Life Is Getting Very Strange, Although I Am In Coquitlam And Supposedly At Peace; A Catch Up With Pooja, And Perhaps A New Restaurant Where I Am Starting To Be A Regular, So Sorry Matthew

So, I guess it was the day before yesterday, but Gail and I were going to the shoe repair shop and the dry cleaners. This is actually what happened at the shoe repair shop: I walk in with my shoes, and I tell Snider (I think) that I need my shoe stretched because I am stupid enough to buy shoes that do not fit. But, I only take one shoe out of the bag to start with. Then, I say, “I have two feet!” He says, “Ray, come out here! We have someone here with two feet!” Ray is apparently his partner at the shoe repair store. He later calls upon Ray saying, “We have a live one here.” This really happened, just ask Gail.


Afterwards, Gail and I went to Cactus Club for Happy Hour and they were serving Blood Orange margaritas. I emailed Pooja from the March 9, 2017 post, sending her a picture of the margarita and we started an email correspondence – some of which you will see and the other part not. She responded: “It’s so lovely to hear from you!! I am really missing you! How was your journey back? Have you settled down ok there?” Me: I am definitely missing you back. Journey back was definitely tiresome but as I was in first class quite doable. I blogged it on This trip is not about settling down at least until July – it is a trip to San Francisco on Friday, then back to Vancouver for another week, then train ride across Canada with stops. When I get to Toronto on July 4th I will begin to think about settling.” Pooja: “Wow sounds amazing!! Have you sorted a place to live when you decide to settle down? Will you be seeing people you know on the journey around Canada?” Me:” I have not decided where to live when I end my journey. It looks like Vancouver at the moment but things may change, as I tend to like where I am at the moment and I like here because I am here. Yes, I will be seeing friends, relatives, and former colleagues as I travel across Canada. But best of all, my uncle, the subject of my biography, will be traveling with me. In spirit, of course, as he has been dead since 1948.” Pooja: “I love how you live in the moment! I have learnt a lot from you in our short time together in London.. Will you be staying with them or in different hotels during the time? X” Me: “Thank you so much my dear, for your comment about living in the moment. It is the best way to live, and I was aided and abetted on my journey to that state by being hit by a motorbike. I must blog that by the way. I am doing all – hotels, relative’s homes, friend’s homes and AirBnB’s. And do not forget about the train!  It is very nomadic. Thank you for saying that you learnt a lot from me. But, what? By the way, can I put some of this conversation on my blog? Not personal things about you and I will check with you first. xx” Pooja: “Haha of course you can, you don’t need to ask.. Even if it’s personal I don’t mind as long as you get more followers. How many are you on now? Wow so living out of a suitcase for a while? Where have you kept all of your other stuff? X” Me: My stuff is scattered all over, It is so funny! My summer clothes are in Toronto, stuff here in Vancouver, stuff in San Francisco. My followers are hard to track but for example from Thursday to Saturday morning there were 341 hits. WOW. It is a bit disorientating, both the no home AND the popularity. But one moment at a time, one step at a time. “ Pooja: You are fabulous and only you could do this what’s the weather like over there?” Me: “Bloody awful raining constantly.” Pooja:” O dear, have to say that it haven’t rained much here…Just a bit cold. What time is it there? Why are you awake? Haha. xx”

Now, it gets to be too personal and you don’t get any more.  All I can say is that my life is getting even more complicated. Very!

Yesterday I went to the Apple Store for another lesson. It was very good and my instructor was a man whose name I cannot spell. He taught me so much, which will be very useful and he was so absolutely sweet to me and said so many wonderful things about me. I cannot even remember them or I am too embarrassed to repeat them. But, I do remember something funny. He said laughingly, “Are you drunk?” I responded, “No, but as soon as this class is over I am going to be working on it.” We both laughed. Then Gail and I went to Milestones where I am getting to be a regular. Sorry Matthew.

I am about to get really serious with you. Once, I contemplated having an affair with a man. But, I sent him this email with the subject line: “I have misled you.” It said something about how “I am sassy and funny with you all of the time. But, I have misled you because I am also sad and scarred.” He wrote back, (which is rare because he is the worst emailer in history), “Thank you for your honesty. Oh Warrior Woman.” I sort of laughed. Sort of laughed, because I do not want to have to be a Warrior Woman. We did not have an affair. Complicated, but this is even more complicated. I have so much respect for him because we didn’t. Very complicated.

But, this is where serious comes in. Under the ‘Betrayal’ part of the blog, there is the introduction to my stories on betrayal. It is sooooo Sad. Read it at your peril. I laugh.


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