I Lead the Weirdest and Most Wonderful Life With Multiple Ups and Downs and a Huge Instagram Following As Well

When we last left off I had an appointment to be seen by a neurologist at a place near Vancouver General Hospital.

I began the day by going to the gym. I was most upset and took off someone’s head when they suggested that things would turn out ok.

She: Everything will turn out fine.

Me: I HATE that way of thinking, the only way things ever turn out is if I make them turn out. Sitting around and being passive gets no one anywhere!

But then Hottie spoke to me.

Hottie: Alexis, she was not trying to give you advice. She was just trying to make you feel better.

Me: Thank you Hottie for bringing that to my attention. I will apologize to her after we get done with  the training session.

I did and she told me the best story – that her mother had a stroke but recovered completely and plays the cello. I wonder if I can manage to do that, I must get a cello. (Now that was a joke and as you will learn I did not have a stroke.)

Then I got a Yellow Cab (my favorite company in the world) and they took me to the Diamond Centre which is where this wonderful doctor practices. I am not going to tell you who he is because he is “following me” and I do not want to have too many patients crowding me out. “Following me” is medical speak for he is going to see me again. So he saw me, asked me all kinds of questions and said:

He: It does not sound like a stroke. I am going to have another CAT scan done today and I will look at it and make a determination.

Me: OMG Doctor! I am SO happy! Can I kiss you?

I don’t think I did, or if I did, it was not meaningful. I went down for a coffee that turned into Ramen and then I had a funny conversation with four guys that were doctors. I overheard them talking about surgeons.

Me: I could not help but overhear you. I always have said that surgeons first have special training where all remnants of personality and compassion are excised from their beings. OOps, are any of you surgeons?

They: He is! (pointing to the guy on the phone)

Me: it figures! My first husband did a year’s residency at VGH a long time ago.

They: What was his name?

Well I told them and they said they remembered him but they were pulling my leg because he is forgettable. (Now that is a joke!)

So then I sat around for a million years but finally got a CAT scan. But while waiting spoke to the most incredible people with great stories that were true. One woman had a lung transplant.

Me: Are you ok? Oh what a stupid question! Of course you are otherwise you would not be sitting next to me.

She: You are not the only person that has asked that question!

Then I spoke to a man who had a stem cell transplant. His donor was a man from the UK he said and he will be forever grateful to the man. I have heard of the procedure, it is a near death experience, to say the least. We discussed near death experiences. See my blog of April 23, 2017 to read about mine. It was not fun – I was hit by a motorcycle and the guy had no repercussions at all. I thought that it was the reason for the stroke as I have no risk factors for stroke. But I didn’t have a stroke. So there! So there! So there!

So then the wonderful doctor saw me again. He said that I did not have a stroke but he would order a MRI so that he could figure out what happened. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the medical treatment I have received in this country. There was my heart attack, that wasn’t but they gave me a complicated test that made me radioactive. This led to several very funny blogs, to read them just type radioactive into the search engine at the top of the blog.

So this is hysterically funny. I was writing a dear friend and telling her about the doctor and the fact I fell in love with him. I told her that he met the affirmation of CHASED (see blog of January 29, 2018). Well I am not sure if he is A (available) but he is A (Argentinian) – so I guess that may have to do. I told him I had a UK lover but not an Argentinian one. He laughed. We actually had such fun together laughing about Revenue Canada – now there is nothing funny about that, I do realize but we sure were giggling. It would violate patient-doctor privilege if I told you. So Mum is the word.

I announced to the word through Instagram that I did not have a stroke. I will send it to Chris and see if he can post it on the blog. Otherwise I am alexismctwit on Instagram.

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