A Strange Discovery on my Computer; Rapid Access Clinic Simply Not So; Thoughts of House Cleaning

I was fiddling with my computer, spied a document entitled: Biography Class Reaction to My Writing. This had to be written during my tenure at the Biography class and, since the certificate was awarded in April of 2016, these comments must have been in the early part of 2016. I have no memory of making these notes, nor of most of the content.

Ted led the pack. You have heard of him, his biography of Edward VIII is at the printer and will be released in September. (Blog of January 22, 2018) He said: “You have a very direct, immediate, writing style. You write very much as you speak. These items would make great podcasts online.”

I did not identify two other classmates. The first said. “I love your comic tone.” The second said: “I love the energy that comes out of your writing, but it also makes me laugh. Are you ok with people laughing at a story you are so emotional attached to, or does it help distance yourself? Can you sustain this energy for a whole book Can the reader?” I do love that comment – can I sustain the energy but more importantly can the reader? Another unnamed person said: “Wonderfully enticing style – self-deprecating, inquisitive and wit. A definite Voice and so very distinctive. Bring on more” It is no wonder I loved that class and those people. I had forgotten all about this – such a joy, a computer with an enormous memory.

Jon Cook was the University of East Anglia professor and he commented upon on my sense of humor, with admiration. The sort of sense of humor where pain is humor and humor is pain and you zig and you zag. And he said that the reader never sees it coming, I read later about this kind of humor is sort of laughing at a funeral and crying at a comedy show.

The zinger was Ted suggesting a pod cast because that is where we are going next. Chris Jackson, my computer guru and I were discussing it this very morning, I had no memory of Ted’s suggestion, way back then when the blog itself was not even a twinkle in my eye. Chris, the wonder, just sent reading material and directions on pod casting. I think I might read my funniest blogs.

It amazes me to see that I can write and have been able to do so for at least two and a half years, perhaps more. My humour must be universal because these are very posh, elite, intelligent British folk of both sexes. Moreover, cousin Gail agreed that I am getting funnier. Do let the record reflect that I did not torture her in order to obtain this response, it was voluntary.

Me: Wow Gail, it must be reality if you and I agree.

She: I agree, it must be.

But the Rapid Access Clinic remained inaccessible to me. There was never a return call, all the live long day and no one answering the phone this morning. I did find someone to contact and sent an email entitled: A Matter Requiring Your Urgent Attention. “I left a voice mail message, you have not returned my call and so I am emailing you as well. I was seen in the Emergency Room of your hospital on Saturday evening – spent some time there and then was released at 2 a.m. I am a 74 year old woman who lives alone and was escorted to the hospital by paramedics, who of course left. I do not have family members. The treating physician was Dr. S. – my diagnosis is TIA and I was told to immediately contact Rapid Access Clinic. Goodness knows I tried. At this moment I have made five calls to the St. Paul’s Clinic – no one answers the phone, there is a recording. I left my name and number five times. I desperately need treatment – that was made clear by Dr. S. but something is dangerously wrong at your hospital. The telephone at St. Jospeh’s is manned and the woman there was helpful and I do believe she faxed something to St. Paul’s to expedite the referral. But nothing has happened and I am more than a little stressed which I realize is not good for my condition. I do not have a car, I am new to this city and St. Paul’s must be the clinic that I attend. I then signed the message including my phone number.

Two hours later I did get an appointment – receiving both a call and an email. It is for tomorrow at 11 at an office near VGH. As Will says: “All’s well that ends well.” But not really. I am not a typical seventy-four year old woman. How would a more typical one navigate this waters to receive the medical care she needs and deserves? I do not think I can fix it for ‘her’ as I am having enough problems dealing with my own stuff.

When one is sick and in need it is interesting to see who is there for you and what they do. It is also interesting to see who is missing in inaction. Many say I am jolly, bringing life and laughter but if you only like me during those moments and abandon me when I have needs then I am not sure you should be in my life. I am under orders to rid myself of toxic relationships and I do an excellent job of obeying doctor’s orders. At times there must be an out-with-the-old and in-with the-new, no matter what age and stage of life you are in.

I wear the hospital bracelets like a badge of honor. I certainly hope that I do not collect any more of them. Now you see them!

Hospital shot

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