Pajama Day: Staying in From the Din: Din Defined; Unsuccessful Efforts to Control Clamorous Kids; Some Relief From Sympathetic Staff But Retreat the Best Solution; Out of Hardship Comes Benefit; Quotes from the Quran; Accomplishments Come From Peace of Mind; A Resume From the Trump Hotel May Have Relevance Here in the Olerio: Reel of an Austin, Texas Free Palestine Demonstration; Incongruous Defined.   

Today I am having a blessed pajama day. I have been having them for years, however, not in the very recent past. This is how a pajama day works: I stay in all day – in my pajamas. No exercise, no make-up,no nothing,  usually see no one. I have, always and forever,  gotten so much accomplished on pajama day. This day is similarly rewarding.  

The reason for the Pajama Stay-in Day is to escape the din, that is uncharacteristically taken place in this luxurious five star hotel.  First, I should define din. Din is a loud, unpleasant, and prolonged noise. Read some of the synonyms and you can imagine know what I was confronting: uproar, racket,, cacophony, babel, hubbub, tumult, fracas, clangor, crash, shouting, yelling, screaming, caterwauling, babbling, clamor, outcry; brouhaha, pandemonium, bedlam, chaos, hullabaloo, rumpus. 

Alter Ego: Are you not staying in a 5 star hotel? 5 stars spell serenity and quiet. 

Me: Usually this is true. But there is an enormous tour group here, with, it seems, hundreds of caterwauling, babbling, shouting, yelling, screaming children. 

Alter Ego: Does no one discipline these children? 

Me: No! Not one of the many accompanying adults make any attempt.  There are mothers and fathers and often passive grandmothers. They just ignore the brats. 

Alter Ego: What did you do? 

Me: Everything I could think of. My strict grandmother usually works, even if the kids do not speak English. But not with this group of terrorists. Tried to get help from the staff, to no avail. I know they cannot say anything on their own but told them if they told the adults that a guest complained about the noise, and could they please quiet the little  ones. . 

Alter Ego: Did they take that helpful suggestion? 

Me: No. But individually they were great. ‘Son’ took me to a quiet place in the restaurant, found my ear pods. Secluded and with soothing classical music in my ears it provided a respite from the bedlam and chaos. A young man from Bangladesh also working in the Japanese restaurant, showed me Facebook reels of  his country. I was carefully escorted to the elevators, met by a soothing staff woman who was very sympathetic. I feel empathy for all of the staff that must endure this hullabaloo. She was grateful for my concern. But I could escape from the tumult and fracas. Called room service, had breakfast in bed and stayed in. A solution. The cacophony was a hardship, The faith instructs that from hardships come benefit. This was proven. 

“For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease…Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease… So when you have finished [your duties], then stand up [for worship]. And to your Lord direct [your] longing.” 

“Verily, We created man from a drop of mingled sperm so that We may test him; and We granted him the ability to listen and observe. We have indeed shown him the way, so he (may choose to) be grateful or ungrateful.” (Surah Ad-Dahr 76:2-3) 

“Oh soul in a state of inner peace. Return to your Lord, pleased and pleasing. So enter among my worshipers, and enter my Paradise,” (Surah Al-Fajr 89:27-30)

One must have inner peace in order to be creative, to design solutions for one’s problems. I was able to do do. Texted and spoke to to my Edmonton part-time chauffeur. Do admit that I have difficulty asking and accepting help, but was able to overcome that personality flaw. He will negotiate in person with my landlord, so a solution that benefits the two opposing parties will succeed. I am one of the opposing parties and often enter diplomacy with a sledge hammer. I am immensely relieved.  This would not have been possible if I were out and about. Peace of mind brings greater peace of mind. 

Also spend precious time texting CAGE.  

Alter Ego: Who is that? 

Me: Cap Awesome Guy Exceptional

Alter Ego: How is that going? 

Me: I am laughing. There are inherent difficulties born of the fact that he thought I was fifty when we met. I am not. I am eighty. 

Alter Ego: How old is he? 

Me: I am not talking. Just let me say this – younger. Now if I was fifty it would have been fine. But I am not. We are laughing about it. 

To change the subject. The other day I was in FAME’s office talking and laughing away. 

Me: This hotel should hire me, I could perform many functions. I will submit a resume. 

He: I am not sure we are hiring. 

Me: You are teasing me. I am sure there is at least one position that I am qualified to fill. When you see my resume you will see you need me. Guess what??

He: What??? 

Me: I once lived in a Vancouver hotel for four months. I vaguely recall writing and submitting a resume outlining the contributions I could make to the functioning of the hotel. It was SO funny. Fortunately I did not get the job. Perhaps I shall try to find it, send it to you and we can do a few revisions. There was a bar that served liquor, a dance band etc etc. Not appropriate here, obviously. . 

Now this is UNBELIEVABLE. I did find the resume, emailed it to him yesterday. You shall see it, There are revisions, but there is a Kid Control section, most needed in this hotel lobby. I was unable to edit the document, but this hotel does have an IT Department so perhaps some assistance can be found. 

Despite this entertaining blog, I continue to be mindful of the Gaza Genocide. Found a reel on my WhatsApp. Said this to the sender. 

Me: Wow!! This is Texas. This huge protest demonstration is taking place in Texas, which is usually seen as red neck. It is Austin Texas which is an intellectual university city I have been shadowed on Instagram again this time supposedly for an innocuous response to a Saudi tourism advertisement. I will place this reel on my blog. Most of my readers are still from the US. Guess who is in second place? Saudi Arabia. 

The reel is upliftings. I watched it many times. I do love the horses leading the procession, with riders in cowboy hats. It is incongruous. 

Red neck is a North American derogatory terms meaning: a working-class white person, especially a politically reactionary one from a rural area.  

Incongruous is not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something. 

Seeing cowboys participating in a Free Palestine demonstration was: out of place, not in harmony; discordant, at odds, contradictory, strange, odd, like a fish out of water, sticking/standing out a mile.