin: 
Me: Well, if I gave up the blog than I would have a normal life. 
She: I am not sure of that. 
Me: Really? So no more normal for me?
She: I don’t think so. 
Me: Well, what the hell. I am a actually getting very good at weird. 
She: I have noticed. 
So everyone needs a rock, a person who you can count on being there for you and keeps you grounded. Many of you do not know this but Gail and I  are not exactly typical cousins – we met seven years ago at my father’s ninetieth birthday party which was held at a deconsecrated church in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. I was living in California at the time, I had just ditched husband #3. I had no idea, whatsoever back then that I would be living here now and having almost daily telephone conversations with her. i bet she is thinking that was one party that she should have skipped. Hahahahaha. 
Yesterday I went to the gym to meet with E.H,B. (formerly of Trump International Hotel). We have become gym buddies and in a time of distress she texted me: “I am here for you.” And she was – I so needed people to talk to. She was so wise and made me laugh and she knew and understood the people involved. Not like those in California or other places who simply do not understand how complicated my life has become and cannot, in all fairness, be expected to . And I am rather fed up with judgmental comments made by people who have no clue. 
I left the gym and walked homeward passing through Robson Square where there were two musicians playing their hearts out with at least two songs that made tears come to my eyes. Memories of times in London, a relationship that did not work out but thank goodness it did not – otherwise I would not be here now. Being alone is critical to my complicated life. There is no room for some guy – it would be way too much. And I am way too much to handle or control. Ask anyone who has been around me for more than ten minutes. hahaha 
I am now watching the Red Carpet at the Oscars and it does deserve my full attention. Attached will be a video of me at Robson Square yesterday. I did make a video at the gym but I will limit myself to one. If you want to see more of me look at alexismctwit on Instagram.  I got the sweetest compliment in an email sent by a Vancouver guy. It said:” Your instagram is HOT HOT HOT!  i love your videos – they are the best. they showcase a glimpse of you and i love that” ! How lucky can one girl get and he lives here and is, therefore, stuck with me. Hahahaha.  

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